Meepo coming in Dota 2 – Details Leaked!

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Dota 2 Meepo GeomancerAs Dota 2 International 2012 Tournament undergoes the details start appearing. Dpmlicious, a competitive gaming reporter took photos of the event and posted them on her facebook page. Luckily, Meepo Screenshot was one of them. Moreover, the list of upcoming Dota 2 heroes has just got leaked showing sequence of their release.

Here’s the screenshot of Meepo (Geomancer) with his clone. You can see the poof animation too!

Meepo in Dota 2

Meepo during the game:
Meepo in game

Murloc Nightcrawler, Slark model in beta:
Dota 2 Slark

List of upcoming heroes:
Dota 2 upcoming heroes

So it’s confirmed, Meepo is going be the first hero to arrive in patch update after the TI2. Until then, you can start following the International 2012 matches/updates. Do you think the above hero release order is right? Share your views via comments!

  • Miracler



  • I want centaur pls … unfortunately.. :'(

  • Vy

    techies the last ??? T_T

  • Philippine DotA

    need meepo… as soon as possible…

  • szz

    duh. isn’t that already clear with one of their post’s title for this month?
    the magic word of their blog post “Geomancy”.

    and like its not posted on “” which heroes are being created atm.

  • Tresdin the last 😐

  • I want slark.. o/

  • cheejay

    hahaha where is legion commander?

  • meepo!!
  • troll warlord !

  • botsu

    where abadon?

  • guiller

    ow.. they using maya :))

  • DB

    Where’s doom bringer?

  • when is troll warlord coming out? 🙁

  • AXA

    Drow Ranger!!!!

  • Gorro

    Abadon is abandoned

  • Xevian

    Techies is last! :((

  • m4m4d

    i think legion commander commanding army for now
    he is busy hehe 😉

  • Max

    Wooo! Terroblade and troll!

  • Igdael

    Where this fckn update??? TI end week ago…

  • Ilya Bahkirov
  • Lopz

    I rly think that slark and tuskarr should come out second and third


    Techies should be next..

  • Jan

    wew techies should be next!

  • nice hero leak…haha techies last? T_T

  • Akung

    I think you can improve to control with F2 F3 F4 in sub unit inmeepo

  • Akung

    I think you should improve key with F2 F3 F4 to control in sub unit inmeepo

  • Johnny

    AbadaonLord of Avernus? his really abandon this hero?

  • stop.blobal.warming

    can fast update

  • vincent

    tang ina mo

  • vincent

    fuck u po

  • vincent

    i want leshruc

  • vincent