Dota 2 Australian Servers Coming Soon!

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Dota 2 AustraliaGood news for all the Aussie players! Valve’s developer Milton Ngan has confirmed the availability of official Australian based servers for Dota 2. The equipment for the Dota 2 Servers has arrived, all they need is to install and configure them inside Valve’s data center. The Dota 2 AU servers will be up and running by January 2013.

Here’s a quote from Milton @ Dota 2 dev forums:

The equipment for our Australian (not Austrian) datacenter has just arrived in Sydney. It will be a few weeks to get this racked and configured. But we should be up and running by January 2013.

This is indeed a good news for Australian and New Zealand players. They will no longer suffer high continental ping and latency in Dota 2 matches. You will now be able to play and perform quick moves with your favorite heroes like Earthshaker, Puck and Geomancer.


  • Alex

    Russians are going to invade these servers too. IMO, Valve should IP restrict RU players.

    • saeed

      lol :)))

  • Max

    You cant be more right alex

  • yea man! finally I can hear this news over and over.
    Aussies rock.

  • it should be Melbourne not Sydney… plz

  • Equinox

    You should be worried about the Chinese and filipinos