DOTA 2 Beta Invite Begins!

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DOTA 2 Beta Invite BeginsAfter waiting for months with desperation,  the moment has arrived. Valve has started sending out 3 DOTA 2 Beta invites to players who registered during Beta signup. They are also conducting survey from players, gathering their hardware info, DotA skills and experience.

Those users who completed DOTA 2 survey will secure their position in receiving beta key on the first wave of invites. To get enlisted in first wave, follow the guide below to complete the survey.

How to complete DOTA 2 Survey:


• Steam Client (Download and install the latest version of Steam)
• Steam Account  (Create an account from here)


1. Open Steam and login account.

2. Update Steam client version. Go to Steam tab on the left top corner and click “Check for Steam Client updates”.

update steam client dota 2

3. Wait until the update process finishes.

steam update download

4. Restart Steam.

restart steam update

5. Once your Steam gets updated. Click this link, Dota 2 Survey.

6. Complete the survey by providing the details.

Dota 2 hardware survey

7. After completing the survey, Wait for an email from Valve containing your DOTA 2 Beta Key.


  • ichlal


  • First Blood !

  • Phreak

    must …. play ….. Dota 2 ! ! !

    • Tunechi

      guis did u received ur beta key? i did the survey and still didnt received nothin i made it like 2 weeks ago

  • Praetor11

    when i click the link for the dota 2 survey, a dialog box appears and i allow it to be run on steam. but steam doesn’t do anything.

  • unknown

    where can i download the dota 2 beta?

    • Praetor11

      i think there will be instructions after they have you sent you a BETA key.

    • Icefrog

      you can download a beta key of Dota 2 here
      only 4 beta keys remaining.

      • Question

        hahaha.. very funny dude..

  • Rose Ana85


  • Sandayjim

    wala lage?

  • necco duran


  • Praetor11

    the steam client update didn’t work for me the first time.
    just try it again and again until it lets you download the update.

    i already finished the survey, so its just a matter of weeks or months before they give me a beta key.

  • Sun

    Anyone actually got a key after the survey? Immediately?

  • FX_SkY_SuN

    the’ll gonna give us the beta key sooner… just wait for further notice…

    • Praetor11

      how soon will that be?

      i hope they start sending out they keys this week.

  • wew 😀

  • Phreak

    when they give you the beta keys , they will give you the link to dl the beta 😀

  • Masterking0024

    wew wala kwenta…. ayaw aman eh

  • Praetor11

    haha. good thing i already have a steam account.

    and Valve won’t give you the beta key after you just completed the survey. it will still take time before they gave you a beta key, noob.

  • BuRn

    Ok now they will send just 3 keys or to all of us?

    • Praetor11

      i think for all who would finish that survey, but they’ll still choose who gets to have beta keys first.

  • wenks ? beta keys nnmn ?

  • Praetor11

    huh? just shut up.
    Valve wants the public to test out DOTA 2 with their beta so they will know what the others will want to change or suggest to the retail version of DOTA 2. stupid noob.

    if you don’t want to play the beta, then just shut your pile.

  • Jenshiro009


    • Praetor11

      stupid noob!!!

  • fail , they are not sendind the keys yet :facepalm:

  • Anyone got a key yet? How much time does it take for it to arrive after filling the survey?

  • ChemicalRomance

    Hey guys I’m intrested are they gonna send the key to e-mail or steam account? Thank you.

    • to email as far as i know, and through the links in the email, you will be able to activate the game in steam.

      • ChemicalRomance

        Thank you sir.

      • Praetor11

        not only just activate but they’ll also send the link to download DOTA2 Beta.

        • have you already got the key? because its strange, almost a day has passed, i havent gor mune yet.

  • 183

    I cant Find the Dota 2 Survey?!?!?1 I look all over the damn steam adn i cant find it where is ti? -.-‘

    • Praetor11

      if you’re stupid enough not to see the link up in this article, then i think you’re more stupid than i thought

  • Sadtimama

    I click the link dota 2 survey and nothing happends , it just opens a black page, wtf is this? someone help -.-‘

    • Praetor11

      are you stupid or what?!

      update your steam client first!!!
      if i were you i would get a new brain before posting crap.

  • Er…..guys,I received it too and I completed these surveys.
    My question for now is,those who have receive Beta Invite 100% have chance to get the beta key or we still under their consideration ?

  • Praetor11

    geez. one thing is for sure, there are a lot of noobs here that can’t read.

    use your eyes ppl!!!
    if you can’t even read the whole article, then just don’t leave a comment coz it will be just a waste of space.

    • Hoyuejun

      may i know why the page for step 2 is opening? my steam is up to date. and i completed the first step

    • Guest1

      yeah but, you have no life XD

  • D0MNIC

    the web page of step 2 is not opening…
    is there any problem with dota2 website??

  • iRaider

    beta key pls

    • Praetor11

      fuck you!
      you won’t be given any beta key just by begging.

  • Jodresojd

    If you don’t get the survey popup, exit steam, so that when you click the steam://takesurvey/1/ link no steam program is running. Then use the link to start steam. Work for me, steam popped up with the survey thingy.

  • Asa03_justin

    Yeah i have it m/

    • evris03

      you have the beta key? wow so lucky 😛 they said they give you 3 of them….if you dont want one,i would be glad to play with you 😉
      Steam username:evris03 (If not it,then PotM_FtW_Gr)

  • Jenshiro009

    ANGAS NUNG Praetor11 banatan na yan!

    • Praetor11


  • On the official website the last post says that the first bunch of invites has been senc out. Anyone lucky?

    • Praetor11

      tomorrow is another update for the beta.
      i wonder which heroes will come next.

      and we might hear news about the beta keys tomorrow.

  • Rob_cretzu

    I did all whant must be done in order to get beta invite…. and i’m still waiting for email 🙁

    • psolaras

      me too man ;/

      • Qwerty00012

        me three man! :/ How long must wait?

  • John Kalamarakis

    Wow good!

  • its free to play??? i cant pay hehehe

    • Praetor11

      beta is free, that is if you’re lucky enough to be given a beta key.

      the retail version of the game will be paid just like any games.

      • Jenshiro009

        really? valve announce that it will be free to play unlike HON and LOL

        • C S

          LoL and HoN are free to play

          • Jenshiro009

            well yeah… but you have to buy the heroes. unlike dota 2.

          • You call that as free ? Those imba heroes require some money to use,and they leaves some noob heroes as free.

          • Sdafasdf

            the free heroes change every week actually, but yeah its imbalanced and unfair as fuck for f2p players

          • Raagpaoa2000

            what?how about the heroes in HoN….

  • naytreeee

    If anyone has an extra key they don’t need! 😀
    steam id: naytreeee

  • So, everybody who did the survey will have 3 keys? I mean, is it 100% secured that you will got a key ?

    • Praetor11

      that’s what they said after you’ve completed that survey.

      and they said they will give out beta keys every couple of days.

      btw, omniknight and dragon knight has been added to the beta..

  • Justine<3

    i completed the survey….
    and then??????

  • mark

    did anyone get there beta key yet. and how long after the survey.
    also if there is anyone with a extra key i would love to game with you 🙂

    • Jenshiro009

      Got one 😀 love plyin dota2!

      • Angelo

        can you give me an invite? please? here’s my email

      • Raagpaoa2000

        give me one plss…my email is tnx

        • Jenshiro009

          sry cant…

          • Raagpaoa2000

            why?it’s alright if u give it to ur friends but if not why can’t?

      • Ashish

        can u frwd the mail 2 me

      • Aoi Mee_31

        can you give me one e-mail ? because i really want to play dota 2 . please . :))

      • i will pay u for 1

    • Raagpaoa2000

      can u give me one plsss…my e-mail is reply to me if you send me tnx

  • Asdasddd2

    like it. hope they make the system requirements lower. poor people are best in Dota. pls do somethin

    • Jenshiro009

      they already did that..

    • ghahahaha yeah they already did that,

    • Hansi1512
    • Guest

      4 poor people exist already dota a good game too:)

      • Alex_florea

        valve engine its the best when it comes to fps/graphics (an example would be half life great graphics and insane amount of fps ) in short i think it will be well optimised

      • dota 2 is local bulok pota mineske tang ina nyo

        • ©

          what a shame to recognized you as a filipino, trashtalking? you PRO or something?

    • Makarov

      That’s why Valve made dota expensive so that poor people can forget DOTA and start working and earning! hahaha

  • Skyacer88

    dint receive a email yet~~~

  • Aashish

    i hav completed both the survey when will i get the mail

  • Weber_aias

    If I didn’t do the steam update and did the survey will something change?

  • no e-mail ..

    please give me one ..

  • Ahrong1314

    i had completed.
    please send the beta key to me

  • I haven;t received anything after kompleteing the survey,
    Is any one kind enough to give me one.

  • grazzi_b0_0d

    dude its been 4 days alr.. i havent received my beta key yet.. 🙁 any help?

  • Mot1ve

    i had completed.
    please send the beta key to me
    already downloading

  • Hey guys,anyone can answer my question ?
    I received the email and I have completed the survey.Seriously,all of us who have completed survey is 100% confirm to receive the beta key from dota 2 team or we are still under their consideration ?

  • Pacaanasg

    What the hell… I did’nt get a beta key at all i’ve finished it already almost last 2 days…

  • Lamcroc007

    hola la verdad q no entiendo mucho en ingles pero segui las intrucciones de las imagenes hice todo y me llego el i mail

  • Lamcroc007

    como tengo q acer para jugar dota 2 no entiendo un carajo…

  • Blackrose

    I did it too but still no answer…

  • Iczoo

    Hmm i have fixed the survey for like 5 days now -.- how long should it take to get the keys ?,

    Ps. If som1 got 1 key to send plz send it to me

  • maybe it will take a couple of weeks or two before having those beta keys… because so many people ask for those beta keys all over the world.. and they apply the rule “first one first served” …so we better be patient … 🙂

  • Fastfinger


  • Ron Pits

    You could get your free DotA 2 beta download & free beta keys for DotA 2 on below URL:

  • Monitora1993
  • Ron Pits

    You could get your free DotA 2 beta download & free beta keys for DotA 2 on below URL:

  • Shane Tee

    How come I couldn’t click the link for Dota 2 Survey ? Is it had been expired or …. ? Anyone could help me for that ?

  • Ron Pits


  • Lamperougel49
  • I did the survey, but didn’t get the mail afterwards 🙁 are there people with the same prob?

    • Kennethzzz28

      yeah. I have the exam same problem. but i don’t think its a problem. they said that they will just send me the invitation. so till now im waiting for their invite.

  • Anonymous

    Its not sure that you will receive an email you have to complete the survey and you maybe be chosen from the list.It is just increasing your chances ;p

  • alexhs eluros

    what if you dont match the system requiments you will still get a key or they will ignore you?

  • Khalid
  • detZ_xD

    i <3 DOTA 2

  • Redblack35

    if you kind maybe you will upload dota 2 for us ? 😀 pliss

    if you upload sand me link for download

  • Daniel

    The email is from our steam account???

  • waiting for almost 2 weeks..but no beta key

  • Fcm168

    I am in the same boat as everyone else here… I have done the survey about 2 weeks ago and I have not received anything…

  • Ejhay_2k9

    i Have a DOTA 2 Game But i cant play Lan Game.. T_T

    • Ericjoshuabalaoro

      where did get your dota 2?

  • JD

    already completed the survey

  • JD

    Hoping to win a beta key. HAHA XD

  • Redpill0991

    can you not download dota 2 without the beta key???

  • 123
  • Ericjoshuabalaoro

    Ive got my beta key!

  • Jeleven83

    I wait more than 1 month… still no email… hik2 T_T I wanna play!!

  • I got my invite from this blog, it said they only have 2 left now so i don’t know if you can still find any

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • Lordabuabu

    The 3rd step is unavailable. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    DotA2 Tournament 1vs1 is open!
    To register in tournament go here –

  • Join our forum and participate in the contests to win prizes! –

  • Happyhero1974

    I did it and didn’t receive a key.

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • Suhaib Mismar

    im bored of waiting !!

  • Alpha

    Most of intelligent people do not even know what DoTA is )
    I Believe there are some among of us )
    Besides Me. I’m still not intelligent enough to confirm to myself and I, I am, am I?
    Oh, silly me )
    So what is this Dota 2 about anyway…
    I’ll read some guide to find out
    Thanks to all benevolent extraterrestrials for their Love and Light!

  • Trolololololololol

    How long will it take for us to recieve the email containing our Dota2 Beta Key?

  • Pacific Tazkie

    can someone gime client installer?

  • Buddyisawesome

    steam id : AbdelrahmanAttia Pleaseeee NEED BETAKEY

  • cyko

    i didnt got the key yet hope it ll cm soon!!!
    steam id-fingerfish

  • Help

    i’ve gos a problem with internet explorer( no i don’t use it but my computer insists in opening links there) so i can’t complete part 2 of the survey any1 can help me?

  • Norton2201

    hmm , they didn’t send me email with key ;/ i don’t know why…

  • Phantom Thief14

    give me the key

  • Phantom Thief14

    pls give me the key

  • ejekt

    The Best Game DOTA 2!!!

  • Mylov191

    after i ask all the question and submit survey, how long it will send me a dota 2 invatation?

  • Mylov191

    i complete survey… and receive “Confirm subscription to: DOTA 2 Beta Invite Begins!‏” email, where can i download dota 2?

    • Raskil

      you can download it on steam guy and have you got one invite that u can give to me please? 🙂

      • Aljeremysytirol

        where exactly?

    • Elueenjohnborda

      where did you get the reply ? on your steam?

    • Panganiban Kevin

      sir i always trying to join the beta key competition but i always stuck in the “fill out the following offers.” i completed ALL the offers but it always say “offers not yet completed” what should i do? or is there any eassiest way to get a dota 2 beta key?

      please help!!…

    • JaA.aeon

      you don’t need to do that.. i got an invite from steam after a month or two …you don’t need that survey stuff…well in my case i did’nt do that …just follow the instructions here and just be patient..i guess..

  • Mylov191

    i have complete survey and receive ‘Confirm subscription to: DOTA 2 Beta Invite Begins!‏’ email, and where can I download dota 2?

  • I have complete survey i have receive”Confirm subscription to: DOTA 2 Beta Invite Begins!‏” email, and where can I download DotA 2?

  • eagle

    son of a bitch i have w8d for more than 6 months still i have not received beta keys..

  • Aljeremysytirol

    i completed the survey, when will i receive the confirmation? where can i download the client? Thanks 🙂 you can email me at

  • where to get the reply?

  • Carl_tolete

    where can i find the valve for my dota 2? 😐

  • Aoloulou

    where to download Dota 2?

  • Aoloulou
  • Please give me beta key. i already complete it almost for 3 months. please send it to me

  • MihaelkostovskI

    give me dota key pls

  • Isa_asad

    I wud really love to play the MOBA game that started it all :D!

  • but i hope they can make the system requirements higher == i hate to play low graphic game

  • a million thank you for the trick !!!! i luv u dota2-utilities >< !!

  • Minz

    my bro and i completed the survey , please give us beta key and luck :p ! <3 one at least 🙁

  • Daryl_99ph

    i completed the survey but still didnt get email from valve with a beta key.. what do i do?

  • Mikael Vallecer

    Please Invite me on Steam!!! I PLAY DOTA since 2007 ID: mekels

  • Mikael Vallecer

    Please Invite on DOTA 2!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

    here is My steam ID: mekels

  • demonic_rage

    i got nothing -.-

  • Janlione

    please invite me on steam : jaNli

  • Bradley van Staden

    i completed the survey bwt 2 days ago and got that Confirmation subscription to Dota 2 thing also about 2 days ago, so when can i get my beta key? pls pls pplleeassseee answer, i really want guys! i’m just another dota 2 fan that really wants that beta key… i’ve seen my chances… hope i can over come them!!!! 😀

  • I wanna ask sth the email i will get at my e-mail or in the steam accounts mail?

    • Bradley1236

      probably ur e-mail, but check both

  • Carrington Henley

    how long does it take to get the emait

  • thanks for all the information we display Dota 2

  • Muscle_man

    where i can download dota 2? pleas reply me

  • invite me . im excited 😀

  • Mariusbo94

    plz one invite changed my life plzzzz for dota 2 plz email steam id: mwkcojak

  • Harold

    where i can dl the main client of dota 2?

  • have a problem….when i click says it up to date…so what to do now?

  • Itsmefurzy

    thats great.. i want play dota 😀

  • hmuna

    beta key pliiiz

  • can someone share an invite?

  • Anup kumar

    heyhey i hav completed the survey but i didnt get the key…..i play dota vry much pls share a gkey with me ….
    my email id is
    Steam id :k2anup

  • Miraatocriss

    fuck i cant play this game ..i complete all survey but i dont know how to start the game

  • Rob_cretzu

    Hy can anyone share 1 invite pls.

  • filo

    completed this survey several months ago,but still i’ve not got keys :X

  • franklin

    key plz . somebody. .

  • guest

    i love this game hope i can play this dota 2 ,hoping to get a beta key ..

  • Mariusbo94

    i love dota 2 so much hoping to get a beta key 🙂

  • Milos Klisic

    how much time do I need to w8 for invitation

  • Artik210

    Ет реально ево получить????

  • rina

    plz tell me a dota 2 beta key

  • stefan

    please send me a beta key at the email:

  • ArtStyle.DanTe

    so how long would they usually give the beta key after signing up?

  • Malcolm_96

    Love DotA2

  • Dimitrakos666_frozen plz send me a dota 2 beta key :/

  • Wamboo_kino02

    i want beta key.plz give me a key.thxnx

  • _cool_dude_

    still i havnt got my beta key wtf

  • Deathwing

    where can i see if got a mail from Valve that i got the dota 2 beta key

  • I already finished the survey long time ago. Until now, I haven’t received a single beta key. T_T
    I really need to play DotA 2!
    I’m sick of playing DotA 1. There are many quitters in Garena! >_ @ShiroUnlimited

    Thank you very much! <3

  • Panganiban Kevin

    sir i always trying to join the beta key competition but i always stuck in the “fill out the following offers.” i completed ALL the offers but it always say “offers not yet completed” what should i do? or is there any eassiest way to get a dota 2 beta key?

    please help!!…

  • Islam_isso2010
  • BetaHopefull

    I hope I get a key soon, I will let you all know how long it took me.
    In the survey I said I never played DOTA before but have experience
    with other games like it. In the meantime I am going to play LoL.
    Why don’t you join me?

  • Albara3ea


  • Hosam3562

    how can i get fuckin beta key on dota 2

  • Arkangel_1232

    never call me :S

  • Danny

    what do i do after getting beta key???

  • How Look It Will take Before I Got The beta key Invitation

  • Dimitrakos666_frozen

    plz can you give me the invitation??

  • helder

    ainda nao aprovado survey?

  • Slipknot Psycosocial

    pls give me dota 2 beta key steam:edekuy

  • nedmoreTIMEforDOta2

    ned beta key PLEAse.. want to play more time for dota 2..

  • thx , it works great.
    i received the invitation today 4.06am , thx u ~ ><

  • Srrlrymrt

    how long it will take to receive the Beta Key ?

  • Grigparaschiv

    i need a key . if you can help me fellas 🙁 i have no money to give you ….
    steam id g_all_mighty

  • Bloodyvalentin3


  • Skull_cracker626

    like this finally i hope the rest of my clan can get their keys thanks you guys

  • frost

    didnt get the key

  • Neo

    yay i got the invite from survey tyvm 🙂

  • rhapzudy

    why keep invalid key length?..whats the problem?

  • Guest

    After that how much is need to wait for key?

  • Tlaloc

    i’ve had completed the survery like 1 month ago ,and still diden’t get a replay , can you just send me a message with the beta key on ionutz693000 steam accont , thanks

    • Tlaloc

      or atlantissss’s account , it the same

    • Varun Shewale

      I got after 3 months

  • RED_T-SHirt

    yes!! i got it after 3 days valve invited me to play DOTA 2 😀

    • Method E

      why valve didn’t invite me :d ..

  • Meraace

    well i got mine in about a month or so

  • Meraace

    affter i completed the survey

  • yeah….
    i want 1 too…. 😀

  • it takes 5months before you get your beta key .. after the completion of survey!!!

    • Varun Shewale

      I got it in 3 months

  • Mendegopmu

    if u have a dead end to dota2 and want to play real bad.. u can trade or buy with Tahiksuci in steam.. he is the best trader ive seen .. bought 2 from him without any problem..he got alot of dota2..cheers

  • Yaphetzzdule

    can u invite me?

  • Markdown_eye

    plzz give me beta key

  • Jovel gamuza

    how can i download the game?

  • Pataponian01

    I have no key took it long time from now =_=’

  • Belltom

    3 months ago and no reply from valve you can send me a message with beta key on vilaloboss steam account name

  • daym i’m so pretty excited to have this game !!! wish me very very luck to have a beta key

  • sefa tuncer

    2 month ago and no reply . Gotlike1 pls give me a beta key …

  • venom

    hey guys how i would know that they sent me the key

  • iaz

    fu.. this never get a key

  • abdnabs

    me2 no replay about 3 month

  • Guest

    i didn’t get it too but applied for cs go and i got it 😀

  • hey anyone can give me one beta key?? begging for helps!!!
    steam id: destroynoobs47

  • Johncristiandumayas

    pls give me one

  • Johncristiandumayas

    pls give me one

  • Johnchristian

    3 weeks ago still no reply from valve plss give me one

  • Candyman

    I applied 3 weeks ago, how long does this thing take?

  • i hjave complete the survey 8 months before and no key can someone send me a key or an invite plz at steam name : nikospetsepes


    hmm, where do I officially download the game (sorry for my newbness) ; (

  • Atanas Ramanski

    We made a website and we will giveaway keys there!

    10 Keys is Available For Now!

  • lulufamily

    I play dota (before is d-day) when its just launch until now … around 10years
    i really hopes have this chance as the tester to the dota2 , please …

  • Macmcmacker

    Completed the survey 5 days ago and I just received the invite today! I’m currently installing DotA 2! Thanks Valve! =))

    • Tlaloc

      well than , can you send an invitation on atlantissss’s account , pretty please

      • Bert

        can you send an invite at jnpascua24’s account pls

    • Kevin Suc

      rly ?? only 5 days?? ure so lucky ive been w8ing for like a month now :”(

    • lulufamily

      Congratz (Y_Y) , i am still waiting that … praying … please …

      • Jnpascua13

        me too

    • Bert

      your very lucky what do you do after you got the beta key were do you get the installer

      • Thomas

        You have to click add game on steam and enter the code… hope that helps, maybe if you still have the invites you could invite me. My name is Brave_in_ATL.

      • kuza

        search for dota 2… u will find it…

    • may you send me an invite plz!

    • i been take the survey 5 days ago .. and i dont recieve anything ?. is this a joke ?

    • Cayotic

      I would die for an invite… if possible send one to Cayotic 😉

    • Janex_143

      What do you install first the Dota 2 or Dota 2 Test ? or both?

      • Iamgodlike7

        plz anyone snd me a invitation on iamgodlike7

      • kuza

        dota 2..

    • Xavier

      Can you send an invitation at kawaera’s account please

    • Bass_300_sul

      dont think so 😀

    • Blabla

      Send an invitation on secimasubre’s account, i’m beggin’ u dude.. i will love you the rest of my life if you do that <3

    • Jmlovesyou_03

      please send me to my emaiL :] .. i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks !! :]

      my emaiL add.. is


    • Guestshittin

      go fuck yourself asshole. .|.

    • Vince_yabang09


    • Magastinojeremy

      please share also your key

    • Allend

      please please pleeeeaaaase send it to
      I will love you forever!!!!

    • Saringun123

      HOW TO INSTALL a dota 2?

    • JAX

      +Flag as inappropriatekindly send it to my email please.. many many thanks… i really hope you will.,. 🙂

    • Mr. Popular

      pls send me too

    • zZZzZzZz
    • PapaRyan

      Proudly waiting for the beta key that you will send to me

    • PapaRyan

      Patiently waiting for that beta key in Dota 2 🙂 here’s my e-mail address

    • Xanxus

      can send the invite for me pls
      my email is
      thanks well

  • Nice one just got mine

  • Don1922_


  • Babymind1

    i all so complete the survey and i got a message says that
    congratulation you have have been invited to play dota 2…
    is that it.. have dota 2? heheheheh^^
    INstalling now

  • mesain36

    i did my survey months back . and i dint receive anything yet !! kinda makes me sad !!! -mesain-

  • Guys, been waiting for dota invite for ages now. My friends is playign it and i would love to join him cuss this game sounds so interesting. Please send me and invite on steam… Steam name: lux0ry its not O its zero – 0/////////// Please guys

  • Ninu

    mE jst gt the survey and compete the install … lol thnk yu Valve 🙂

    • bert

      how many days it takes you ninu

  • guyz when i clicked on cilent steam updates it didnt update but it drectly showed ur steam is up-to-date will it survey like this ?? please say

  • guyz when i clicked on cilent steam updates it didnt update but it drectly showed ur steam is up-to-date will it survey like this ?? please say

  • LOVE

    Anyone interested dota 2 invite?

    • wolfstyl

      yes, if u can send it at wolfstyl or vuk1997 at steam .

    • me ! invite me tongz3

  • Vcabuyo

    how 2 play dota 2 in my shop??????

  • Enyquick

    I completed the Survey 1 min ago and plz send me invitation to account enyquick

  • kobe abet

    can’t wait to see this! ^^

  • Rerex Mangubat

    ahh…. grrrr… nothing happens my steam acc. is not responding!!!!!!

  • Hace

    i want it puuhhhlleeeaaseeee :'(

  • wew ! when I click “check for steam client updates” it say Your Steam client is already up-to-date . what am i going to do ?

  • Darkeviloo7

    Still waiting after complete the survey 1 week ago. 🙁

  • Xiao_hao

    i haven receive my beta key yet

  • BERT

    i completed the survey now and im waiting for the beta key i think it will take 1 months to get the beta key

  • Bert

    what to do when you got the beta key

  • Shalala

    Waiting for a month now :(( when will i get the invitation? can i just have a beta key. i really wanna play dota 2.

  • Shalala

    Here’s my steam account. Please send me a key. 🙂 i’ve been waiting for like a month. i just really wanna play dota 2.

  • Where will they send it? In the email we used in steam? plz help

  • Villanueva_erwyn


  • Prince_____G

    I have been waiting almost 2 months and I have done everything I could to get a key. still got nothing. I am starting to lose hope

  • rias_gremory08

    hope i’ll be able to receive the invite,too.. really want to play dota 2…it rocks my world..thnxsss…ill be waiting

    • Berty

      me too

  • rias_gremory08

    can someone please send me an invite if you have it as spare account.. ^_^…i will really appreciate it… GODBLESS

  • plss invite me 🙂

  • Shiro Eksdii

    WOAH ! LUCKY I GOT MY INVITE ! YEEEEEEESSSSS ! THANK YOU SO MUCH STEAM. guys add me at steam heres my email :3

  • aha !

    hope to receive..

  • I hope i recieve and invite!! luck help a poor guy like me get a invite

  • Hoping to have one too! 🙂

  • Dota 2 Rocks

    i completed pls send to me beta key .. T_T

  • completed survey.. wait 1 week ady still no key TT.. pls gv key 🙂

  • Blacktopian

    i didn’t get the invite yet and i finished the survey 1 MONTH ago. god i seriously want this game

  • Mar_zetta24

    where did you receive the email/betakey??from yahoo or steam??

  • Mohdnuriqhwan95

    is this still open ?

  • Dave Albano

    please send me an invite pls.. ninethskie19. thanks

  • Aldrin_sy08

    plss send me dota 2 invite key this is my username


    thanks a lot

  • i just completed the survey … how long will i have to wait for the key ?

  • Iamphased

    Please send me a dota 2 invite. Steam name: iamphased — ive been waiting for 3 months + =/

  • Ashley_ariz


  • jolo05

    pls send me dota 2 my username jolo05 thanks

  • Vhino_razer

    please send me key dota 2
    my user name : rendra_GH

  • Virreytim_00

    me too please send me dota 2 invite key this is my username virreytim_00 thanks

  • Aronwang2005

    i have completed the survey 2 weeks ago, but i still receive nothing.
    could you pls send me a key in aw121wa account.

  • Maike21ko

    guys. i do this a 2 month ago and doesnot recieve invite

  • Nothing

    please give me one i need one for my friend really bad…. :/
    steam account is t0kt0e

  • Rockeldrickgalzote

    I can’t fucking download my beta key because of the fucking survey of thE FUCKING FILEICE.NET WTF!!!!

  • kendall

    pls send me an invite pls! im begging you! 🙁

  • Cee_mon17

    pls sir . realese me a beta key . i beg for it . i’ve been playing dota for a long time . 😀 pls cend ceemon17 tnx sir . Godblesx

  • O_melvyn

    i completed the survey 3weeks ago and yet to receive any reply. any updates?

  • 🙂 I just completed survey yesterday Hope they will xD reply soon ! -Your Soul is mine-

    Most Hero Play of all time : Nevermore 🙂

  • it works ?

  • Bloodygary

    invite me too, bloodygary4 ~thanks alot~

  • Xavier

    Can you send an invitation at kawaera’s account please

  • Japehgamboa20

    Yey Im done in completing the survey yes! I’ll be waiting for the invite >:D:D< :bd .

  • Claudio_mlk97

    To muito ansioso pra receber esse convite ”kingofthearena1”se vcs concluirem esse pedido eu agradeço…PARABENS PRA EQUIPE NOTA 10.

  • is DoTa 2 beta key available now?

  • Mayonis1

    send me an invite please

    steam : mayonis1

  • DOTA 2 Beta Invite Begins! | DotA 2 Utilities via @DotA2Utilities

  • Benedictconstantine

    Can you send an invitationon headshot99001

  • Benedictconstantine

    I really really want it i wwaited months later but istill didnt have an invitation !!

  • Poe !!!

    Thank you i wanted this all the time !!!!

  • Cle Soul

    after the hardware survey, i jz close automatically but nothing happens…
    could any1 tell me y? n how to fix it?

    • Cle Soul

      *it jz close automatically

  • Nebeur_123

    This one sucks! It’s been a week! and i haven’t get one of those invitation!

  • majox

    can you send an invite at majox962 account pls

  • chris

    can someone send an invite to lostraider123 please

  • chris

    can someone send an invite to darkraider95 please!!!

  • Gino_mangubat

    can i have beta KEY .plS! can’t wait to play! 🙁
    SEnd Me in This

  • Mizukage

    this is my 5th da waiting my beta invitation 🙂 i wont loose hope XD

  • quantumdj

    did survey and everything then gateway timed out..can u send a invite to steam id plz:) id: quantumdj

  • Stephenmercado_zack

    Pleast semd me an invitation. BadaBoom8 steamID

  • Michaelvillar46

    sir how to invite..and ply can invte me in dota 2..//

  • edcel

    send me please……!!!!!

  • Megamarohero

    can u send a invite to acount Megamarohero

  • Fareiq2009

    My dota 2 key?

  • Mjhay_2510


  • 1decko

    i completet my survey before 5 days, but there is no email from valve. please if can some 1 invite me on ? ty

    • Kl4rth

      I also took survey but havent got the invitation yet… 🙁 can anyone please help me with that? pretty please….

    • Iliokomiths13

      i completet my survey before 9-10 days, but there is no email on my steam….please can someone help me???

  • Bert

    im waiting for that for 1 month

  • Goldenliger2001

    get a new blizzard game (starcraft 2) the new ones have beta keys with them usually 5-10 individual codes

  • i got a dota 2 invitation but the sender was not valve..more like ”dota 2 staff”. Is it a real invitation?

  • SonixV3T

    Theres some way to do the survey without receiving the key ? I think that this happened to me.
    Can someone invite me please ?

    • SonixV3T

      I am SonixV3T on steam(sonixv3t, idk whats the correct :/)

  • i want one *-* plz plz plz!
    Steam : MafiaSeduction
    I will be greatful to you! *-*

  • JmLovesyou_03

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE INVITE ME .. many thanks !! :]]
    i’ll wait for your invitation .. thanks!! :]]

  • mscuteksrainbow

    I completed the survey and now im still waiting :DD im hoping to get one pls allow me to play dota2 pls pls pls :))) pls allow me to have 1 of your beta keys :DD

  • D_iemochi

    its been 3 week i done the survey.. but still dont get the beta key… sent me give me the key plz…

  • yqG Rciahrd

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i just w8 for the email for just how many day????????????/ O,o

  • carmelasocute

    i waited for too long could someone invite me plss… i waited 9-15 days O_O
    okss invite me..

  • Kororjames

    i w8 15 days for betakeys theres no keys all survey done and my pc all upgrade max out computer spec but no sign of keys givin

  • Gino_mangubat

    send me Beta kEy PLs!…:(


    HEY i just completed survey and in the end it says that do the rest of the survey on a website .
    but i dont use Internet explorer and the link wont open pls give me the link thanks..

  • Kennethdayrit

    i did im waiting so long like one month 🙁

  • Joelangara

    pls give me a beta key to play dota and invite me freinds

  • Asouppouris

    i send the survey 2 weeks and they are not answer

  • Ibrute

    how to get an invitation from steam

  • sanam limbu

    i did survey more than 15 days ago but have not recieved invitation till someone help me………..

  • please send me to my emaiL :] .. i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks !! :]
    my emaiL add.. is

  • Plz send me to my emial
    my email add is

  • Lekden_2091

    how many days i hav 2 w8 4 da email 2 receive try 2 do it as soon as possible……………………………(o_o)

  • Jishnuhi33

    i didnt get my key for 4 months

  • Phonkie please give me a beta key

  • how can i download Dota2?

  • how can I download Dota2 ??

  • how can I download????

  • nik aizad pliz send me to my email…tq

  • can you send the beta key here plz i w8 10 days and i didnt get my beta key 🙁 Ty again

  • i w8 abaout 11 days and i didnt get the key can you plz send the beta key here Ty again 🙁

  • edgar

    give me the key and i will hug you :))

  • Can send me that beta key for me? my email is… I already done that survey for a long time… Hope I can get it as soon as possible~ thanks much… 😀

  • Kagatzkie07

    plz. do invite me xD here mah email im Quite pro in dota so as well in dota 2 xD

  • ReVa

    Completed Survey weeks ago but no invite yettt……. my mail : “” if any one can send me invite plz…i will appreciate that …


  • Wtf

    Hi Say me to invitetion My email is

  • Nobody_shozab

    plzzzz help me any one plzzzz i want beta key plzz guid mee how to get it plzzzzzzzzz any one

  • Sadman

    Completed the survey 10 days ago… and im still waiting for the invite 🙁

  • Mokondok

    I wait for one month, and i still don’t get my beta key 🙁

  • Solidster2009

    plz give me a key im in need plz plz

  • Yeshu Rbk

    pls any one have another key send dis mail



  • Bert

    i have waited for 2 months tnx for the dota 2 valve

  • YaphetS

    i have completed the surveys! can any1 say what should i do now to get dota 2??

  • osborn

    pls send me a beta key my e-mail is

  • Magastinojeremy

    Please anyone does have a key… Please email me ..

  • Pgobrin

    I need beta key this mail

  • Thanks Valve! .. ;))

  • Adrian09hehe

    please give me beta key 🙁

  • please send me to my emaiL :] .. i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks !! :]

    my emaiL add.. is


  • EckhartKhienshi69

    Can someone give me a key???? Post 2 My Email

  • DotA 2 SucKs

    yeeeeha!!!i have recieve the mail yesterday!!!but it take me almost 2 weeks to wait…but at least ,it worth if take a long time to recieve mail. NOW I AM INSTALLING DOTA 2 !!!I HAVE A LITTLE BIT EXCITED…HEHE!!

  • DoZiE09

    i want to expirience and play dota2 .. pls give me a key ?? my email add . tnx !!!

  • wawawe00

    still no beta key for 1 month of passing the survey 🙁

  • Russso

    I completed the survey 5 days ago, why did you not send me the key? 🙂

  • joseph

    Plz i need dota2 key mail
    Thanksss 😛 aall my frds are playing it why not me ;SS

  • joseph

    plz dota2 key i can;t but it no credit card :and i;m very gd at dota storngest in my country. plz help.Steam account DT_JoKeR.

  • Kevinkinggutierrez

    plz send me a # key heres my email:
    thank u ..

  • Kevinkinggutierrez

    plz send mo a # key in dota 2.. heres may Email add:
    thank u ..

  • Handsome_obaid

    invite me plzz.steam profile name “F?B_LUCKY”REAL NAME OBAID AHMEED SIDDIQUE

  • Handsome_obaid


  • MatrixMisao

    please give me a key!! i wanna experience ty 🙂 hope you will send me dota2 beta key

  • Xxkhaled99

    i want key plz give mee key plz

  • Putra Mahirudin

    i would be really delighted to play DOTA 2 , my email : ;D

  • Kikusson

    Hej there i like dota 2 and id like to try it ! plz give me key

  • Dota 1998

    plz send me the beta key at

  • Fenic_algie

    can u give me some key this is my E add:

  • Definitionx

    please send the dota 2 invites key to my emaiL :] .. i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks !! :]

    my emaiL add.. is

    thanks you very much,i love dota 2 n valve very very much

  • please give betakey at my facebook or yahoomail.on facebook or on yahoomail please my account has been hacked. :((

  • Ryan

    i hope ill receive beta key as early as possible… thanks in advance!!! more p

  • Kikusson

    Hej i really want to try this game 😛 my email: Please send me beta key :P<3

  • kenneth

    beta key plss..
    tnx so much guys

  • Amir

    Plz send for me a beta key. Plzz

  • Jikinildo

    if have 1 for me tnx guys

  • Beta key please 😐
    Steam account: Sylvesterking

  • Pratik2791

    beta key plzzz…on

  • Roldancachin

    pls send me beta key,.,.my email is

    ty ! 😀

  • Jeromejason95

    invite me pls. played dota since 2007 still primary school student.

  • Princetroy143

    ` invite me please ..
    ` i want to play dota 2 .

  • invite me please. i wanna play dota 2 🙁
    here my email.

  • Panohirodamv

    invite me im an old dota 2 player

  • Saringun123

    beta key please tnx

  • Kastozikablo

    invite me pls. Played for Decerto, 4gl, iZone in dota 1..

  • Tithsamnang35

    beta key plss
    thx so much guys

  • Angel

    invite me please 🙂 thankyou

  • Adam Samuil

    dota key pls

  • leo tagle

    Sir kindly invite me, i want to play this on my shop
    thanks in advace

  • Tolistsontas

    im waiting 1 week my email is plz send me…

  • Takbo_na123

    send me an invite pls!!!

  • guidemE

    finish creating new account! this is my email add,


  • Burning

    invite me please. Email :
    thanks ..

  • Lokysha Bree

    Invite me pls 🙂 E.mail : Ty very much 🙂

  • Ibrute

    invite me plz e mail

  • any one give me beta key plzzzz

  • any one invite me 4 dota 2

  • invite me plazzzzzzzzzzzzzmy stem id zak_REg

  • Glenn

    invite me please, Email

  • niceguy :DDDD

    my email
    invite me!im the real guy

  • Luci4luci

    Send an invitation to Email:

  • rafael

    i’m waiting for beta keys now,,,, hope they can send me the beta keys 🙂

  • Lh3z

    Hi any1 has extra key? invite me @ been waiting for email from Valve for over 2 months now still nothing *sad*

  • Paralaksfout

    Please help a brother out by emailing me a Dota 2 Beta Key. All my friends are playing it… I’m feeling left out 🙁

  • Roldancachin

    invite me pls! my

  • Birkaan_20

    Please please i really want a beta key all my freinds have the key apart from me and ive missed out 3 days already 🙁 please email to :

  • Synchrome

    Hiya Valve could i please have a beta key for dota 2 i really want to play this game which many of my freinds have told me to play thank you.

    Email :

  • Dimkovm

    proceedthe steps and you will have key i have invite

  • Poousaja

    hi , i need a betakey please . . help me . . 🙁
    email me :

  • Guitzuki

    please send me the Key 🙂 we’re desperate for it ..

  • Wesleymiko

    Hey valve, would really like to play Dota 2 and would appreciate a beta key, i would like to play it with some of my friends who have already got the key, Thank you.
    Email :

  • please give me dota 2 free invite

  • Ribiu-san

    I WOULD looooooove to play this game, I’ve played Dota in War3 which was aaaaaaaaweeesome, been waiting for this day for a while, could I please get 1 or 2 keys ? 1 for myself and the other for one of my good friend 🙂 email to
    🙂 thanks

  • Stefan

    Hi Valve could i please have a beta key for dota 2 i really want to play this game which many of my friends are already playing

    Email :

  • Frana

    Hi ALL. PLZ explain why South-Africans aren’t featured in DOTA 2, don’t see anything about US, really want Dota 2 as I’m not bad at it. Been playing for 5 years now. Would love an invite or something. ASAP

  • Zombi90

    hi valve! can u give me invi for DoTa2 my emil is

  • invite me please. i wanna play dota 2..
    here my steam account: xrisen21
    and my email :

  • how long does it take to receive an invite?

  • Mohhmed
  • risen

    please send me, i wanna play dota 2, all of my friends have the key, 🙁 here my email:, and my steam account: xrisen19

  • plz dota key l need dota2 . I good play dota1 plz key my mail

  • tgmspark


  • j0yz.sticX

    i’ll be one of ur best players in DotA 2…just pls give ma a b3t4 key

  • Szekio

    plz give me a beta acc Love Dota kisses!!!!

  • panasonnic

    plz sent me dota acc! waiting 2 month after registry

  • Princ3zH4ck3r

    juz got the key xD

  • frost

    I’m from myanmar…can I play dota 2,pls?? 🙂

  • MiniSteff

    Hello there Valve can i please have a beta key for dota 2? I really want to play this game which many of my freinds are already playing and told me to play. Thank you a lot.
    Email :

  • asd

    i completed the survay 2 week ago but, don’t get any email from steam:((

  • denzel

    hey pls go tom y email pls………………i like to play dota 2 send to my emai

  • plz send me the Dota 2 Keys plz i’m a very fan for that game i have mutch skill and played all day add me((((( seriousam_007 )))))and send plz!!! 😀

  • plz send me the Dota 2 Keys plz i’m a very fan for that game i have mutch skill and played all day add me((((( )))))and send plz!!! 😀

  • allen

    i like to try dis one

  • allen

    omg so fast im currently downloading dota 2 just b patience xd

  • randell pls send me a invite

  • Aaron

    please send me to my emaiL i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks 😀
    my emaiL add.. is
    Thks vers so much!!

  • trojanrock529

    I received the invitation! Nice Game Dota 2… : )

  • dota2lover

    can anyone send me dota 2 beta key plz my email is

  • arch

    Still waiting for beta key T_T no respon from survey, plz send me invitation Thx~

  • plss send me dota 2 beta key thank you ^_^ i hope u will do it XD

  • jax

    kindly send it to my email please.. many many thanks… i really hope you will.,. 🙂

  • Serge

    Please send me an invite.

  • kuza

    Want to sell my dota 2 account or dota 2 invites… for those who interested email me at

  • theoneandonly913

    share you keys please.

  • chengere

    please send me to my emaiL :] .. i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks !! :]
    my emaiL add.. is

  • chengere

    please send me to my emaiL :] .. i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks !! :]
    my emaiL add.. is

  • Jesse


  • Jesse

    if u want to help dont make fool out of it instead you can post the beta key if you want.please help us and find the right link..

  • amir

    Completed the survey 15 days ago, it’s too late,but thanks

  • amir

    edited : Completed the survey 15 days ago, received the invite today, it’s too late, but thanks

  • Vladan_Klek

    Completed the survey send me a email pls!!!to
    thanks in advance!!!

  • please 1 beta key.

  • jm

    Please Send me and Beta Invite! =)) Thank you! 🙂

  • thejas

    can someone please help me to download DOTA 2 please , and also how to do the survey please ……………….MANY thanks

  • noikdreck
  • pls send me a beta key

  • kaboomskie

    can u send me an invite this is my email thx im looking forward on it..

  • vicyu

    send beta key to me can ??
    plz , i need this beta key and learn how to play dota 2

  • please i really want to play !


    i have 2 beta keys the one is i gave it to my friend 😀 hhaha

  • Lmao01

    pls give me the beta key so i can play dota 2 all of my friends are playing dota 2 but dont have 1 so please pls pls pls give me a beta key thank you

  • gino

    can u send an invite to ginomunoi’account please

  • i just completed my survey…. and my email id is…

    thank you…

  • Dota 2 Player,soon

    done,hope next winner is me.

  • lester

    the file has crashed?? please help me!!

  • lester please message me in facebook

  • Gagamba14

    i hope u send to my email the beta key..tnx 🙂

  • Gagamba14

    i hope u send to my email the beta key..tnx

  • MapzOr

    whoever have dota 2 add me on steam to try playing together
    name: MapzOr

  • can you send me a invitation edzvillamor . please

  • send to me plisss limbong103

  • gandalf892

    DOta 2 Keyy please my and Steam

  • OrdinaryMan

    A DotA Key would definitely help this Singaporean right here 🙂

  • ashbatz

    pls send me me a beta

  • izedin

    plz give me invite plz plz plz

  • mansoorsh

    just completed the survey! waiting for it…

  • superiorquality
  • suda

    pls dude can u send me to my mail

  • Soto[Banjar]

    please send me the betakey i really need that :[
    to this email : thanks before 😀

  • X3ON

    Can you send me an invitation at spectralnab’s account please, i rly wanna try to play dota2 😉 thx guys

  • kinsuk

    hey can u give me the key please i don even have a card

  • PeterPan30

    completed the survey 1 month ago and no invite 🙁

  • PeterPan30

    pls send me a beta key to my e-mail:


  • Tom

    If someone have a code can u guys give me plz i need one if have pm me at

  • Tom

    can someone send me an invitation im [GM]Ghosty on Steam plz

  • gino

    please send me to my email
    my email add.. is

  • joshua

    please send me to my emaiL :] .. i hope you’ll do that .. many thanks !! :]

    my emaiL add.. is
    ty ty ty

  • Helton

    send me a invite Aisher29

  • rafaguerra

    please send me an invite:

    • rafaguerramg

      i´ve already completed the survey 3 times and no invites! please, someone send me one!!!

  • stevee

    please send me free beta key i use a lot of email for three weeks i hope that you get my message

  • Nev3rmore

    Hi,i compeleted survey 10 day’s ago and not received my key.
    plz one of you say to me that when the key will be send ??

  • cucurbitsc

    Completed the survey now,
    and i`m waiting invite !
    I really want to play dota2 !

  • RogeX

    Dota 2 is so awesome!
    The gameplay, graphics, heroes, and everything in it.

    But sadly I don’t have any invitation yet.
    I want to play this game, and to experience the thrill.

    So, can you send me an invitation?

    Here’s my e-mail,

    Thank you in ADVANCE!

  • Deepesh

    i dint recive the mail till yet 🙁
    how much days does take 2 send a mail??
    i am desperate to play dota….sm1 tell me plzz

  • Drhen

    completed the survey a month ago no invites until now 🙁

  • zirka

    i need beta key plss..

  • roman

    very beg to send an invite to my email, thanks in advance ^ _ ^

  • Truly Mad

    mother fucker la find pro to play ? play ur own mun boobs survey u mun never give beta keys ask for survey for what…make joke dota 2

  • Guys, if someone can invite me – do it. Steam acc: cherrYpashkin

  • michael

    pki survet nman sa akin

  • George

    please give me beta key message me on or on skype gamemaster1337 I hope you will do this, thanks so much

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  • this is real ! if you follow the instruction and if u finish wait for 1 week or 5days to receive the invite

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  • Mad Gods Gaming
  • How Long Does It Take To Receive The Beta Key?

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  • Biboi
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    Actually, Theres no key they will just send an email and makes your your steam acc. have dota 2 instantly

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