DOTA 2 Menu Screenshots Leaked

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DotA 2 MiranaThe people who have seen the gameplay footage of DOTA 2 are unfamiliar with the in-game Lobby menu of DOTA 2. Not long ago, some screenshots of DotA 2 menu were presented on a discussion forum. The DotA 2 lobby menu is very similar to Heroes of Newerth but it looks unfinished. It has the option of Tournament, Matchmaking, Practice & Tutorial mode.


DotA 2 Main Menu

DotA 2 Matchmaking Lobby

DotA 2 Game Settings

DotA 2 Game Settings

Dota 2 Video menu

DotA 2 Graphics/Video Settings

DotA 2 Controls

DOTA 2 Control Settings

Valve has optimized Steam connection settings for DOTA 2 so, players with slow internet connections will have minimum lag/delay problems while playing. DOTA 2 will have servers in every continent to provide lag-less experience to users. You’ll have option to join official DOTA 2 servers or create your own. More updates to come, Keep visiting DOTA2-Utilities for more updates!

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  • 1st Blood!

  • when will dota 2 release?

  • im excited

  • it was released allready

  • Her0esOfNewell

    that 15m current players is fake, but that lobby is legit!

  • Heimdallzzz

    e…Hello, i come from china, my english is poor,but i want to know,why the first picture showed there were 15,236,052 PLAYERS in game? o.0?
    thank you .

    • Her0esOfNewell

      cuz it’s edited and fake here the original

      • Heimdallzzz

        Thank you very much ,but ican’t open that pic,may be our government created a “wall” to forbid us. T_T

        • Yelixiong

          me to i from china

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  • vlad

    wtf 15,236,052 😐 I dont find dota 2 ON steam O.o How All off this players are on 😀

  • vlad

    Some One know Ween We can play dota 2 😀 ?

    • PotM_FtW_Gr

      about december man…october-november is the beta release….dota 2 comes one month later….

    • no its”early 2012″!

  • nice

  • garena always dc.. o0o..!!

  • 4e6ypaxxa

    Practice* )) Correct ))
    “It has the option of Tournament, Matchmaking, Patrice & Tutorial mode.”

  • i want download plzzz plzz sum 1 send link my favrate game

  • xSnoWx

    anyone can give me Free Links to Download Dota 2? PM me at . thankQ very much

  • Wow, but when we can get dota2.

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  • John

    please make it linux compatible 🙂

  • Airizia

    wew ! LOCAL .

  • Slavkata

    where from i can download dota 2 ??

  • Ar7OfRap3

    imba 🙂

  • love.chiyo

    can i play lan games in dota 2?

  • Jeff

    hope There’s an AI ..

  • how to download this game ?

  • Pinoytech1

    hey is there an AI and i saw in a website that dota 2 will be released 3 months after beta release i hope there’s AI because what if there is no INTERNET in our house? hehehehehe

  • Pinoytefss

    it is not ANCIENT will Defense of the Ancient’s name be gone? there should be a name just like DOTA FT like War Lost in Time hehehe just suggesting

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments