DOTA 2 Sound Files Leaked Online

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DOTA 2 Sound SettingsThere has been a big DOTA 2 Beta leak lately. The whole database of DOTA 2 sound files has been leaked online by a Vietnamese player. He has made a dedicated YouTube channel and uploaded all the DOTA 2 audio of all the hero voices including game announcer and other miscellaneous sounds.

We’ve compiled a playlist of DOTA 2 Sounds, check em’ out!


You will get goosebumps by hearing the voice-overs of the heroes.  Usually, players ignore the game sound of MMORPG/RTS games and listen to their music playlist instead.  Valve is certainly working hard and adopting new strategies to attract the player-base towards DOTA 2 by adding new features to the game from time to time.

Stay tuned for more updates.

  • good 😀

  • Drv Coolbuddy

    WICKED ! 😀

  • guest


  • Yahoo!Already we have can seen all heroys

  • mr.Darkness

    They are good… very like the voices and graphic but heroes rly sucks -.- change their look.. -.-

  • omg 6 minutes of voices REALLY THIS IS JUST FUCKING AWESOME no words

  • Protector

    i want to hear lina’s, alleria’s, mirana’s and rylai’s voice.

  • y0uNg_gg

    bored !!

  • PuckSoundRox

    Puck THE FUCKIN BEST!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dreaddreamer

    damn ANTI MAGE is a poet lol… he speaks in archaic english…. 😀

  • Dreaddreamer

    puck and alleria have the same voice talents… i want to know her name though… 😀

  • mr.Darkness

    what’s the name of the girl that speaks for Crystal Maiden! CM speaks perfect! 😀 her voice looks like the real girl who speaks is blonde.. XDD

  • No warriors of the night :(

    NooOOooOoo Mirana With No Warriors Of The Night Assemble RaWrRrR 🙁 But anyway all of them has good voices 🙂

  • ChRiZz_r8

    quite sad…i want queen of pain’s moan :d

  • LOL

    i know pronounce you man and tree >.<

  • lol did he realy said “NICE LEGS”???? HAHAAHHAHAHAHA imao…..

  • Jaewtf

    shitty blizzard.

  • Cross

    wait, isn’t this illegal?

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