DOTA 2 Keeper of the Light [Preview]

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Dota 2 Keeper of the LightKeeper of the Light (or KotL) is a Radiant intelligence hero added in Dota 2 26 July patch update.  Keeper of the Light is a fun to play hero who can adopt different roles for a team. In pub-games he can be used as tank, nuker whereas in competitive games they use him as a support/pusher.

DOTA 2 Keeper of the Light Screenshots:

1st Skill – Illuminate:

Illuminate KotL

2nd Skill – Mana Leak:
KotL Mana Leak

3rd Skill – Chakra Magic:
Dota 2 KotL Chakra Magic

Ultimate – Spirit Form:
KotL Spirit Form Ultimate
KotL has Illuminate a 5 second channelling shock wave which can wipe away creeps in no time. It’s great for pushing and destroying towers, can also be used for nuking lane opponents. His 2nd spell Mana Leak is a negative buff, it eats out the mana pool of enemy heroes if they move while having this buff in their status,  if the enemy hero doesn’t have any mana it casts mini-stun and slows. Chakra magic KotL’s 3rd spell is support skill which can quickly fill yours as well as team’s mana pool. KoTL ultimate’s (Spirit Form) allows him to become a ghost and provides him 2 additional ability Blinding Light (AoE blast for %80 miss) and Recall (allied teleport). In spirit form, you don’t need to channel illuminate, your ghost will do that for you!

Hope you like this post, if you have any Dota 2 Keeper of the Light’s Guide, please share!

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