DOTA 2 Screenshots [Complete List]

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DotA 2 ScreenshotsAfter the intense DOTA 2 event at Gamescom, there had been a lot of community discussion going around about the appearance of DOTA 2 Hero models and graphics that were not looking great as fans expected. Good news, Valve has received your valueable feedback and revamped the DOTA 2 hero design. The whole new set of DOTA 2 screenshot is out showing the recent improvements done in the game. Take a look!

Kaldr, Ancient Apparition in DOTA 2

Ancient Apparition - DOTA 2

Magina, Anti Mage in DOTA 2

Antimage - DOTA 2

Rexxar, Beastmaster in DotA 2

Beastmaster - DOTA 2

Mogul Khan, Axe in DotA 2

Axe - DOTA 2

DOTA 2 – Chen, The Holy Knight

Chen - DOTA 2

Rylai, Crystal Maiden in DOTA 2

Crystal Maiden - DOTA 2

Clockwerk Goblin – DOTA 2

Clockwerk - DOTA 2

Spectre – DOTA 2

Dark Seer - DOTA 2

Doom Bringer – DOTA 2

Doom Bringer - DOTA 2

Dazzle – DOTA 2

Dazzle - DOTA 2

Drow Ranger – DOTA 2

Drow Ranger - DOTA 2

Earth Shaker – Echo Slam – DOTA 2

Earthshaker Echo Slam - DOTA 2

Earthshaker in DOTA 2

Earthshaker - DOTA 2

Enchantress – DOTA 2

Enchantress - DOTA 2

Faceless Void – DOTA 2

Faceless Void - DOTA 2

Engima in DOTA 2

Enigma - DOTA 2

Leshrac – DOTA 2

Leshrac - DOTA 2

Lina – DOTA 2

Lina - DOTA 2

Lich – DOTA 2

Lich - DOTA 2

Demon Witch, Lion DOTA 2

Lion - DOTA 2

Morphling in DOTA 2

Morphling - DOTA 2

POTM, Mirana inΒ  DOTA 2

Mirana - DOTA 2

Nature’s Prophet – DotA 2

Nature's Prophet - DOTA 2

Nevermore, Shadowfiend in DOTA 2

Nevermore - DOTA 2

Necrolyte – DOTA 2

Necrolyte - DOTA 2

Night Stalker – DOTA 2

Night Stalker - DOTA 2

Butcher, Pudge in DOTA 2

Pudge - DOTA 2

Faerie Dragon, Puck in DOTA 2

Puck - DOTA 2

Pugna in DOTA 2

Pugna - DOTA 2

Sand King in DOTA 2

Sand King - DOTA 2

Razor in DOTA 2

Razor - DOTA 2

Shadow Shaman in DOTA 2

Shadow Shaman - DOTA 2

Sniper in DOTA 2

Sniper - DOTA 2

Slardar in DOTA 2

Slardar - DOTA 2

Spectre in DOTA 2

Spectre - DOTA 2

Rogue Knight, Sven in DOTA 2

Sven - DOTA 2

Storm Spirit – DOTA 2

Storm Spirit - DOTA 2

Tidehunter, DOTA 2

Tidehunter - DOTA 2

Stone Giant, Tiny in DOTA 2

Tiny - DOTA 2

Tinker – DOTA 2

Tinker - DOTA 2

Vengeful Spirit – DOTA 2

Vengeful Spirit - DOTA 2

Viper – DOTA 2

Viper DOTA 2

Venomancer – DOTA 2

Venomancer - DOTA 2

Weaver – DOTA 2

Weaver DOTA 2

Zeus – DOTA 2

Zeus - DOTA 2

Witch Doctor – DOTA 2

Witch Doctor - DOTA 2

Windrunner – DOTA 2

Windrunner - DOTA 2

These above screenshots were taken during closed beta phase. Currently, DOTA 2 has 46 hero roster, it will have 105 heroes at the time of official launch. We will keep updating this page with screenshots, stay tuned!

  • 1st

    • Dsadjka


      • Takolo31

        fuck u ikaw mukang alien..putang ina mo..gago ka!!!

  • 2nd
    nice but where’s dragon knight ? πŸ™‚

    • 123123

      dk was ported out… idk why

      • rOsEnkReUzβ„’

        no dk.?how sad :((
        and what the hell did they do to puck!! he looks like shit..T_T

        • Gl4ucus

          yes its very poor,i have scrolled ONLY because him! but dota 2 is worse shit than League of Legends who is for silly billy,only HoN is a really good game(not successful) but nice,and i have 2 say that dotA is old school 101% in no matter what like Counter,Stronghold etc…..

          • qwew

            i don’t think dota 1 will be gone . so can choose between the two. it’s up to you and STOP arguing . if you want to play DOTA 1 then play it. if want to play the awesome DOTA 2. wtff? play ITTTTT

    • 123123

      dk was ported out… idk why

  • and where is mirana

  • wahahah good job Valve ,,I,,

  • 3rd NICE

  • RaYCEK


  • vlad

    Those Herose Are The Herose πŸ˜€ From Dota 2 ChampionShip πŸ˜€

    I want To see Stry :X

  • vlad

    Those Herose Are The Herose πŸ˜€ From Dota 2 ChampionShip πŸ˜€

    I want To see Stry :X

  • where riki ?

  • where riki ?

  • pff cmon valve let us play with 46 heroes… update game with every new hero thats not a big problem… 46 heroes are enough for launching game…. btw im in love <3_<3

  • Good!!

  • I waiting Dota 2

  • “it will have 105 heroes”
    Yahoo!!!!!1 new hero!!! It s very cool!

  • wheres huskar?

  • where is my terrorblade ,, i hope he look badass just like his movie !!!!

  • Slade_Master

    trax is very beaty i love her….

  • guest

    So closed beta has already begun , and Valve didnt say anything?o.O

  • its not spectra its dark seer —

  • Tachkazor

    IF u watched any matches stream in tournament u sure did noticed that they improved graphics at some heroes like lion weaver pudge viper and others that makes my pants wet πŸ˜€

  • jobznificent

    lol… fix dark seer pls its not spectre

  • Romanticrose

    Looks LIke Sims + Ben10 :))

  • weak ……!

  • Boy

    No jakiro…. T_T

  • Jojo Mago

    much better if they just used the original appearances of the old characs.heroes.

    • Istayl Pinoy

      I think that’s not possible. The original appearances from Dota 1 are trademarked for WC3. If it’s really possible then Valvew should’ve done it in the first place. πŸ™‚

    • Kisora12

      then what’s the different between dota1 and dota2? ⌐⌐

  • Zoligoblin

    there are 2 spectre, first one is dark seer not spectre .

  • Jonas_casajes


  • Nhot2x_15

    great screenshots no wonder but sorry i judge them on the on their animation(gameplay). effects? perfect! map? best map i ever seen!

    i dont like the most hero: lion=little feet cant see it & hunchback, tiny=toad+gorilla, es=gorilla movement, tidehunter=dragging fish what’s that for?, sven=i like it if he drags his sword like Magic Gladiator on MU, rexxar=has a backache while walking, mirana=model is too big, sand king=hard tail, raijin=too small(model) big belly, dark seer=what happen to you?

    best hero for me: zeus, night stalker, vs, sven, axe, pudge like a sumo wrestler haha

    hey valve you’re the only one who create dota where heroes walk on deep water.,make it clear so they can see the ground.,or make it rocky river so that the hero footstep won’t be obvious.

    by the GREAT JOB!!! keep it up!!!

  • Nhot2x_15

    great screenshots no wonder but sorry i judge them on the on their animation(gameplay). effects? perfect! map? best map i ever seen!

    i dont like the most hero: lion=little feet cant see it & hunchback, tiny=toad+gorilla, es=gorilla movement, tidehunter=dragging fish what’s that for?, sven=i like it if he drags his sword like Magic Gladiator on MU, rexxar=has a backache while walking, mirana=model is too big, sand king=hard tail, raijin=too small(model) big belly, dark seer=what happen to you?

    best hero for me: zeus, night stalker, vs, sven, axe, pudge like a sumo wrestler haha

    hey valve you’re the only one who create dota where heroes walk on deep water.,make it clear so they can see the ground.,or make it rocky river so that the hero footstep won’t be obvious.

    by the way GREAT JOB!!! keep it up!!!

    • pluedin

      Pudge with green hair? Really? wait… does he need hair at all?

      • Iggyloyola


        • Iggyloyala

          mgaweak kau 1 in 1 tau lht p kau an0o gusto niyo spakan jahahahhhaha

          • Byron Boobs

            ulol supot ka nman e

          • EMbha!

            supot nah pumapatol ng bakla. d ka na nahiYA..
            tae nah ka.

          • Iggyloyala

            im here in the philippines hhahahah san pedro laguna villa castillo!

          • Byronbobis123

            HAHAHA SUPOT AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • PalPak^O^

            1on1 tapos lahat kami kalaban mo? 1on1nga eh diba
            tulog pag ganyan!! haha
            ayus muka pre

        • Iggyloyala

          mgaweak kau 1 in 1 tau lht p kau an0o gusto niyo spakan jahahahhhaha

  • nice parang totoo ang grapic wow man dota 2 bring it on baby

  • KhOyzZz27

    i want to see invoker my fave. πŸ™

  • ELmiNo

    B E A utiful 😐

  • kuku


  • mr.Darkness

    OMG -.- crystal maiden is like a ugly little bitch, traxex’s eyes are not red, windrunner is like Robin Hood, -.- rexxar is HUMAN -.- no comments for void and sven… slardar are like stupid iguana, and earthshaker is like a gorilla -.- …. all heroes are like retarded aliens -.- pls make it better, heroes are like a toys for kids -.- btw, pls make crystal maiden ulti better cos that can’t hit nothing -.-… and make crystal maiden’s cloak bigger, cos this looks like rug… -.- i will never play this stupid game if have no changes in heroes’ look and items’ look… -.- graphics are very nice, i love the graphics but heroes and items are looking disastrous… pls make it better or u will not have players in this game..

    • RenzloX08

      what makes this dota if there will be no changes in heroes appearances? Models from warcraft is shit compared to this. If you dont want it then dont play it!

      • Djordje

        dota2,LoL and the third game u know whitch is clon of dotA . Maybe its old and crippled but i play it,if HoN had campaign maybe he will live much longer,these games are made only for many and they will be not so popular like counter,starcraft,caesar,stronghold etc…..

    • Anonymous

      That’s not for you to decide.

      It already looks good as it is. And as if those things you said would really reduce the players.

      Valve won’t even bother reading your silly post. As everything you said is pointless. Nobody cares if you don’t play this game.

      You have no taste. DotA2 doesn’t need you.

      • mr.Darkness

        i have no taste?! PHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA lol.. everyone wants me to tell them if they need a stylist… lol… who tells me that i have no taste… i just told them that dota 2 heroes and items need more “ancient” style, not alien-look style, cos dota is Defense of the ANCIENTS… i think u can understand me πŸ˜‰

        • Sdssad

          fuck you

          • mr.Darkness

            you too, peasant πŸ™‚

          • Bham_00


        • Dunga

          DEFENSE of the ancients not look like the ancients!

          • mr.Darkness

            man they depend from the ancients, they are their origin, so they must have something from ancient style, dota takes place in that time, in the past, not in the future when there’s fucking heroes with look like aliens, understand me? aliens and ancients are two different concepts.. understand what i like to say? πŸ™‚

          • mr.Darkness

            Some details from original DotA must be preserved and improved, such as Traxex’s red eyes, the great big cloak and beautiful staff of the Crystal Maiden, not Crystal Maiden with rug on the back, Traxex with white eyes and Anti-Mage with supermarket lights instead swords…

          • Meowmee017

            if you a want your suggestion works, make your own dota3..

          • Bham

            your right!!

          • mr.Darkness

            if i made that game…. all will play it -.- cos u have taste and i know what players like, not what i like -.-

          • mr.Darkness


          • Jj

            YES? U make then all ppl will like it? Brainless ppl can make wat type of game out? jz make a game like a kid’s game only u can~~Or kid also dun ply it ~HAHAHAHa!!!!

          • Skinnyfranz4

            di kabalo mag english!

          • Frostwulf

            thats just IF u made the game !! but the TRUE part is you dont make the game.. stupid.. and i would like to see if you made one yourself.. you think making a model is easy ?! its up to Valve to create the models.. unless you created IT! ASSHOLE !

          • Fuck you bitch everyone is saying how retarded you are and you dare say you know what players like? Oh please someone talk to this retard.

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            agree..he’s a dickhead…

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          • dEaTh_nEaR

            man are you stupid or what….nobody cares about their looks we care about the gameplay….sheesh you’re a total retard

          • mr.Darkness

            no, i am not stupid i just have taste, and when i play game i know what play. This is meant to be dota 2 so must be very special, not like this -.- much of the gamers are disapointed -.-

          • Jj

            U also is wan special , then y u still wan the old style? Exspecially the old style also is not true for ancient ! Because no ppl is see them before~ If wan special then is creat the new style for the ancient because this is only way to make it more special. If u feel disappointed then no need play it n no need to comment on it jz fotget the DOTA 2!!! Stupid Asshole !!Dun think u r know everything about the ancient n alien pls!!! The style of them is jz created by ppl!!! STUPID!!!! Then also can change by ppl !!!

          • mr.Darkness

            go learn english, and then reply to ALL OF MY COMMENTS, IDIOT -.-

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            dude your just retarded , and the only one who just comments and comments and never shuts up no one cares about your ” taste” u’re taste is just like shit :*. Just go make your on game and then we shall see how many players will play it.. i don’t think more than 4 … you , your mother , your brother and your only friend … the computer πŸ˜‰

          • Aeon_spitfire

            “he r ur noob fried”

            —–ur like “we came in peace!”

          • mr.Darkness

            i agree with you πŸ™‚ he is someone from mars XDD

          • Ovesroul_8377

            yeah i totally agree with u..this bitches dont apreciate dota dont worry about them…DONT PLAY THE DOTA 2 BITCHES!!…fck u ruined my day..

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          • mr.Darkness

            “them are bitches?” and i have no grammar… i can see that you are sweetly retarded, dude…

          • Mr. Light

            hey i thought from your second comment here you don’t want to reply to their comments anymore?!?!then what the hell are you doing??!?!

          • mr.Darkness

            THIS IS MY LAST COMMENT I SWEAR: don’t be noob, see before how much time i commented that comments, and see my last comment then… idiot. -.- .l.

          • Mr. Light

            Don’t you know any other word than RETARD????! Plus we don’t really care if you have taste or what..what we care for is about the game stop arguing with anyone about the game..W.W.

          • diehard

            HAHAHA fail english bitch. Go suck on a dick

          • anon111

            dmnnnnnn….jj, ur eng sucks…..i suggest tat u can use chi or malay………

          • Skinnyfranz4

            your english is a fuck! i can’t understand you! pathetic!

          • Aeon_spitfire


          • Aquim

            I just want to say that this is DOTA2!!! Changes in the heroes are usual and it doesn’t necessarily be better or worse…. Pls don’t base ur heroes from dota1,,,

          • Aeon_spitfire

            i care

            u mad?

          • mr.Darkness

            dude tnx u cos ur with me :)) tnx to u for being on my side :)))

          • Ashhad Shabbir

            will agree about the antimage… But what u meant by alien or ancient? Shit theory… Did ICEFROG made the models for the hero in DotA?? naah he just picked the character what suited… Stop comparing… You just stuck to one particular pattern… Those weren’t the benchmark. i am not saying these models are perfect may be they need improvement… But not like you said pointing out the cheap immaterial things …. At last my personal opinion is … Dota 2 overall appears quite interesting…. Looking very much forward to release…. =DD Thumbs up VALVE & ICEFROG…

          • PalPak^O^

            i think dota is not Defense Of The Ancients anymore…
            better Defense of the Aliens as it is…
            good job about the graphics anyways^O^

          • DeViLWaRcRy

            yea.. it true.. then we can call it dota of the aliens…

          • Preserved?! Are you a mother fucking noob? Its ‘copy right’ stupid. Blizzard owns those looks. MOFO.

          • Jj

            how u know ancient is not like this? u see it before? n u got see alien is like this? tis all thing is jz ppl make it out only! Stupid ! Use ur brain to think it before u say! Stupid Asshole!

          • Lil’SaintS!


          • Skinnyfranz4

            bobo! your are murmuring like a baby!

          • Jj

            Scientist also dun know the truly face or history about ancients or alien, how u know that?Then how u know the style is not ancient? The style is only giv ppl to creat it n no true style for us to copy it!!!

          • Aben

            if ancients is their origin and they must stick with it,, why dont u go dress up like ancients and stop using computers because i believe there is no computer in ancient time… lol speaking of self

          • mr.Darkness

            you are pretty stupid, no? i talk for heroes i dont talk for my life, idiot.

        • gago

          u don have taste coz if the appearance will stay the same few will play this game. so if that dont play simple as that

        • Ssss

          Got to agree with how it should look more ancient but in general it looks awesome. only peson i’m really disappointed in is Nevermore. looks horrible (no offense). everything else is quite nice

        • TheBreeZe

          mr.Darkness chill the fuck out. no one cares what you think, you notice the only thing in DotA making it look ancient is the outdated graphics, get used to things looking new and different and stop whining like a little bitch

        • Kunkka

          Dota2 is just dota2 not Defense of the Ancients 2.

        • Donny Winata

          you think we need your comments? asshole

      • Ovesroul_8377

        dont play it if you dont like it..FUCKING NOOBS…GO SHIT YOURSELF..

    • you dont like that?? well dont play!!!!!!!!!!!

    • you dont like that?? well dont play!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Blldy_masacre

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        • Derafera

          God bless you!

      • Darkangelwars

        k poh

    • varou

      if you dont want to play it, dont play it. instead of ruining the creativity of dota 2 with your shit comment/

    • zzzzz

      ignorante ka ata dre ? eh d kaw gmawa.

      • mr.Darkness

        english pls… ?

        • dotAfan

          he is saying that “bro, are you ignorant? then make your own.” well that’s the literal translation..

          • mr.Darkness

            tnx for translating man ^_^ πŸ™‚ :DDD

        • Tjf

          FU BUDY

    • Saurabh Rathore

      nicely said;;;;fuckin heros look like insects. their looks are far better in dota. look at viper>>>>looks like a bat or something.

    • Yahje

      If You Want To Change It Then Make Your Won Game That You Actualy Want They Want That Style so Just Live With it If You Wont Want This Game Then Go Make Your Own Style Of DOTA!!

      • mr.Darkness

        its not that easy to make a game… i need programs, money and very much time to do it πŸ™‚

        • qwertyasd

          then don’t complain….

          • mr.Darkness

            lol.. -.- if make game, make it good, or make what players like, not what u like -.- use ur mind -.- btw if i had that things that i need to make a game i am sure that i will make it perfect -.-

          • Czcxzcx

            then don’t play noob.

          • EMbha!

            DOTA 2 mr. darkness FYI!!!
            is not for yoU.
            you do have lots of complains. in the first place they did not make the DOTA for your owN shitS. get me?

        • Mr. Light

          so shut up because you don’t have programs, money and very much time to do SHUT UP.!.

      • mr.Darkness

        its not that easy to make a game… i need programs, money and very much time to do it πŸ™‚

    • Jj

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    • Jj

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      • BOBOKAJJ!

        Tanga mo pa english english kapa baluktot naman gago ka haup !

      • saiful ramli

        aa..excuse more shit, bitch and sorry with my english..but as long as u all understand, hopes y’all dont mind..actually y’all are very good in express y’all opinion..but, icefrog and valve have give much effort to achieve what are just like is often to comment anything to them..but, for me, the graphics is quite impressive..although some dont agree with thier style..but it is also true, Defence of the Ancient much better look like ancient..but right now, as long as we all can play, just time, im very sure, icefrog will know about this..stop shitting and talking nonsense anymore..who want to enjoy it, just enjoy it..and whosoever want some improvement, just let them real world, no one can be so the way, thumbs up, tribute to icefrog and valve..keep it going..i love your games..

      • Good Guy


      • ur English Sucks dude,,, stop commenting !! xD

      • Traxex

        really.. I’ve heard enough of your grammar

    • Fucken Anon

      “pls make it better or u will not have players in this game..”

      -Dude you are not the only player of DotA. Even if you stop playing this game, DotA will still live on and continue what it started. Go play tetris or something.

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      • mr.Darkness

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    • rakjinbo

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    • Bosi_kett

      100% correct man, WTF is this its like a fucking cheap version of starcraft, and where fuck is PANDA?????????? havent they done panda if they blow panda look i blow them . slardar looks like a fucking gigantic retarded fish, cm look like a barbie from a near by store, and not too mention nevermore uuuuh he looks like the wardrobe bad shapes imaginary, and why is sniper smiling ? he got a fcking gun in his hand and he smiles

      • mr.Darkness

        finally someone with taste who comments, and who can understand me πŸ˜‰ ty for the same opinion dude ;))))

    • gamer

      f*ck you moron. whats the point of making “dota 2” if only the graphics changes. you have no sense in gaming. dumb shit

    • marcussim1996

      Who the fk do you think you are that icefrog and valve have to change the hero graphics for you? You dun like it dun play it you fking slut. And your last sentence sound like a threat. You fking think retards like you who doesn’t like it means that everyone wun like it too? And can you make them better than it is now? If you cant then stfu and stop whining. Bitch. Check out your english before you even start complaining.

      • mr.Darkness

        i have much better english than yours so.. don’t complain -.- i know true how to speak english and if you don’t like it go fuck yourself… just stfu and don’t be kid pls .l.

    • zzz your comment is boring
      no change in heroes and items look?
      why bother care.U creater of HONs or LOL or watever
      dont like dont post here thts all

    • Mr. Light

      dude, keep on saying he’s stupid and you’re gonna make it too easy for him. Anyway, the changes were great and kudos to the developers! Listening to guys like these who claim they have experience would not only ruin your vision for DOTA but would also feed their darkness. And besides, trying too hard to speak english yet failing is fun to watch. Blab on about your so called “taste” for all we care. Maybe you’ll actually see the light of day without having to blab about it sometime. Good day

    • Black_Lotus

      I FUCKING AGREE! Magina looks like a ninja with glow in the dark sticks, Rexxar is HUMAN, Earthshaker is a gorrilla, Leshrac DOESNT LOOK LIKE A TORMENTED SOUL, Nevermore looks like a man in a shitty costume, Slardar looks like a deformed fish-alien, Storm spirit looks like a trashcan, and most of all, my favorite hero Pudge, HE HAS A ROBOTIC HOOK HAND AND HE ISNT SCARY AT ALL. HE LOOKS BETTER IN the good ol dota.

      • BlackMamba

        try to undrstand something all of u its a new game and Valve choose these cartoon like graphics to fit their engine so they look good if they used the “ancient” style (which i love also) all of us would be nagging and saying it looks like SHIT.2012 means HD grraphics guys and im sorry but cartoon like graphics helps that cause

    • People

      “pls make it better or u will not have players in this game.. ”

      Totally wrong, everyone even you are going to play..

    • 231321

      then make your own dota 2 if you don’t like the new faces of the heroes !

    • Leekangjiejustin

      the problem is that they cant copy much from wc3 heros, as that will be violating blizzard copyrights. i would love to see this game with the same old caracters design + better graphics but it cannot be possible unless blizzard allows it=/

      • mr.Darkness

        but why icefrog have chosen valve… :S that’s a big question, why not blizzard!? πŸ™

        • Because, Valve liked ICEFROGs works. Blizzard doesn’t give a shit on any of their works. πŸ™‚ Thats why.

    • boombuga

      your not the only player in the world who wants to play that game ..

    • Thunder_freezer

      the creators of this dota 2 work hard of it and you fuckin sht like stupid bullshit sitting in ur com puter allday long and watch the moon to face down fuck your ass bullshit get lost go to hell!!!

    • Oni

      i pity you mr. Darkness. too many wrong spellings and incorrect grammar. “Slardar are like stupid iguana” – hahaha use “is” for singular and “are” for plural. and dont say “is like”, use “looks like” instead

    • Triggerishtehman

      you little shit face. stop complaining go to starcraft shit. go die

    • LOL, “pls make it better or u will not have players in this game..”?? You’ve got to be kiddin me… Then if you don’t like this game please, gtfo. :)))) Noobshit.

    • Psy Nimbus09

      you’re a faggot that’s it.

    • Savvas94

      why does change always has to be bad?? you got used to old dota looks and items so get used to this one or just keep playing the old one

    • Knoegara

      Dont forget about the pudge… its TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A DOTA-1 TOY!

    • Knoegara


    • Dr. Death

      Why not you make this game huh?

    • neoshishio161

      im with you i dont like the art of dota 2, i understand they cant make it exactly like they were in dota 1 because copyright, but omg they reeeally screwed it up with the art of my fav champs, lich its not him anymore in fact i dont know wtf he is, and poor pudge he seems sooo stupid they gave him hair? wtf! and the worst of all HE DON’T BITE HE CHOPS! they messed with his ult, that was it for me to almost uninstall i wish blizzard dota its available now to teach valve a game design lesson.

    • maybe dota 2 is defense of the alien… hehehehe

  • Kevin_jons17

    MGA IMBA DOTA HEROES DITO A>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Dx10

    DotA1 heroes are cool looking than DotA2.. Such as Viper, Tiny and Rexxar,, in DotA2 they look like a harmless looking creature..

    • Jambo

      wait till u see tiny grow in the game with his last skill then talk

    • Kisora12

      well then, stuck playing in dota1 in ur whole life, if u like it so much

  • ganda ni windrunner πŸ™‚

  • Peter_mendoza2003

    i like the first dota then this πŸ™‚

    • Kisora12

      Then don’t play dota2 when it releases.

      • Disappointment.

        Yeah, I won’t since it’s going to suck like LoL And HoN. DotA still ranks at number 1.

        • Kisora12

          we’ll see about that

  • Johnny

    plis rmk all heroes,
    storm spirit isn’t a panda anymore…
    sven isn’t a elf, it’s a allien robbot
    they are not like medieval heroes,they’re like future heroes with blades and bows
    I really liked the map,the graphic, but i hate the heroes
    it’s a game of heroes… you have to do cool heroes.

    • that is the reason why this is called DOTA 2! it means new generation and a better game! if you cant understand that better kill yourself right now! +.+(so stupid)

      • Lensun Wong

        Fking idiot. Just because its a new game doesnt mean they have to change their looks completely. You don’t change Mario drastically after each sequel. Stop talking shit please.

    • Tasdfsaf

      Sven isnt a elf!

      • IceCube

        Sven is an elf, raised by humans

    • PalPak^O^

      Yeah i hate it that raijin was’nt a panda anymore…
      he looks more of an stupid piece of metal wearing a panda suit…
      so annoying

  • bleeding

    troll warlord!!!!! wer r u?

  • dota2rocks

    there’s no techies?

  • zzzzzz

    dami nyong alam ! tingin nalang kayo ! zzz

  • …noYpipO…

    There’s not so much problem with the appearance of these heroes, but the whole DotA 2 graphics (for me) looks somewhat like a cartoon…
    anyway, I’m still hoping that Valve would make improvements in this game. It’s very hard to compete nowadays. There’s a 50% chance that this game wouldn’t survive for so long against its competitors and even against its predecessor (the original DotA) since it’s “pay-to-play” type of game and some hardcore gamers would probably expect a lot from Valve and only get this kind of stuff – what a disappointment.

    • Kisora12

      and why don’t u complain in HON or LOL, LOL has a shitty graphic, HON and DOTA2 are great, but i like DOTA2 better

  • chelo0

    you guys are just used to the units in WC3. I HOPED that heroes would look different but still keep some similarities. In dota,units are made in WC 3 style, this is IceFrog/valve style.

  • Guest101

    Seriously, I’m thinking about something. Not the heroes, items, map, graphics, gameplay. It’s all about the game. If it will be free or not? The answer is ‘its not free’. Not all gamers can pay/buy the Dota2! If they can play DOTA 2 on ‘LAN mode’, its either they have a cracked or they bought it. I have witnessed the original DOTA’s fame. Its because its Free-to-play. Have you seen the falldown of HON? I played it when its still free but when it is free-to-play, me and my friends quitted. We can’t play and pay. We accepted the fact. How about DOTA 2? Is this the disadvantage? Ohhh. I forgot, good luck to the Devs to DOTA 2, they should check the torrent sites, so that there product shouldn’t have a pirate copy. I just want a fair one. I loved DOTA whatever happens.

    No to CRACKs.
    Let;s have a fair gameplay.

    PS: Im not flaming! XD

  • ice frog should renew the heroes
    change the name because whats the purpose of playing this if its the same as dota 1

    • Killercode93

      point less comment..!!

    • dEaTh_ nEaR

      man….of course it is named as DOTA 2 because its “DOTA”….

    • Joel_9750

      if he does that then people who played the previous Dota1 wont want to learn new names n stuff Like me

  • Unknown

    the heroes pictures is shit and the game seems like a kids game didnt like it πŸ™

    • Kisora12

      then don’t play this game go play Call of duty or still stuck playing in dota1

  • Some Hero looks great…
    Some Hero looks Okay…
    Some Hero looks unacceptable example: earth shaker, stone giant and butcher…
    Not match with the heros personality and their model should be

  • i kinda agree to this shithead that some heroes look like shit
    but he’s stupid to think that dota 2 will have no players
    the graphics is cool, im sure of it

    • mr.Darkness

      you are shithead not me -.-‘

  • Beltran1672

    where is huskar?

  • Redhuht21

    wheres tuskar phoenix and invoker?

  • toni

    dudes i dont know why u so shity wit ur comments about the art . i mean it looks verry nice to me so icefrog and valve dide a preaty good job

  • I Wjit

    Agrr . all heroes looks retarted @.@ is this game create for kids ? ee ?
    please make it better make it look’s strange >:|

  • Jsn25

    were is Geomancer?

  • Jsn25

    And Balanar?

  • Dra Gon15

    nyay.. its just like a cartoon dota.. wews..

  • Nailler

    For me, I love everything new about it. It has cooler graphics and game plays. Same as well as the other heroes, I see that some of the heroes do look odd to me but that’s the game creator creates. He only think for the sake of everyone, a good game play. But for ones personal wants, I don’t think Valve will listen to you cause he only listens to everyone’s wants. A good game and that’s what DOTA 2 has now.. Its a GG!!!

  • Nailler

    Lets just play, LoL! Whether its the previous dota or this dota2. Its still the same, people loves it and they will love it more! πŸ™‚

  • Abaamarchiel

    nice graphics! πŸ™‚

  • Raizen_perez

    this is a stupid game to start with. How can you play this if you cant feel the Dota here it is just like a new game being introduced while using the prestigous name of Dota what a lame game this is it looks shit hardcore

    • mr.Darkness

      this heroes aren’t old good Rylai, Traxex, Viper, Balanar, Rexxar…. agree with you dude, this game rly sucks if heroes aren’t cool, there are no feelings, no satisfaction… :/ I WILL SAY DOTA IS DOTA! πŸ™‚

      • Kisora12

        stfu and don’t play this game

      • lordviruz

        ya dude i agree with you .. they say DOTA2 means COMPLETE CHANGES? come on people? since when did a movie sequel change their main characters? will Harry potter still be him if justin bieber acts as him? well harry could changes his haircut!..meaning heroes could be changed in appearance but their original concept must remain! .. ITS DOTA2! based on fucking fckin GOOD OLD DOTA! .. heroes sucks looks like flat papers .. >.< and theyre freakin ugly .. DOTA HEROES ON HON LOOKS COOLER THAN HERE.. seriously..

    • Kisora12

      the go play dota1 don’t even look at dota2

  • hello house can read tiny

  • X4JduK

    Mby this DotA will be “Defense Of The Aliens” xD

    • mr.Darkness

      this will be… something very bad :/

    • Kisora12

      Aliens were existed in Ancient time not now, have u seen any alien alive on earth, rignt now?

      • Leekangjiejustin

        i dont think they are stupid enough to reaveal themself. i mean, which idiot will go to another planet and say “hey look! i am an alien!”

  • Clyde3105

    w0w the as of to date… i hope i can DL this,,, lol

  • Marvin_everette226

    Wheres Huskar???

  • Tagz_rule

    Huskkar maybe hides underneat lina’s panty ^^,

  • This Dota 2 Is Ugly Bec. The Textures,Ghrapics, And Heroes Changes There Sytle Tiny Became Slark πŸ™‚

  • Trickster

    can’t wait to play this but still, nothing can compare to the original DOTA.. for me long live DOTA 1!!!

    • Kisora12

      then stuck in dota1 don’t even bother watch dota2

  • Cabal92

    wow……spectre n nevermore look scary…n all female hereos look sexy n beutiful
    vs look like ben 10 alien hero 2 me but it still cool…btw nice graphic…love dota 2

  • Cabal92

    i think they forget bloodseeker-.-

  • Fappy

    where is bloodsekeer and Dragon K?

  • Killmodengaged

    What’s all the fuss about? Although you may not like the hero changes but some people do, its quite refreshing to see some changes. And if you dont like it maybe you can change the models, all of valve’s games in game skins can be changed so far like, CS, TF, Portal, Half-Life, etc so i think DOTA2 can as well. And the reason they dont use the models from Dota 1 is because it is under the trademark of Blizzard. Please stop posting ignorant comments bout how shitty the game would be if you haven’t played it yet. πŸ™‚

  • Validate93

    weres balanar ?

  • Hit_girl16

    Defense Of The Alliens

    Apparition – walking ice cube
    Magina – outer space police
    Axe – one man tree chopper
    Earthshaker – Kingkong w/ malboro
    Enchantress – Goddes of Goat
    Void – Dragonfly wthout wings(just look at his head)
    DemonWitch – Clown
    Morpling – Ice water
    Nvrmore – COOOOOL :))
    Puck – FUCK>>!!wat happen to you?
    Slardar – hes like a toad or something
    Sven – Baseball player
    StormSpirit – hes like a sushi vendor
    Tidehunter – i dont know if hes a frog ?
    Tiny – hes more like a pebble Tiny _ The Pebble Giant
    Viper – Kite.,Green kite.
    Venomancer – he’s like a plant.poor veno πŸ™
    Zeus – i remember my grandfather πŸ™‚
    The one who made this – Bieber!!!F___

    to whom it may concern.,please change their looks.Iam begging:(

    • Renzkiejr

      hahahahahahaha (100x)

    • Jeric_avatar12


    • Mr. Real

      Actually They have a point, from looks to weapons. from changes of figures, they’ve change a lot.. the heroes are more futuristic than before. .its like they have a weapon of blazing swords, stick, funny weapons like plastics..and whatsoever.. That’s we called that people have a “taste”..but if you are only playing and playing w/o care of their appearance or their that people are….”contented”….

      • Kisora12

        it’s DOTA2, DUh!! what’s a different if the items and heroes are the same

    • Boogy

      slader and Tide both look like taods
      and Veno looks like chiken shit
      But I do like the NS

    • Kisora12

      Idiot, have u seen outer space police? if u don’t have any words that make sense, don’t complain a shit

  • Repioman

    magina looks ridiculous, i hope terrorblade won’t

  • Hit_girl16

    WTF.,!!!! all the command key on their skills are Q W E R ??!!!

  • ZZZZ

    Slardar looks like a cross between a frog and angler fish…

  • Thats not spectre.. as written in the print screen its dark seer…

  • BIGGy


  • Trucevilllamor


  • where is lycantrope?i din’t see him

  • where is lycantrope?i cant see lycan

  • killermachine

    Kaldr – looks like long-faced darth vader w/ ice shards on its back
    Magina – aang from avatar w/ sunburn w/ lightsabers xD
    Beastmaster – syllabear w/ horns :))
    Axe – overmuscled freak w/ a giant axe
    Chen – warrior priest-like .. cool ! πŸ˜€
    Rylai – more sexier than ever πŸ˜€
    Clockwerk – WTF ?!?! looks lyk a broken down ironman
    Dark Seer – a hunchback old blue man
    Doom Bringer – a horned insect but the sword looks cool o/
    Dazzle – fish w/ a wand O.o
    Traxex – looks like a silent killer .. i like it ! pretty cool πŸ˜€
    Earthshaker- gorilla w/ barbel on its back
    Enchantress – Bambi, is that you ?!
    Void – a rock headed insect
    Enigma – muscled man w/o feet and wazzup w/ its eyes .. its a flashlight xD
    Leshrac – a horse w/ a grandpa face
    Lina – fiery robed-wizard .. nice ! πŸ˜€
    Lich – bald skeleton w/ an orb in its hand
    Demon Witch – magician clown :))
    Morphling – walking tsunami .. cooool πŸ˜€
    POTM – Mirana herself looks cool but the tiger looks like linoone in pokemon
    Nature’s Prophet – looks like a superhero :))
    Nevermore – AWESOOOME ! :DD
    Necrolyte – looks more lyk a green witch doctor
    Night Stalker – a blue bat w/ arms and feet >.<
    Pudge – ball of dismembered meat
    Puck – gay alien
    Pugna – glow-in-the-dark demon skeleton
    Sand King – super scorpion ! cool ! πŸ˜€
    Razor – yeah ! lightning king ! super cool ! πŸ˜€
    Rhasta – ant w/ 2 torches
    Kardel – hunter grandpa w/ goggles
    Slardar – a tadpole w/ a giant stick
    Spectre – fogged being w/ glowing hula hoop .. cool πŸ˜€
    Sven – swordsman who plays baseball
    Storm Spirit – fat sushi vendor
    Tidehunter – looks like a standing frog
    Stone Giant – turtle monkey 😐
    Tinker – old man w/ oversized backpack
    Vengeful Spirit – armored ghost .. cool πŸ˜€
    Viper – giant green bat
    Venomancer – looks like an alien from aliens vs predator
    Weaver – ant king
    Zeus – electric grandpa πŸ˜€
    Witch Doctor – large rikimaru w/ staff
    Windrunner – female robin hood .. cool πŸ˜€

    Some heroes looks cool, some looks like aliens .. but overall .. i think this will be great to play πŸ˜€

  • Yyahung

    it is better if windrunner is an elf with yellow hair

  • Stefman94

    Great, good job guys… Great heroes and items, its fantastic..
    Dota 2 – The Best…..

  • Stefman94

    Valve, dont change anything, pls… Game is fantastic..

  • Hector Vido

    Strange. All female characters are correct without any strange in appearance. As for the male characters are almost as caricatures, usually humps and so on. The Storm Spirit? Why is it fat?! It is a spirit of lightning … ta seeming manga where women are busty and Butt. It should be more serious, in my opinion.

  • can you post mo pics faster

  • Victorpaguirigan

    pangit amp!

  • Candid1408

    seems like dota 2 is ugly !!!

    • Kisora12

      then dont play, that’s it, easy

      • Raki is Ugly

        hey noob consider giving some minutes of your fucking life to look at all your posts..does it have many likes?, no. do you have many supporters?, no. because its the opinion of the people and ur the only one who opposes them and i noticed ur favorite line is “then get stuck to call of duty or dota1”. ok, i will do that in one condition. stay stuck sucking my dick while i sell ur mom to that fucking sushi vendor (storm spirit).

        • Kisora12

          i don’t give a fuck about LIKING retard!!

        • Kisora12

          i know ur mom is a slut

  • defense of the ALIENS

    • Kisora12

      Alien my ass

  • Weasel

    The best games accept changes. Don’t play if you don’t want to. :3 Not like it’ll affect the awesomeness of Dota 2 later on. Haha. And fix your grammar. You want to talk like an intelligent 40 year old but your grammar reduced your intelligence to a 4 year old.

  • Slapokz

    awww dont change the characters just improve the characters.

  • Fuck Mr.Darkness

    man you’re so fucking dumb… go fuck yourself and by the way wwe don’t need you to tell us if you like or not the heroes everyone’s got an opinion so stfu please.:)

  • Doro

    Heroes do look like aliens. And a bit childish. And some of them look harmless. LOL

    But credits to the makers though. Their efforts lead to this and overall, it doesn’t look as bad as others said. Keep it up πŸ˜€

  • dragos


  • mr.Darkness

    Kaldr – Bloomed small ice ball with loooooong hands -.-
    Magina – Indian with neon lights in his hands..
    Rexxar – He is human now wtf? πŸ™
    Axe – Big muscles-Large head..
    Chen – He is ok. πŸ™‚
    Crystal Maiden – I was most disappointed by her. Ugly face and small cloak, and weird staff -.-
    Clockwerk – Is this still goblin??
    Dark Seer – This hero is ok, too.
    Doom – He is ok.
    Dazzle – WTF? he wears skirt? and isn’t troll anymore ._. :S
    Traxex – Nice, but no red eyes in there, whitch is caracteristic for her :/ -.-
    Earthshaker – Gorilla with plastic stump.
    Enchantress – Why the fuck did you got Avatar-look nose and horns?? πŸ™
    Void – I can say much of the people is disapointed by his head :/
    Enigma – Finally nice hero in DOTA 2. πŸ™‚
    Leshrac – This is freak, no? he is ghost.. he is soul.. TORMENTED SOUL his name tells everything πŸ™
    Lina – She is nice, and idea that Rylai is her sister is niceeeeee πŸ˜€ but i think it will be more interesting if thy are twins, with diamonds on their forehead. Lina’s diamond is orange and CM’s diamond is cyan, isn’t it nice? πŸ˜€
    Lich – Corpse of a dead alien -_- :S
    Lion – Is that you dude??!?!?! why the fuck did they made u clown? πŸ™
    Morphling – He is fine, but his hands look like frog hands xD so, will be better if change his hands πŸ™‚
    Mirana – Is that your albino tiger or some alien creature?! πŸ™
    Furion – o.O he isn’t nightelf anymore.. maybie now he is alien that protects alien nature >..< πŸ™
    Pugna – Dude, you got not that small white head?? πŸ™ you are very uglyyyyyy :@
    Sand King – OMG is that you? πŸ™ and your tail not looks like scorpion tail dude :S
    Razor – I don't knew that you are living man with hands, i think that you are walking iron and electrcal energy -_-
    Rhashta – OMG you look like a ninja -.- .. uglyyy :@
    Sniper – How many eyeglasses you got? :S i think that sniper is ok, but without eyeglasses -.-
    Slardar – DUDE! you look like a insect-alien-fish -.- you are the worst!
    Spectre – Wow nice πŸ˜›
    Sven – ROBOT -.-
    Storm – Why the fuck did you got that belly dude? you aren't panda anymore :O ?! πŸ™ disapointeeeed from him too.
    Tidehunter – He is ugly giant fish with Pudge's weapon -_-
    Tiny – Happy 1 year olded living stone -.- :@
    Tinker – I can't understand why u look like this.. you are goblin.. :@
    Venge – Interesting.. …spirit -.-
    Viper – Something between nettle and bee -.- omg scary :@
    Venomancer – They made you ugly, dude… you are looking like a carnivorous plant :@
    Weaver – Wtf?! πŸ™ he isn't ant anymore -.- :@
    Zeus – Just an old man -.-
    Witch Doctor – Dudeeeee you are very uglyyyyy :@
    Windrunner – Why you are not blonde bloodelf anymore, and you look like Robin Hood? :S πŸ™

    • it proves that ur a noob..

      • mr.Darkness

        it proves that u can suck my dick…

        • sdsffds

          it proves that u are fucking faggot

          • mr.Darkness

            it proves that u r peasant

          • Kisora12

            it proves that u r a HATER

          • mr.Darkness

            it proves that u r boring… :S

    • Gerard_alinas96

      Ur pretty much hating, pls go back on ur call of duty and stop being ignorant

      • mr.Darkness

        dude… im not ignorant understand me, I LOVE DOTA 2 GRAPHICS BUT HEROES DO NOT STACK WITH GRAPHIC! graphic is something very good – it’s THE BEST! but i cant understand why this heroes are looking a bit retarded.. :@ understand what i like to say? i love everysthing about dota2, i just don’t like that heroes πŸ™ much disappointing πŸ™ understand me?

        • Boogy

          Okay we get it U are disappointed and U have great test
          now stop posting or post something worth reading u retard

          • mr.Darkness

            fuck you

        • retards hater

          Then gtfo and don’t play this dota2 if u dislike it

    • Raki

      why the fuck u keep talking about Alien and Ancient. Right now, have u seen any alien? NO! alien were existed in ancient time, have u learn? fucking retard. Defense of the Ancient is like the Ancient people Vs Aliens. Learn history before u complain IDIOT!! DOTA2 and DOTA1 are different game, if u make the heroes the same as DOTA1, what’s the different. FUCKING RETARD IDIOT

      • mr.Darkness

        how do u know that i don’t saw alien, and how do u know that ALIENS EXISTED IN ANCIENT TIME? are you coming from past or something…? xDD use ur mind before commenting xDDD and that aliens vs ancients: how thy fight with each other if they look like mixed aliens and ancients? thy are the same race.. XD everyone retarded and deformed XD

        • WE!R|)

          i guess change the name of the game at tht rate

        • Kisora12

          show me where the fuck u saw alien? and i guess u never learn about who created the Pyramid, fucking retard.

          • mr.Darkness

            u are really retarded dude, i have no time for you.. pls stop to comment XDDD

    • dayIgotacookie

      a very BIG LIKE for this comment.

      • mr.Darkness

        tnx dude πŸ™‚

    • Badboy_sunnin

      honestly i’m very dissapointed with all this heroes appeareance,,
      they’re looks like from outspace or whatever it says,,
      magina isn’t blind at all??
      unfortunately he is my favorit and now he’s look like a robot

      • DotA-Veteran

        I agree. The Anti-Mage is my favorite character. I was horrified the way they fucking butchered him, he’s obviously been given the gift of sight in DotA 2. He looks like an Indian who carries around glow sticks. I’m sincerely disappointed with about all of the new character models.

        This would have been a lot more successful had they at least resembled the original models more closely. They’re never going to gain loyal DotA fans like this. Most are just going to stick to the original DotA, but this might attract plenty of HoN and LoL newbies. The professionals will remain with DotA.


    mga fuck you kayo. maglaro na lang kasi kayo tangna nyo mga poor gago pOTANG INA NYO

  • Jesus Danao

    pota kayo mga asa loko loko at higit sa lahat gago

  • Soulofarockstar

    tsk no offense but .. this game is not better than hon .. in terms of graphics .. but not less than LoL .. both gameplay and graphics .. it just somewhere between hon and lol .. well maybe because valve is not good in making this type of games .. some heroes look crappy .. and its not really related to the OLD thing .. saying that its DOTA with the “2” .. its shud be improved .. not changed .. im not saying use the old skins in WC .but they can make similar but better right? .. theyre too pressured with HoN i guess. .

  • CaNT TooTH

    wers meepo =

  • nice hero!!!

  • Mindtwister


  • SteakSKartofi

    The heroes look great, really!
    Just two minor tweaks to zeus (he is a greek god, not a french-men from in the 50s)- and storm is more like alucard than a panda! haha
    Otherwise really good choices for tide and earth πŸ™‚

  • wew.. wtf are u all talking about..all the heroes are cool for me..
    IDC if sum say i hav bad taste.. for those who do, and doesn’t like the changes in DOTA 2 just stfu and stop fucking with DOTA 2… if u hate it, then don’t play it..
    you guys are noobs and you guys are not a loss if you dont play dota 2..
    thats all..

  • Pineapple Samurai

    this game looks almighty good. Mr.DARKNESS FUCK YOU. learn English you shitty fucker… anyways if you hate the heroes so much go play HoN or LoL or better yet the new “moba” game Rise of Immortals. if you don’t like dota 2 then suck it up and fuck off. Everyone else will enjoy it though and knowing you, you would probably just play it anyway because you’re a hypocrite of the highest order and you should just learn to stfu. Nuff Said.

  • Jhoshua_quiambao

    WTf!!!!!!!rexarr is human,,,viper is like the very old version o dota…tide hunter is like an kraken…only sven,morphling and boush is the beautiul

  • Lessgabbar

    all I can say is good job I like it something new… this ass holes commenting BS stuff is just people who cant appreciate ty for this keep up the nice work

  • Tjf

    Uma vez flamengo,
    Sempre flamengo.
    Flamengo sempre, eu hei de ser.
    Γ‰ meu maior prazer vΓͺ-lo brilhar,
    Seja na terra, seja no mar.
    Vencer, vencer, vencer!
    Uma vez flamengo,
    Flamengo atΓ©, morrer!
    Na regata, ele me mata,
    Me maltrata, me arrebata.
    Que emoção no coração!
    Consagrado no gramado;
    Sempre amado;
    O mais cotado nos fla-flus Γ© o ‘ai, Jesus!’
    Eu teria um desgosto profundo,
    Se faltasse o flamengo no mundo.
    Ele vibra, ele Γ© fibra,
    Muita libra jΓ‘ pesou.
    Flamengo atΓ© morrer eu sou!

  • Candid1408

    Where are omniknight and lord of avernus ???

  • balanar is like dampeer in HoN and also Venomancer is Parasite’s alt avatar in HoN XD

  • Green_romar1

    I LOVE DOTA 2!! IT ROCKS MEN !!!! πŸ˜€

    so excited to play all the heroes !! πŸ˜€


  • Jantjeg-g

    For any1 who’s going to play Dota 2..

    Play League of Legends, or keep playing Warcraft.

  • Paulo

    no bad but very badd ser!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adonis

    Fucking Game Sir

  • Dickcick


  • Okenam

    blah blah blah

  • tRue_gameR

    DoTA 2 is really nice. Graphic improves and heroes are changed… But I believe there are lots of people out there can’t believe their fav hero is CHANGED. But why u guys have to fight each other about it? It’s only a GAME. Not a REALITY but ONLY A GAME. U guys are possessed by a popular strategy game. For them who didn’t like DoTA 2 just play the old DoTA. Its not a big deal. I like both DoTA and DoTA 2. Good game, long live since 2003, and nice strategy gaming.

  • Lust_Ordinary


  • Carl_bactad


  • Dzonidzoni233

    mr.Darkness mnogo njaske brate…

  • Shinea

    DoTA 2 Heros are uglier than Dota

  • Mr.Darkness is Dumbness

    dude this is an original hero design . . if u dont like it then stay playing warcraft dota and stick to warcraft 3 character design

    • mr.Darkness

      and i will. like so much of other dota players -_-

  • deafscream

    there is not foot marks n river.. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww make it best!!!

  • Deafscream91

    battle of aliens.. not ancient… aaawwww valve is so damn..

  • deafscream

    dota2 are like cs! damn graphixxxxxxxxxxx…

  • DeViLWaRcRy

    hope they will change some of the character appearance because some of the character appearance not suited with their name..

  • Badboy_sunnin

    Pudge still looks as ugly as the old Dota…


  • abcd

    Can you guys speak better english? i was like what the fuck man. And you got taste? Remember its ONLY YOU. We don’t give a shit how or what dota 2 looks like, we just wanna play(gameplay), so go home and practice on your fucking grammar before you talk to me assclown. Im out LOSERS πŸ™‚ btw im referring to TWO PERSON, i think you know who you are, if you don’t; you can go fuck yourself !

  • Aldox


  • old heros ar better.. only Morphling is good…

  • Mark_tobise


  • Mark_tobise

    Pwede na rin..

  • i love all of the improvements to DOTA = DOTA2 i just want you to know that pudge looks like a clown or what it doesn’t look like an undead

  • sLim is my name

    hmmmm…this is great when will it be released?

  • Renzgjavier

    I would just like to commend the remarkable efforts of Mr. Darkness and his sidekick, Aeon Spitfire, in defending their stand. I totally agree. They were not talking about graphics or gameplay, they were talking about hero concepts!

    The hero concepts have underwent a huge dive! I THINK THEY WENT TOO FAR! Mirana being a Night Elf. Magina with his moon blades. Windrunner with her cloak. Traxex with her red eyes. Rylai with her cape. Lina with her crown. Zeus with his hammers. AND WTF IS RAZOR DOING WITH AN ELECTRIC WHIP? Is he some sort of a BDSM porn driver right now? And Puck. Oh, Puck! What happened to Puck! From a cute Faerie Dragon into a… I can’t describe. I admire them taking the faceless in Faceless Void literally though. Worst is Rhasta’s transformation into a rasta. Geez.

    The point here is, even after HoN and LoL made their debut, and DotA may have lost some players because of that, but still, it remained standing a classic no one will ever forget. I myself sometimes go back to playing DotA after getting bored playing HoN. I play DotA because DotA is DotA and no one can change that.

    P.S. My all-time favorite character is Rylai. I can’t accept the fact that they have turned her into a blondie whore and called her Crystal Maiden whilst Lina is is still Lina and not Slayer.

  • mutantbroccoli

    I would just like to commend the remarkable efforts of Mr. Darkness and his sidekick, Aeon Spitfire, in defending their stand. I totally agree. They were not talking about graphics or gameplay, they were talking about hero concepts!

    The hero concepts have underwent a huge dive! I THINK THEY WENT TOO FAR! Mirana being a Night Elf. Magina with his moon blades. Windrunner with her cloak. Traxex with her red eyes. Rylai with her cape. Lina with her crown. Zeus with his hammers. AND WTF IS RAZOR DOING WITH AN ELECTRIC WHIP? Is he some sort of a BDSM porn driver right now? And Puck. Oh, Puck! What happened to Puck! From a cute Faerie Dragon into a… I can’t describe. I admire them taking the faceless in Faceless Void literally though. Worst is Rhasta’s transformation into a rasta. Geez.

    The point here is, even after HoN and LoL made their debut, and DotA may have lost some players because of that, but still, it remained standing a classic no one will ever forget. I myself sometimes go back to playing DotA after getting bored playing HoN. I play DotA because DotA is DotA and no one can change that.

    P.S. My all-time favorite character is Rylai. I can’t accept the fact that they have turned her into a blondie whore and called her Crystal Maiden whilst Lina is is still Lina and not Slayer.

    • mr.Darkness

      Miss Rylai is my favorite hero all the time, too for her elegance, and her brilliant look, the way of her moves… everything! i miss her old ulti but nvm :S i thought that in dota 2 she will be better but not :S i’m totally disappointed from her look :SSS

  • Da.r.kKNI’-‘ght

    sad man seee the mage?wht they have done to him?omg!!!.pls change atleast mage.he is my fav hero…..

  • Dannyhansen58

    Awesome β™₯

  • To_mr Darkness_whoisstupid

    mr.Darkness = It’s great different graphics than the DotA… Don’t get too cocky you say “no players”, you sure have a better idea to make models? Show me please… AND PLEASE THINK WITH YOUR BRAIN NOT YOUR ASS!!! LAST COMMENT!? COWARD!! YOU SAY WON’T PLAY AND LATER YOU WILL PLAY IT!! Stupidity.. It’s a mess if a person like you live in this world..

  • Rence Buita

    AweSome :DD

  • Kira

    dude earthshaker is not a gorilla. .he’s a mole. .but more the ancient type mole. .

  • King_leorik95

    mr.Darknes i aprove you about the graphics…i mean just loock at magina at his blades it’s looking like light sabers from star wars(only darth vader is mising from that picture) and rilay also is very bad modeled…the esence of dota is missing in new game it’s all a verry cheap rpg we find on all the internet.i think that modeling a good caracter is not so hard (i know it cus i model some graphics for a game,my game) they could have done it much beter but not transform it in a new “star wars” show

  • Pikabooken

    Fayuulll..Sorry. err “A lot of people here fail at speaking in english.

  • haahah Dazzel look like venomancer(and not like trol) and goblin teh doesnt look like goblin …

  • Tzicass


  • Mr. Logic

    Ok, first of all the collective IQ of the majority of the posters here combined with their proficiency of the English language is easily surpassed by an average nine year old in most developed countries. Secondly, seeing how pathetic and inexplicably idiotic the DotA player base is, I worry about the future of this gaming platform. Now on to to why you all fail;

    The “ancients” – The Night Elves in WC3 had buildings/organisms called the ancients which were basically trees. So Icefrog took their tree, the ancient and placed it as the main structure of the Sentinel, which is a spin-off invented faction created from just as imaginary Warcraft lore. The Frozen Throne is conversely the Scourge’s “ancient”. The goal of the game you all play is to destroy the other faction’s “ancient” while preserving your own – hence the name “Defense of the Ancients”. It has nothing to do with DotA or WC3 being set in an ancient (meaning old here) universe, which is a pointless argument anyway because it’s an alternate reality to ours with a completely separate timeline which might as be set billions of years into the future.

    Design – Valve is trying to or even has to change the design and in some cases the names of the “heroes” due to a few reasons which should be obvious so I will not explain them here. The very design of the heroes actually comes from WC3 models and Icefrog and his predecessors just picked the model they felt suited the hero best, and it in no way represents anyone’s actual idea of the heroes’ appearance (except a few models which were actually made for DotA exclusively).

    My final message and point is : learn English, try to adopt common sense and deductive thinking, and if all else fails stay in your cave and ask your parents to restrict your internet access.

  • Psy Nimbus09

    mr. darkness is a faggot. that’s it.

    • mr.Darkness

      yeah i admit it im a total faggot and a retard :))

  • Bloodshot2

    ang ganda good news^^

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • Krix

    They should have make the original characters and just remodel it in 3d . LOL these heroes images is such a big FAIL.

  • lupet

  • Rinthavro

    how to create game

  • Bongkey

    well this is weird…i feel disconnected from the old DOTA…dont get me wrong, all the characters is great..but i prefered to the first one. this one look too much “alien” like, feels like all the character came from other planets..the first one was great, it has “mythology” feels (medusa, zeus, sandking, etc)..
    i feel like i’m watching “Ben 10” rather than “DOTA”…

    seems like mr “artgerm” specialist is female characters…

    sorry for the comment and my bad english…

  • Zizi_qoqo

    thanks is very ΨΉΨ§Ω„ΫŒ

  • Endarwahyus

    Look like DoTA (Defend of The Alliens) *nomention

  • Demonium_devil


  • thanks for all the information we display Dota 2

  • Myanmar Gamer

    I think those ppl are totally nuts lmfao. I can’t stop laughing after watching their comments. How silly they are ?

  • Rupakrana98

    no lycanthrope?? plz put lycan thrope too its my bst hero


    help DotA 2 Beta Keys

  • mosh

    wheres moon rider and jahrakal ??

  • Mr Darknessisshit

    mr.Darkness , just STFU , if you can’t make a GAME don’t complain , noob !

  • HellO_OmGoD

    dota 2 make me it..^^

  • Quinnstamonica

    angas nun nmore!

  • Kenzo99

    this is amazing skills and imba moves

  • Slipknot Psycosocial

    plz dota2 beta key give me steam:edekuy

  • Qeisha-

    What the hell’s up with you guys!?
    screaming around like a bitch in the internet? pointless dude, Nobody cares about your stupid comment.

    i’m a player my self too.. and yes i’m a bit dissapointed about the hero models too, but what can i do? that’s right NOTHING.

    so just enjoy the game as it is..
    or just DON’T PLAY IT ALL.


  • chemistry_012

    I am also with mr.Darkness that the heroes dont looks like dota1 heroes. Dota1 heroes were dashing.some of dota2 heroes are looking good here but most of them are retard. i have a simple suggestion. dont change the all over look of any hero just amend it, for example have a look of AXE, ENIGMA, STORM SPIRIT etc their look is just updated not changed whereas the BEAST MASTER, SVEN, SK, BARATHRUM etc look like BULL SHITS.

  • Krisnocampo

    I expect alien figures..valve ultimate game before was Half-Life a mode game of Counter Strike.. An alien invasion story which the story focus on the life of Gordon Freeman.. ahaha yeah i agree characters seems to be like ALIENS!xD

  • Look, some characters really sucks. Sandking looks like a lobster, Faery Dragon looks like a crossbreed of iguana and frog, Vengeful? Nevermind. Zeus looks like the boss of team RR in Dragon Ball Z, is Tiny a Fetus? Looks like the hunchback in 300, Sven came from what planet? Oh Sniper, they should have photographed a US Army sniper instead. Again, Razor is absolutely, uuhg, at what planet again? Night Stalker has wing shortage. Mirana’s Tiger does not eat for several weeks. When did Dhalsim became the Lich King? Who stole Lesrac’s Staff? And yeah, where to buy Magina’s laser blades?…hahaha

  • Noname

    The spectre is so amazing!

  • assasinshawk

    sad game n models πŸ™

  • how abaout the creep??where is the screenshot…???

  • wew!!! hope ill get the beta key!!!

  • waaahhhhhhhhhhhhh………astigggggggggggggggggggg………………………………………………..

  • Rayvenge

    what have they done with heroes.. are they kidding ?? its like giving a fuck shiiiit I will not play dota 2 it’s a Crap…

  • GM Rǝn Montemayor

    LOL Tinker So Coool !! But Razor Look Like Stupid Shit And Zeus Like Grandpa πŸ™ Tiny Like Shit