DOTA 2 Warlock Preview

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Dota 2 warlock heroThe Dota 2 10/11/11 patch update adds Warlock to the game. The Dota 2 version of Warlock looks better as compared to DotA though it  kinda looks like Firelord, the hero model and attack animation is just perfect. Hats off to Valve!

Dota 2 Warlock Spotlight:

Dota 2 Warlock Screenshots:

Warlock with his Infernal (Reign of Chaos)Dota 2 Warlock

Warlock a Scourge Base

Dota 2 warlock scourge

Warlock’s first skill, Fatal Bonds

Warlock Fatal Bonds

2nd Skill, Shadow WordDota 2 Warlock Shadow word

3rd skill, UpheavalWarlock upheavel

Ultimate – Rain of Chaos

Warlock Infernal

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  • villajinlloydpatrick

    why is the tree not burning when Warlock uses his Rain of Chaos… it should be… right?

  • mangkuk

    yeah…the tree must be burn if warlock use ulti..

  • Nagaland

    sad infernal..:( dota1’s infernal a million times better

  • El0hiM_ePandiT

    I like dota 2 and everything about it but the one thing i really dnt like is the blue theme tat they have with heroes..for e.g. slardar is blue instead of the red older one, dota 2’s leshrac is blue instead of the white..n wat else..i believe colors matter in ganks..

  • Ron Pits

    Very nice.


  • Dude

    Shouldn’t summoning an infernal knock down nearby trees?

  • Madhasd

    we should consider that dota 1 is just a copy of warcraft’s characters. This version is the original dota characters.. dota 2’s creator cannot copy exactly the characters due to copyright

  • any 1 give me link dota 2 downlode

  • warlock use orchid n necronomicon? hahaha.. weird..

  • whuzurdaddi

    the infernal looks good on the top but the bottom is kinda… bare?

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