DOTA 2 Naga Siren [Preview]

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Naga Siren Dota 2Naga Siren (Slithice in DotA) is a Radiant agility hero added in Dota 2 19th July Patch update. Naga Siren is one of the most powerful heroes currently in Dota which can play any role in-game.

She has a mirror images spell which can create 4 illusions which can help in farming and pushing, Ensare, an inevitable trap to stop your enemies from blinking and moving. Rip Tide is a great nuke for creeping and harassing opponent heroes in lane. Song of Siren is a great ability to escape from a battlefield. It can also be helpful while destroying enemy barracks inside base.

Naga Siren Screenshots:

Naga standing idle:
Naga Siren Idle

Naga Siren’s 1st ability, Mirror images:
Naga Siren Mirror Images

Naga Siren 2nd ability ‘Ensare’
Naga Siren Ensare

Ultimate – Song of the Siren:
Song of the Siren

Video Preview:

The Dota 2 version of Naga Siren looks almost same as DotA 1, there are not any major changes in animations. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to share Naga Siren Guide and reviews via comment