DOTA 2 Riki Preview

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Rikimaru - DOTA 2The October 13 update enabled Riki (formerly known as Rikimaru) to the DOTA 2 Hero pool. Valve has modified Riki’s name a bit to avoid legal issues rest the whole concept remains the same. However, the new Rikimaru model a looks big as compared to Stealth Assassin from DotA 1.  Check it out by yourself!

DOTA 2 Riki Spotlight:

DOTA 2 Riki Screenshots:

Rikimaru DotA 2

Riki at Mid Lane

Smoke Screen Riki DOTA 2

Smoke Screen – Riki 

Riki Blink strike DOTA 2

Blink Strike – Riki

Backstab Riki DOTA 2

Backstab – Riki

Permanent Invisibility DOTA 2

Permanent Invisibility – Riki

Rikimaru DOTA 2 Hero selection DOTA 2 Riki Hero Selection Menu