MiTH.Trust Boot Camp shows DotA 2

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MiTH.Trust DotA 2Thailand’s International DotA Team (MiTH.Trust) is one of the 16 teams that has been invited to join in DotA 2 gamescom tournament.  Not long ago, they unfolded the pictures of their boot camp in which they seem to be practicing for ‘The International’ event.  We can see the spectacular images of DOTA 2 but unfortunately they are unclear due to the long distance. The game indeed looks bright as compared to other clones.

There is a full set of images published by the team on their website but they were soon blurred out as they signed some sort of non-disclosure agreement with Valve corporation.  Few more days left until DotA 2 Live Stream in action, we’ll be able to see the entire preview of the Valve’s new masterpiece.

  • TheLivingFlesh

    ugh.. they blurred everything, wth.. ot: the Dota 2 logo looks cool O_O


    Only it has the improved version of logo, rest are useless.

  • Altrax

    Who’s team will represent PH?

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments