DOTA 2 In-game Screenshots Surfaced

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DotA 2 Ingame Screens

After the DotA 2 Wallpaper by Kunkka, the DotA 2 in-game screenshots are now surfaced on the internet. A Chinese DotA 2 Team posted a couple of in-game printscreen showing two heroes, Shadowfiend and Doom Bringer.

DotA 2 Screenshot Doombringer

From these images we can assume that DotA 2 is based on a dark theme but the graphics are amazing and everything is so easy to differentiate and adopt unlike other DotA genre games. The in-game UI of DotA 2 looks very sleek and minimap is much detailed. Valve has added Dota 2 mana bars for allied heroes.

DotA 2 Shadowfiend Screenshot

The 2nd image of Shadowfiend confirms the DotA 2 Tutorial mode with a guiding arrow. The user interface of DotA 2 is designed for consuming less space making the gameplay screen much wider. Valve hasn’t officially disclosed any updates about these leaked screenshots but we thank to people who leaked this much awaited pictures!

Update: Another image of DotA 2 Vengeful Screenshot at Radiant Fountain with other hero Icons:

DotA 2 Vengeful Spirit Screenshot

The Mighty Roshan

DotA 2 Roshan

DotA 2 Dire (Scourge) Secret Shop with Naga Siren

DotA 2 Dire Secret Shop

DotA 2 Hero Selection Screen showing total 42 Dire vs Radiant heroes:

DotA 2 Hero Icons

DotA 2 Key Binding/Remapping Screen:

DotA 2 Key Binding Menu

 Stay tuned on DotA 2 Utilities for more screenshots.

  • Mojica2004

    wow! dying to play this game!

  • Z2H^bLddy.Core



      • Wew

        mas maganda kung may bayad pra wlang mga jejemon at mga squatter na makakagawa ng maraming account pang-feed sa main nla


  • Dadoibeli

    nevermore looks bad :S

    • Mojica2004

      i think not. maybe when you move the hero there will be effects.

      • to solve this problem make dota 2 freee to play 🙂

        • Alibeneton

          lol and HoN its for the players who,s gonna be getting started the dota . Yeah…!
          they can play hon and lol for a year or more. then they can start the best game of the world DotA

  • Mojica2004

    graphics like bloodline champions

  • DuckinGzFcC

    wtf..soo nice…i want it..arghh…

  • aw

  • WTH…its like L.O.L.

    • Mojica2004

      LOL’s graphic is not the same as dota 2 -,-

      • O really??

        the DotA 2 graphics are 1000x times better than HoN/LOL combined.

        • wtf

          you gotta be completly retarded

          • Theliveman8787

            see the comparison and stfu:

        • Igoogle15

          lol retarded if you compared HoN’s graphics with this.. this would look like a kiddie toy.. :/

          please im assuming you haven’t played HoN because you didn’t knew how graphically inclined the game is. :/

          • Liobane

            lol i dun tink dats the highest graphic settings o.O

          • Magnvs

            fuck u and ur HoN!!!

          • Dota’Addicted

            DOta graphic is imba because it’s simple and comfort with human eyes … HoN graphic hurt my eyes … HoN just for alien maybe jezzz

          • Laifaiga

            hon is 2 shiny its just looks stupid

    • LolSucks

      See the difference:

      • Gizen

        Even better than original WC3 dota that had a too vivid background. And there’ll surely be option for alternative terrain either way. Too cartoony? Go play HoN, it’s free and it’s a copy of dota for the most part.

      • agree

      • lol

        BIG LIKE

    • Neeesteea

      L.O.L is a shit
      HoN is a shit
      DotA is very cool
      DotA2 is imba.

      • Ljkimbum19

        STFU LoL Is Not Shit I Admit Dota 2 Is Going To Be A VERY GREAT Game But Dont Compare It To Other Games That You Havent Played Yet

        • LoL grafic is shit plain shit

        • Alnktothepast-jeff

          LoL is shitttttttt…….

          • Bmurphicus

            Prolly cause you suck ass. lmao

        • frekher

          Dude lol lacks STRATEGY which dota 1 has. I wont say about hon and dota2 asi havent played either but lol is easy shit . It takes like a year to be ONE of the best in dota perfecting potm, sf, chen, invoker…but any one can own at lol, i have seen the worst dota players own in lol in first game only, that doesnt make them just proves tat the game is for kids who dont like to use their heads.. Dota is the best online game YET!…….and people dont criticise me and tell that it doesnt take 1 year for being th best cuz they are liars, but some people can achieve it, i wont deny that.

          • Dwyane Wade

            i agree, coz i played lol for just a month and im too strong.. yeah! doesnt takes a year.. just a month needed.. -_-

          • Dotaaddictive

            Dota is the best game ever … HoN and Lol = Bull shit … They just want to be like dota

      • Itachi43215

        LoL is shit. ive played it. Its for noobs who think their good

        • Neeesteea


        • Bmurphicus

          And u prolly died a shit ton of times. stfu noob

      • Antonoveles

        agree , lol and hon are sucks !!!!

    • lol

      who cares?

  • Mojica2004

    damn! the interface sooooooooooo good!

  • wtf

  • wtf

  • Galeleo_taas

    what ?? no more trees ? 😐

    • Neeesteea

      Youre blind?

  • Golpang29

    astig to mga pre!

  • super astig nito mga pre!

  • gagawa at gagawa ng paraan para maging free yan =)

    • akoposipogito


  • gagawa at gagawa ng paraan para maging free yan =)

  • 7 skill?
    Hon+lol+bloodline champion

    • catastrophe

      asshole..he got 7 skill slots because of devour..if doom ate a neutral creep with skills..he will get the skills…and fyi this dota2 is not based on LOL and HON it was based on the original dota and WC3. LOL and HON are the ones who were based on short, these crappy shits just copied the fucking amazing idea on DotA! so don’t compare DotA and DotA2 on your fucking HON, LOL and Bloodline shit..

  • 7 skill?
    Hon+lol+bloodline champion

  • Punheta_R

    league of legends is better + FREE

    • Mojica2004

      then how come you visited this site if you brag about LOL? 🙂

      • Punheta_R

        just telling my opinion :O ?

    • Neeesteea

      Another retarded.

  • Punheta_R

    league of legends is better + FREE

  • i want to see the CREEPS !!

  • Chadbarcelo

    potanang dota 2 yan ! dapat libre!

  • COOL …


  • when will it be released!? dyin to play it..

    • Mojica2004

      they say, sometime this fall.


    AWESOME !!!

  • wla pb ne2 sa pinas????

  • Rozenk

    Wow, it looks awesome! I want to play it now!
    The scenario is so beautiful and Doom is so f***ing cool.
    And I bet SF is totally badass too, the problem was just the angle.

  • TheTheorist

    Hmm I think it’s quite far from what I had expected. It looks like a bird’s eye version of TF2 and the interface looks stupendously dumbed down. I might go so far as to suggest it has been LoL-fied which we all know to be a bad thing.

    Dota is essentially a numbers game so statistics should have greater visibility than a 2 by 3 box at the bottom of the bar. I mean it has been so reduced that the wc3 version is, from a UI standpoint, far superior. HP/mana regen, movespeed, damage reduction – they all could use some visibility. IDK why they couldn’t keep things where they originally were, meaning spells to the far right, items to the right, stats in the middle and gold at the top left. Meanwhile some of that empty space could be used to display buff durations.

    Graphics, just not cutting it. The tech looks even worse than the sc2 engine. Unlike sc2 this game has essentially only 1 small map to render so how hard can it be to have incredible graphics? The day/night cycle display is also downright horrid. A weighing scale? Really?

    • Mojica2004

      nice comment man. hope they’ll read this and make a change for what is BAD to GOOD.

    • Piemoul

      dota 2 > HoN, really, u shud realize that sc2 engine is crap enough.

      • Spicy

        so what? are we discussing engines here?

    • Novacane

      You jumped to a few conclusions there, which I’m sure you realise, it’s just rather ignorant. The game is merely in beta development and we have 5 or so screen shots to work with, so calm down with the criticism.

      If you can’t tell from the screens, the models are amazing. Textures are freaking gorgeous and stand out from the environment, which has washed look in comparison. This is actually great for team fights, as you wont lose sight of heroes as easily as HoN (this might not occur on higher end rigs, but it definitely happens on my pc).

      I understand what you mean by the tf2 comment, the rocks and grass aren’t simulating realism, they’re far more artistic as in tf2. I presume they’re trying to differentiate themselves from HoN.

      The U.I is a tad bare, a lot useless space. This being Valve, they understand how to make a good game, they’re not going to have a clunky U.I. Presumably buff and debuffs will pop up, perhaps the U.I will even feature customizable options (If not by release, someone will provide a mod).

      It makes sense to center the most important things, abilities (for cool downs) and stats. Items are updated, what, like once every 5 minutes? You don’t need to keep an eye on them. Hope fully rolling the mouse over the stats will show detailed info, because you’re correct dota is a numbers game. Ideally they’ll be in plain view.

      Also it’s been confirmed (by a beta tester) that there is far more than 1 map, around 5 from memory. Of course, dota fans will play the original map mostly.

      Whatever, for the record I am a fan of HoN’s style over this until I get my hands on it.

  • I dig, can’t wait to see about potential UI changes, maybe even remappable keys? If this is during a tutorial play though the sectioned health bars could be just a way for players to learn how to judge their health visually without looking at their health points at the corner of the screen (idk)

  • I dig, can’t wait to see about potential UI changes, maybe even remappable keys? If this is during a tutorial play though the sectioned health bars could be just a way for players to learn how to judge their health visually without looking at their health points at the corner of the screen (idk)

  • 2cool4dota

    There is no way of knowing how old these screenshots are, so hold your criticism until you play the game. The interface looks disappointing, I would like to have every little detail, for example: AS, Range, MS, Magic Resistance, Sight Range, and so forth.

    Aside from that, the enjoyment from DotA comes from the gameplay, so to all you scrubs say “not enough graphics”, please just stop playing DotA, you are doing it wrong.

  • Traawat

    when dota 2 will be released

  • Mitko950

    will be dota 2 free to paly or you must pay to play it?

  • Its_loaded

    LoL + 80% of graphics of HoN + DotA items= DotA 2

    • Spicy

      you better start thinking before you say nonesence

    • Neeesteea

      Eat shit with your math

  • Azzumi68

    omg ang cool

  • RHEY226_BUNCH26

    7 SKILL?

  • Antonfjanton

    doom bringer has extra since he can gain creeps abilitys
    shadow fiend has 2 extra since he has 3x of the same spell but with diffrent radius on them.
    im sure “normal” heros will have 4 as allways.

  • je


  • RockGolem

    Minimap box showing where your screen is atm should be much easier to see
    I hope that this huge empty space at the bottom of the screen is where all buffs/debuffs will be shown
    What’s with those huge empty spaces?
    No variable damage? Seriously? So having better heroes on solo vs solo lanes will be even more important then it is now…
    Fog of war is too light imo
    No shops… Hmm this may be an issue for more experienced players as buying items may take longer time
    Clock on top middle of the screen: war3 design was extremely good, wish they could copy it, but showing exact time is a good thing neverless
    What are those empty boxes on top? I assume, that those on the left are for team heroes, and those on the right for enemy heroes. This may improve map awareness of ppl who don’t like to overwiev minimap all the time
    no attack/Hold/Stop/Move/Patrol commands? Meh. It’s obvious they will be in the game, but only via hotkeys. Imo everything that’s doable in the game should be available by mouse
    Lines on HP bar – 200 hp intervals are too smalllategame tank with 15-20 lines on him will just get messy. 333 would be best choice imo

    I won’t speak about graphics, as some will love it, some hate, and I can’t rly spot any flaws with impact on gameplay

    That’s my small analysis of things which I would like to be improved based on those pics. Nevertheless, good job

  • warcraft 3 dota rules.

    damn its like L.O.L >.<

    • Neeesteea

      damn its like your stupid face

  • howaa

  • strengthrone

    it is like HON…

  • OddEven

    I think its way more better overall than DotA based on warcraft engine..The graphics is superb, cant wait to see the graphics when the hereos are clasing ^^..I guess that we only need to adjust with the mechanics and interface of the game, that’s all we need to like it..:)

  • Dota2fanboy

    Meanwhile at valve

  • Jrmc144

    excited to play

  • When we can play dota 2??? response asap!

    • Drex

      Sept maybe sir .. meron kasi tournament raise bout 1M USD ~> 16 clans :)) ksma Mnski

  • Furansuke

    Oh my fucking goodness. The INTERFACE IS SO FREAKING UGLY OMG

    • LOL??? damn stop complaining about the game ! just play it n shut ur mouth! if u’re complaining about the game just go to icefrog n begging him that u want to remake this game to make it better.. do it if you can.. valve n icefrog has do the best .. u just wait n PLAY THIS F***ING COOL GAME…

      • lol

        furansuke is noob dun mind him 😀

  • I like xD

  • Jak

    they ruined nevermore cool look wtf


    nice GAME i can’t W8!!!…..but it’s look like ( and ).,…..

  • Asdsad

    kungfu panda! ahaha

  • Razorya

    That’s not Naga Siren, more likely to be Dazzle or something like that. Where do you see scales and a polearm? >.>

  • NICE graphic!

  • btw I’m still wondering, will kunka still be the illustrator for loading screen img?

  • Orestis4death


  • shad0w

    good job vavle,but heros are so diferent,but it is okbut where is shop? and y dont like clock…

  • Efgdfgsdf

    Do you know if garena gonna buy DotA2?

    • CJ

      erm i dont think soo.. but steam is an international server i think… so every1 can play it. I live in asia i play steam games and its not laggy. so its good

  • Iamjoin4

    Hmm. Really hardcore dissapointed but The only fucking thing im curious of is the fog of war imo that makes dota dota and i think fow is worse as the fog part is much lighter and the none fog 🙂 part is darker than it shud be anyways there will alwayz be changes so u shudnt say its same as hon and leave it since everyone knows dota didnt starf in map 6.72 ..

  • GG.aim

    I cant belive this is same shit as lol

  • Accidie

    For all the assholes who hate it..why bother don’t play it!

  • nothing reminds me of dota itself ..

  • ScoobySharky

    Can all of you just STFU about trying to analyse the game? You haven’t even tried playing it, and those screenshots show little to nothing about how the gameplay’s gonna be like so don’t be here arguing over something you faggots know nothing about.

  • chase2kill


  • yeahh astig

  • is this official or…..?
    it looks kinda unfinished..still good though

  • i cant wait to release dota 2 i am very excited ^_^

  • Reidmafia

    i really hate how they health bar image. why do they have to chop the health bar into several pieces.

  • luffykismat

    dota 2 Imba

  • Kurt_salcedo030

    CANT WAIT ….

  • LUPET.. ^^

  • looks like downright bullshit
    did they recycle the warcraft 2 engine for this?

  • Zxczxc

    is dota 2 on source engine?

  • Altrax

    Cant wait to play DOTA 2

  • Preshlen

    LoL grafic = cartoon network
    HoN grafic ~ good
    Dota2 grafic = incredible


    someone disagree?

    • kiki.

      yea me dota2=lol+hon

    • ye actually dota2 = lol + hon without paying like an idiot 😀

      • weezy_konvicted

        LoL IS THE BEST GAME EVER :O wait for dominion now nad we will see who will dominate these dota like games , im sure its gonna be LoL

        • Lycantrope_018

          I disagree…. LOL graphics sucks! XD HON= good graphics…… DOTA 2 graphics= LOL…

        • K Lllsad

          Lol is only worth loling at !!

        • Caasi Aye

          ya itz true dat diz da longest game eva but…. evri i luv playin it. 🙂

        • MrAngryPants

          lol is discusting, and so lol is free… I think a good game such as lol or hon is worth 30$? yess it is. they changed to much stuff from dota to lol, but hon kept all the same stuff and lanes/roshan/runes. hon beats lol anyday

      • weezy_konvicted

        1st of all lol is FREE ! I PLAY IT IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU PLAY RANKED MATCHES (only thing to pay for is skins) and u can download something which lets u use custom skins … as for champions (heroes) every week u can chose from 10 (free) and u can buy champions using money u earn from every game … and dota 2 aint going to be free at least not yet

        • dota kicks ass

          why the fuck would i want to buy a hero by playing and winning games.. i wanna choose any hero anytime i want in any game and that is exactly what dota is..

    • Antonoveles

      what about dota ? u say only for hon and lol they are sucks

      • Ojaaritonang

        Dota2 = lol+Hon+tintin

        • Paker

          stupid assholes

          • Wenkzx

            Boastful dirt bag!

    • i was exception more of a hyper-realistic graphic from dota2, really was a disappointment seeing it looks like LoL( which is a joke by it self- and horrible game) but i still like the graphics from dota 2 the most.
      dota2=HoN>LoL really can’t stand LoL sorry

    • NBK-Satan

      Well the difference here is that Dota 2 looks like an arcade stage compared to the original Dota. if you look closely the detail in original dota the texture of the trees and the ground is way better designed thatn Dota 2. Im answering this beacause i have taken a look at the comparison photos of DOTA 2 & DOTA. my opinion is that ill stick with DOTA. Noobs

  • Renzastigenz


  • Preshlen

    “The in-game UI of DotA 2 looks very sleek” dont forgot these imagies are taken 4 months ago.. see this …. more screens there**

  • Preshlen

    “DotA 2 Dire (Scourge) Secret Shop with Naga Siren” IT’S DAZZLE!!!

  • Preshlen

    “DotA 2 Dire (Scourge) Secret Shop with Naga Siren” IT’S DAZZLE!!!

  • Ginaya ang graphics ng hon Health bars and mana bars sa

  • nubi

    Did you know that the first DotA was created by Guinso,who wich now is the developer of LoL?They offered him to create a game and guinso said “yes” so he gave dota to IceFrog and years later IceFrog create game bigger than Guinso. 🙂

    • khuyfckl

      Did you know? Eul made the first DotA mod map? Hence Eul also has an item named after him like Guinsoo. Learn your dota history before you talk shit.

  • JJ

    amazing :))))…. I can’t wait….for dota 2

  • Any of the people who think the graphics sucks do read the post by valve on -_- please dont just go on tellingit sucks because this PICTURES are 4 MONTHS OLD…..and they have even told if any of them were made “OMG SO EPIC” by this pics then just remember not even the beta has been released……And they also promise after BETA they will make it even more EPIC for us ^^ Dota 2 will be on RAMPAGE!

  • Phreak XI

    Pinagsasabi nyu? :/

  • Lala_2005

    Tctctctc…How despred… But guess what ! Someone already made the perfect (Dota-like) game with the right colors, interface and heroes and now when its free 2 play, i just cant see dota2 in future…..And btw thats a crappy looking Fountain…

  • darko

    THIS IS SHIT -.- THIS IS LIKE HON -.- DotA is DotA!!! -.- i will continue to play dota, not dota 2 -.-

    • lol

      who cares?

    • i want this too but u cant fall behind to some old game (map,mode) all people will be gone and we might alone :/

    • oh yeah?? all of us play dota 2.. only u alone darko playing W3TFT DotA.. why not just playing the new one?

  • lol

    DOTA 2 looks cool!

  • hEY! we’re comment about the game not the game graphic n so on.. LOL!

  • Goukakyu627

    game ART is different from game GRAPHICS …
    so stfu to those who criticize this game without even trying it.
    and stop comparing it to LoL and HoN.
    You can’t compare game with different elements.

    it’s like you compare Diablo II with Dungeon Siege.
    that’s absurd.

    • Radu Grigorescu

      totally agree.totally agree.all 3 are interesting variations of the genre

  • hexOr

    omg! looks so awesome! 😀 now dota owns the other moba games 😉 cheers=)

  • Ovias_kingofkings

    dota 2 is smply too cool

  • Doreamon09

    Whew! what is this? Naga siren looks like a witch its not a naga at all. Icefrog said that it should be the same especially in heroes appearance … But what is this? Its not consistent.. They’re like mongoloids.. sorry for the word but its true.. but the grafic is good. Old juggernaut still looks cooler and etc.. 🙁

  • Eopitmane

    MANABARS mode on!

  • darkness

    let crystal maiden be more powerfull here pls… she is good hero in dota, but in dota 2… i cant imagine her look :PP 😀

  • WhEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen I caaaan Download Itttt :((

  • Lycanpower

    it not bad :p

  • Justine_torrena

    Go Philippine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless


  • hahahahahaha!!!lol+hon=dota2

  • Richard_adona1993

    sasabik na kami d2… d na kami makapag hintay…. :)))

  • Justafaggotdotaplayer

    UI looks like that of LoL and HoN

  • Fade

    This will require very high graphics drivers :((
    I want 2 play it but my PC can’t…
    Please make a low version of these for low PC users…

  • is there an AI

  • ahmad untong


  • 1234hotmaster

    roshan kinda looks like a starcraft zerg 😀

  • Mark03_davis

    invicible srcret shop………

  • Piemoul

    of course the original FTW, balance for the hero and the environment, Icefrog’s still the father of DotA somehow

  • Random~

    btw thats not Naga Siren, its dazzle fyi.

  • WERT

    Sven looks like IRONMAN XD

  • Mr Azlan92

    lai lai lai pk…pk…!!

  • Playcanon

    DotA = DotA 2
    HoN + LoL = DotA 2
    LoL = Crap
    HoN = Pro
    DotA 2 = FTW!

  • sebb

    its fricken great. tehy made it so graphically balanced
    and is an awesome game 😀

  • Carl

    IMBA! yea! can’t wait to PLAY it! 😀

  • i think i m sohai u agree?

    wah icefrog done a good job!!!Anyway i like it very much coz i m a huge dota fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cello

    Nice graphics!!! DotA 2 ROCKS!!!

  • MikeFu


  • dota tornamet

  • Pacudannewde

    Dota 2 is the best of the best

  • Rhonjen

    good games

  • weezy_konvicted

    LoL IS THE BEST GAME EVER :O wait for dominion now nad we will see who will dominate these dota like games , im sure its gonna be LoL

  • weezy_konvicted

    LoL IS THE BEST GAME EVER :O wait for dominion now and we will see who will dominate these dota like games , im sure its gonna be LoL

  • Dota 2 Strategy= Let’s see what will happen on the next days.
    Dota Frozen Throne/Warcraft Strategy= Strategy is a must, team work, and you cant do the same thing all over again, unless the hero enemy is alwaaaaaays the same.

    DOTA 2 Sucks!

  • Dota 2 Graphics: Stunning!
    Dota : Simple, but strategic.

  • Truth

    PEOPLE you’re forgetting the best online game ever!!!! WoW which is even better than DOta and Lol and HOn are nothing compared to Dota not even the toenail of what is WoW which is the MOST PLAYED online game

    • ScoobySharky

      WoW may be good. But DotA LoL and HoN are FREE. Thats the winning edge. I’m personally waiting for End of Nations.

  • Anonymous


  • …..

    dota>dota 2>hon>lol

  • Chikoy_1923

    sir is dota 2 a online gaming or we can play it using lan??

  • wooowww astig to… ang dami nagbago nangayayat si nevermre

  • medyo nakakalito to haaa…. tagal

  • gumanda ung mga hero na girlaluuhhh… hmmm excting to haaa!!!

  • nangayayat si nevermore hahahhahah!!!!

  • asttiiigg ung graphicsss….

  • taray ni roshan mamaw na mamaw!!!!!

  • taray ni roshan mamaw na mamaw!!!!!

  • dota is still the best

    dota will always be the best, hon and lol are just copycats of the original game.. besides you get to play the same heroes on the original dota in dota 2 and that’s what matters..

  • wehahah

    LOL sucks amp,cartoons HON and Dota2 are have the same graphics…..

  • KIMPOIdavao

    an tgal naman ng dota 2 inip naq

  • Jkghjk

    you all suck

  • Asdasda

    Realm of the titans and league of legends kicks ass

  • Asdasd

    dota 2 copied league of legends graphics. dota 2 also copies HON champs so whats the point of playing? dota 2 looks like some cartoony piece of crap. league of legends can pull it off while dota 2 is a cheap ugly rip off.

    • noob

      You stupid!
      HoN Copied DotA heroes, so DotA2 just took them back!

      • lol

        asdasd is juz a shitty newbie dun mind his opinion…take pity on him 😀

  • Adsadsdasd

    League of Legends is worth $400 million and can keep raking in money for a FREE GAME. it still runs after 3 years without it being paid for. dota 2 will lose money and valve wont have enough money to keep the game updated etc. No new champs every 2-3 weeks, no patches, no fixes no game balance.

    Dota 2 looks like an epic fail and valve cannot keep a game together like riot. Riot actually listens to the community and check s the forums constiantly. Valve wont, as a money hoarding greedy corp with no value to the community. dota 2 smells

    • lol

      haha where u get that numbers? i already feel sorry for u…u must be crying while u typing this tsk tsk tsk

  • Sdfdsf

    fuck you chris you faggot

  • Adsfasdasf

    dota 2 = my bum graphics
    hon = butt fluff
    lol = beauty to the eyes
    dota = SO BAD

    • jjijijijiji

      i can see u are so desperate now….well i cant blame u…it do sucks when u realise u r wrong in your argument XD XD XD

  • Sdfdsf

    stfu you’re a fat ugly faggot. stop talking. OH and you also smell like shit!

  • Sdfdsf

    god you’re so dumb you make white people look smart!

  • Sdfdsf

    anyone who play LoL are faggots! LoL is like the faggot noobie version of dota. LALALALALALALALALALALLALALALALALALALALLA

  • Sdfdsf

    LoL isnt even competitive cause LoL players are a bunch of faggots! if you want to mature play fucking dota.. seriously. and also HoN is fucken shit!

  • Adsfasdasf

    Dota 2 has no new features. The only one is where they copies League of Legends art style. Dota 2 looks so ugly with its butt fluff graphics. the champs are OP and take no skill to play. 5 seconds stun has a lot of skill DERP HERP DERP and league of legends take way more skill.


    dota 2 is an easy family game because valve runs it. Riot is more manly and takes skill. it has ABILITIES AND SPELLS that have a ratio and scale. dota 2 is boring with skills that dont scale and have no fun in it.

    • gugu

      yeah riteeeeeeeee i’d like to see LOL played competitively in international level…ha.ha.ha

      dota is the best it is for men
      lol for kids and pedophile

  • Adsfasdasf

    My goldfish can play Dota 2 and say it sucks

    • lol

      that’s is because your goldfish is noob keep losing….just like u 😀

  • asdfa

    dude if you think dota2 graphic is shit FUCKEN OPEN YOU’RE EYES!! you’re obviously a chink. dota2 graphics are soo smooth and better looking than LoL.

  • Sdfdsf

    FUCK ALL LOL PLAYERS. LoL is a shit rip off of dota. IT ALL STARTS WITH DOTA then shit cunts start to copy the idea. if you want to be successful MAKE A GAME THATS NOT LIKE DOTA! fucken hell



  • Adsfasdasf

    Does dota 2 have skins? no
    does dota have spells? no
    does it have a non copy art style? no
    does dota 2 have a different map form the original? no
    does dota 2 have fanboiys that defend themselves? yes

    conclusion = dota 2 will suck as it copies LOL AND HON

    OP champs is NOT FUN and will ruin the MOBA genre. Dota 2 has more than 100 heros. HOW IS THAT BALANCED? it takes a lot of effort to balance a game with over 100 champs but dota 2 will fail. they cannot balance for crap with 3 sec stuns and potions that make you invisible. how can new players even play, they will rage quit with the crap gameplay.

    LOL has an easy learning curve, but hard to fully master. They balanace the game every 1-2-3 weeks. ACTUALLY making the game better. they take a look at the forums, checking the problems and bug fixes. they KNOW HOW TO BALAance and fix the game.

    dota 2 will be as easy as pie, while league of legends has WAY more skill to master.

    Valve had to dumb down dota 2 due to the OP of the first game. dota 1 was way to copmplicated because of how IMBALANCED it was.

    League of Legends is obviously more better with its 4million + players and constantly raking in thousands of dollars a second. Every 4 seconds a game is started, due to its popularity.

    Dota 2, copies every aspect of other games. The art, map, style and abilities.
    No skill will be invloved, as it sucks. Not even nerds can play Dota 2 because it smells. not even gay viets can play it.



    • brainnnnnn

      hahahaha yeah u noob dats why u have to “master” LOL while everyone can play it while solving the rubick cube….and succeed

  • Adsfasdasf


  • LoL is sooo shit. enuff said!

    FAR LOL IS SOOO EASY. its not even hard to play. ownly reason why you can lose is if you have shit cunts white faggots on your team. whereas dota is more of a competitive manly game. if you dont like dota just kill your self now there is no point living. THERE IS MORE SKILLS INVOLVED IN DOTA2 THAN IN LoL. PLUS THE GRAPHICS ARE SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER! some of the characters in LoL the just a cheap copy of dota.. SERIOUSLY. ONLY GAY FAGGY AMERICANS (DUMBASS IN GENERAL) WHO MAKE A FAGGOT CHARACTER LIKE TARIC. WWHHHATTT THEEEE FUCCKKKK!! WHAT KIND OF FAGGOT CHARACTER IS THAT! FUCKEN PEDO.

  • Adsfasdasf

    toan is an ugry retard who play dota 2

  • S;;;


  • LoL is sooo shit. enuff said!


  • Adsfasdasf

    You can only criticize LOL is if you have played 200 + games, tried ALL the champs, combos, build and shiz. dota sucks

  • Aaasdasd

    you all suck play LoL

  • First of all Lol does a great job, i respect guinsoo so much (founder of dota)
    Dota 2 looks fine haven’t play yet so no further comment to it but some hero model looks unacceptable
    HON for my opinion is just a game with better grahpic than dota only, nothing much…

  • asdddddd

    lol is the best dota players stucked in a game of old ones. scumbags

  • Jenshiro009


  • Axxxx

    I just hope HoN community stays in HoN. Cause it’s a bunch of the most sociopathic kids on the face of this planet.

  • Anonymous is better website for DotA, DotA2 and soon will be open League and Tournaments

  • please give me a link to download dota 2

  • AnnoyingArchon

    wow.. when dota2 + diablo III + CnC Generals 2 .. That game steal my soul