DotA 2 Halloween Theme Map

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Valve has decided to change DotA 2 map for this Halloween fever. This week’s update from DotA 2 will bring a new theme with respect to the occasion which is coming in the end of this month. The trees, lanes, shops and creeps will be altered according to the Halloween theme. So have fun checking out this map.

Radiant Shots

Dota 2 Radiant

Dire Shots

Zoomed Shots

Credits:  Cyborgmatt

Confirmed  Halloween date is  Wednesday, 31 October 2012. This theme will be added to DotA 2 before a week  from the Halloween. We hope that you guys will enjoy playing this map. So have fun and don’t forget to comeback here and check the latest updates of your favorite game.

  • First blood

  • 1st blood

  • awsome

  • so what are those two green thing.? some kind of ruins?

  • Mystic


  • KruciFieR

    Tomb stones bro !!

  • iMaChicken

    saw some screenies a while ago, and it was awesome. lots of pumpkins on the grounds, and graves. looking forward to this.

  • Carl

    hey guys.. my map is damage.. can some one teach me how to repair it??? Halloween map is very awesome.. :)))

  • frost_wyrn

    how many trees are there in dota 2 map???

  • Asy Raf

    first this word out trick or threat after kill first blood…just tips

  • .. lets make a thriller this map ..lets haapy