DOTA 2 Wounded Hero Animations

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Tidehunter Wounded RavageIn the recent updates, Valve has been updating DOTA 2 with wounded animation for characters. It’s an injured animation which triggers when your hero is injured (on RED Hit-points). This is a really cool eye-candy feature that doesn’t affect gameplay in any way but currently it’s limited to specific number of heroes only, more heroes will be added by time. Check out the wounded animations preview by Wyk.

DOTA 2 Furion Wounded Animation:

DOTA 2 Juggernaut Wounded Animation:

DOTA 2 Ursa Wounded Animation:

And the best of all, Tidehunter’s Wounded Ravage animation:

Valve is keen to provide such detailed graphics to each and everything in-game. It will make chasing opponents more epic and realistic. However, some players barely notice this addition in game because they are usually being chased at this injured state therefore their attention gets diverted. Drop your comments about this feature below!

  • thats nice:)

  • Aneper

    So much work… I admire them. Hopefully Gordon Freeman in some Ep 3 or whatever will have injured animation too 🙂

  • Dudd

    if they want to be more realistic, low HP heroes must have their move speed reduced.

  • Anujsubedi

    Ohhh god please just give beta keys to every one. Each and every update of this awesome epic game kills mee. I cant wait any more before we fans start sufferinf from malnitrition of dota >_<

  • Dreaddreamer

    I like tidehunter’s injured ravage animation.. looks like the last desperate move of a dying tidehunter is the slam the ground with his body then pray that his enemies will be stuck in the air with those spikes so he could escape 😀

    • Manojlionhearted

      I dont think he’s prayin…he’s playing dead lol

  • nice 🙂

  • 13lack_kat

    waiting too long for dota 2 been waiting from 2o1o,now we r getting bored n moving to other games plizz release dota 2 fast

  • Xmafia_16

    nice ravage by an injured and desperate-to-scape tidehunter 😀

  • jaylen

    can give the web site where dota2 can download and dota 2 beta keys

  • Deallojanandrew


  • Deallojanandrew

    ako at si juan magaling mag dota parang meniski

  • Atanas Ramanski

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