DOTA 2 Kunkka Preview

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Dota 2 KunkkaBehold the most favorite CM mode hero of all time, Kunkka – The Admiral. He just got added in the recent patch update. This is one of the best hero currently in DOTA 2 having great skill effects and eye-candy. Have a look at Kunkka!

DotA 2 Kunkka Video:

DOTA 2 Kunkka Screenshots:

DotA 2 KunkkaKunkka

Kunkka Torrent Dota 2Torrent

DotA 2 Kunkka TidebringerTidebringer

Mark The Spot KunkkaX Marks the Spot!

Ghost Ship - Kunkka Dota 2Ghost Ship

Valve is constantly updating and adding new stuff to DOTA 2 through weekly patch updates, we’ll be providing more coverage, keep visiting!