DotA 2 Tournament Live Stream

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DotA 2 Live StreamThe big DotA 2 Tournament is coming soon, Valve announced the Live Streaming coverage of whole event. This page is created to provide you the DotA 2 Championship Live stream.Update: The Dota 2 Live Streaming is now available:

Event date: 17-21 August.

Venue: Cologne Trade Center, Germany
Game: DOTA 2
Prize: 1$ million

DotA 2 ‘The International’ Casters:

English: Tobi Wan Kenobi
Chinese: DC
Russian: V1lat
German: NiceTry & Saga

Participating Teams: DotA 2 Teams DotA 2 Utilities will be providing the live coverage of DotA 2 gamescom ’11 event. You can find the highlights and DotA 2 Replays here after the tournament. Stay Tuned!

  • Cyph3r

    Can’t wait!

    I heard they’re going to start public beta after GamesCom

  • jhei19

    I can’t wait to try it

  • found the list of Dota 2 broadcasters:

    English: Tobi Wan Kenobi
    Chinese: DC
    Russian: V1lat
    German: NiceTry & Saga

  • big money @_@ all team will hav great match sure!

    • Prakash

      han na han

      • Meajohnsorillo

        GOGO Happy feet

  • V_point28

    will you post the games after the matches in this website??i want to watch starsboba fight against mnski.infini

  • ohmygod. 1$m .. these teams will have good matches for sure >:]

  • fanboy93

    Will Valve provide the event stream via DOTA 2 TV or they will use sites like TwitchTV or if they are going to use it then it would suck these sites can’t handle the huge traffic of dota community..

  • Denismendoza_ubp

    wish they had a pic of all the player… and kindly post the game so we can see whose the best of the best….wish i was there… lol

  • Ackens_3-

    wow kasama philipines

  • Jsin68

    aw walang pinoy na sasali T_T

  • Jsin68

    aw sorry meron pala

  • KostadinoV

    This sucks Who said they are best teams ? Im Amphetamine from bnet sorry that i have no nervious to play 204142141 retarded games in dota pick league to get “skilled” enought for Mym i feel so sad about me now cuz i know well im the best after all i spend 20 fucking h per day to play this game and now i dont have even chance to chall …. if some of this teams read this i really chall you all for my own fun to own you not kidding join bnet /w Amphetamine

    • l3lacklotus (fake)

      Don’t really mean to bag on you mate but those people are TEAMS not individuals their skill is measured by all of them combined … Not as ONE really skilled and the rest just follow … if you think you can do something and you’re skilled find your self a team … and get famous May be you’ll be on the chart of Dota 3 … Who knows 😉 don’t be too down mate Dota 2 is coming up

  • Hamdydimakuta

    pwede nba maglaro?

  • go GGnet !!

  • go malaysia!


  • @jsin68 meron kaya… ayan oh MI.ASUS

  • GO team MSKI.

  • Wilmer

    fuck yah guys, yah awsome

  • rovin

    go and do your best shot’s guys’s


    nice i hope you will release the DOTA 2 after the tournament

  • GLoque24

    Hope MI.Asus will take home the price it is a good honor to them..


    • mark

      cguro kung magbabackout ung kalaban

  • awsom! im sure to watch this.

  • Philippines ang Panalo jan!

    • cgurado yan 😀

      • Ljkimbum19

        oo nga anjan ung tyloo oh ung champion ng tournament sa china ahah pero sana manalo 🙂

        • Scatmunanlll

          IMBA MGA PINOY SA DOTA 1st time makikita .. INTERNATIONAL STREAMING BOTTLE CROW strategy!!!!

    • jkl29

      mahirap ata sa china pa lng nga!!! 🙁

    • Reyby_nicolas

      MYM panalo jan pota

  • Jer_124

    “the team will most likely to lose when it supporters lost support to them”
    kaya suportahan ko pinas hangan sa huli go PHILIPPINES!!!! 🙂

  • Chader24

    qeh pra sa inyo papanalo ko..

  • chase2kill

    MI means Mineski Infinity?

  • Tagz_rule

    pano nyo nasabi..?? pinoy pla pinaka mahusay??

  • Pisione11

    it depends on the players of phil. team…!

  • Kellin08th

    wtf? manalo ba ang philipines???????????? e 50 50 pa nga yan .. kung makaka win ba..

  • madaming adik s dota!!!
    kaya talo talo yan ^^

  • David00

    wowowow holy top teams!

  • Www Devoanom

    Phillipines no chance. Ehome will bring the $1M Home!!!

    • Well… lets see… i bet ur wrong!!!!!!!!!!

    • h.e.R.S.h.E

      i tink the gg net will win this tournamet?

  • Daza

    GO Philippines! MINESKI!

  • Mnski.ynoT?

    Go team Phillipines.. i’m an ex-mineski.. i’m mnski.ynoT?..Phillipines will be the champion.. =D

  • Jason Lim

    China got chances xD MYM will take the price

  • Giorgakic

    these teams are participating in a game they know but they havent play before 😀 they have played dota and now they will play dota 2 for 1 million dollars! amazing ! xD

  • Itachi43215

    what time it?

  • Cruz_alvinbrian

    go philippines,,,,,malaks kayo hahah

  • Lyndon_tagas670

    go philippines

  • Be honest guys….teams who joined on this tournament are all great…
    this is gonna be a hard one for team PH to win. but still….no one knows whats gonna happen. GO GO GO Team MI.Asus!


  • EH.Gigabyte.Xls

    nd mananalo kht isa ang Philippines dyan.. EHOME is the best..!


  • WinRP

    I Hope that the PHILIPPINES will bag the price so that the losers in our country will realize that playing cyber games is not a bad habbit.

    • john

      di wala nga panalo ang meniske ehh!!!

  • Kingjohn_obispo

    kasali ba MYM??

  • Muntawashong


  • Muntawashong


  • Whoa.. Malaysia FTW.. !!! 😀

  • Slamphead

    MYM will win this .poota ! sa semi finals lang limit ng philippines jan ..

  • Dsasd

    anung oras live stream

  • -Blind|LordZero0

    Go Go Philippines sana manalo kayo para malaman ng buong mundo na tayo ang pinakadominant pag dating sa dota!

  • Tkdota

    wait why isnt there any NA teams?

  • Oscar_cool7

    a que hora empieza el evento

  • Crusader_mauleon

    pano kaya sumali jan?

  • Sonix


  • Sonix


  • Jino_hexor

    panu mppnood ung live stream

  • Happy_birdie000

    go paquiao.. i <3 u

    • Anjoooooooooo


  • Trojanrockyou

    moscow 5 panalo jan… : )

  • Blue7

    Apolah kecek kalian koah….Tengak!!!



  • Nankramer26

    mga mong

  • Nankramer_26

    Go! mga bolang MI.Asus mga MOngoloid

    • Chubachoops

      gago ka

  • Anonymous

    Is this starting now?

  • where is live stream ????

  • Jay

    when does it start?

  • Gab

    am I the only one who sees music and a banner of group stage? and nothing more

  • Gab

    am I the only one who sees music and a banner of group stage? and nothing more

  • HeartRider

    And now?

  • HeartRider

    And now?

  • Idol23

    talo na nga cla ehh

  • Tata_emo06

    wala ngang ngawa ehh tsk tsk

  • Lanzeradeyeah

    mineski sucks! :)) hahaha

  • Kan3_22

    putah dami nman player ng china d kaya mahirapan phil.

  • KERT

    taLO taYO PANO ba YAN

  • Glemor_joaquin

    anu score ng philippines??

  • Mc Jhefferson Deang

    Philippines Good luck 😀
    Galingan niyo ahh..

  • Mc Jhefferson Deang

    Philippines Good luck 😀
    Galing niyo ahh…

  • in love with dota

  • Roxanne_bernadit

    ehhh Na`Vi nga ehh ung panalo

  • muharem-j

    Na’Vi is the best get it guys no e home no noone can win that tournament Na’Vi is the best ukraine greetings from macedonia

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • Abotamza

    plhi im hon player but i like dota 2 plz i need account and thx

  • PH!!!

  • Hasdlskdas

    potek wala EHome.. haha imba un eh