DOTA 2 Outworld Destroyer Preview

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Outworld Destroyer DOTA 2Outworld Destroyer (Obsidian Destroyer in DotA) is a one of the intelligence hero in DotA who can play a role of hardhitting carry. Destroyer has powerful attack skill Arcane Orb and high damage AoE ultimate which can  kill enemy heroes in matter of seconds. The more intelligence items you get, the higher your spells damage will be.

Destroyer’s  always remains self-sufficient in terms of mana due 2nd/3rd spell. She can do an aggressive combo with supporters (for e.g. Omniknight, Dazzle etc.) It makes her a great pick for Captain’s Mode games. Check Outworld Destroyer’s Preview in Dota 2:

DOTA 2 Outworld Destroyer Screenshots:

Destroyer’s 1st Skill – Arcane Orb:
Outworld Destroyer Arcane Orb
Destroyer’s 2nd Skill: Astral Imprisonment:
Destroyer Astral Imprisonment

Destroyer’s 3rd Skill – Essence Aura (Passive):
Destroyer Essence Aura

Destroyer’s Ultimate – Sanity Eclipse:
Destroyer Sanity Eclipse

We assume that Outworld Destroyer will be a different hero to play with in DOTA 2. So folks don’t go anywhere and keep coming here to check the latest and fastest updates of DOTA 2..

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    FYI, Destroyer is a male. Destoyer is a “he”

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