DotA 2 Heroes Art – Leaked Login Screen

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DotA 2 Heroes

After a long time, We get to see another exciting preview of heroes in DotA 2, Recently, there has been a DotA 2 screenshot floating around on the internet which appears to be a DotA 2 Steam Login page.  The header image on the Login page shows the glimpse of DotA 2 heroes art, consisting 7 heroes. These are the legit artworks as they were found on DotA 2 website although it was soon taken down by Valve, A curious fan was keen enough to take a screenshot of it.

DotA 2 Login Page Bannerclick to enlarge

The banner consists artwork of seven 7 different heroes. From left to right, Mirana, Morphling, Stone Giant, Juggernaut, Shadowfiend, Pudge and Sand King respectively. The illustration looks indeed very neat and adorable, Valve has changed the heroes models a bit to avoid the legal issues but still we can recognize them. Also, the login screen shows an option of ‘Watch Live’, most probably it will be unveiled on Gamescom date.

Stay tuned for more updates!

  • FIRST ! EPIC !

  • FIRST ! EPIC !

  • Coolncool

    It’s not shadowfiend, he’s not that skinny.. more like NAIX..

    • Grim

      Hmmm looks lyk atropos more…….

  • Lloydvillajin

    .. Ewww Pudge is not cute in here.. :((

  • Steamguy06

    I am very disappointed.. the heroes look very cartoony TBH..

  • Picaciu

    Pokemon Heroes

  • Punheta_R

    go play league of legends !

    • gudkizr_067

      get a life

  • ZOmbie!


  • gj

    funny sand king

  • Anonymous

    There’s another hero in the top left corner. But you can only see the bottom half of it. Maybe it’s Kael.

  • Dot Underscore_at

    so disgusting, what a look..

  • Superjelly

    Crixalis look like some kind of scorpion God or Ancient to me

    Pudge does look more like a frankenstein kind of creature or living self-concious being, old Pudge was just a huge fucking mess up, but did look more “unprofessional” that way, why? What kind of professional necromancer would leave their just made final most powerful colossus-kind of being to look like it was just made up with patches of meat and strings?

    N’aix was intended to be some kind of dark evil soul or spirit of sorts, which is how the new Infest tweak was explained, because, in the DotA as of now, Infest doesn’t make sense how it doesn’t hurt allied heroes when a massive parasite takes over their body

    Juggernaut was changed to look like a tribal warrior of sorts, the artwork may be misleading

    Mirana could now be a battle-armor using archer, instead of the half-naked bitch in a tiger we’re so used to, which makes more sense, how the fuck come a girl in panties and underwear can sustain as much damage as the guy in a huge metal battle-armor?

    Tiny is supposed to be a mountain-like colossus, so it makes sense he now looks even more ancient with all the moss around him and shit, he’s also a magnetic being that attracts soil and rocks to his core to make himself bigger

    Morphling now can actually shapeshift as the waterform it is, hence it changed form to look like some kind of allien, maybe while changing his stats he’ll change form or some shit

    • Decyo_007

      hey you super jelly if you dont like the way those art so make your own dota version or art!!!

    • Decyo_007

      hey you super jelly if you dont like the way those art so make your own dota version or art!!!

    • Jesus420

      uhhhhhhh cuz it’s a game…. that would be how naked women take as many hits as dudes in battle armor. By your logic, how the fuck is pudge even alive? hmmmmmm?

  • M Aaron003

    well i hope dota will still be alive for like a year or something because this is…….*sigh*nothing like dota well i guess like food its an aquired taste….

  • S Snake003

    BOOTLEG PIECE OF SHIT HEROES!!!! U SELL OUT DOTA FOR THIS PIECE OF SHIT!!!FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Uchiha_hud14


  • Angelobermejo17

    it’s nice to see bearded tiny

  • S0o2bfamous


  • Asa_kau

    i don’t like the new SF

  • u are STUPID

    this isn’t Never he look like Nai’x …his skin ,,!!~ LOL~!!

  • pink

    the is another one behind crix looks like sven! and the hero only bottom half sown look more like lina

  • jajajajaja pudge with the hair creating a Yurnero Japanese and that they put the town never makes me sick

  • jajajajaja pudge with the hair creating a Yurnero Japanese and that they put the town never makes me sick

  • xotic

    some mistakes..

  • Harlo_jay16

    this is trash dude !! >.< Fucking irratAting !!

  • XpeedSeveN

    another failure, i guess!

  • Vincentborcena


  • Vincentborcena


  • pudge like a monk… juggernaut is now very different .. i lyke it.. urm why morphling face look alike rikimaru from dota allstars? can u see it ?

  • Guguka1997

    pudge looks like a fucking sumo wrestler

  • Doreamon09

    I’m disappointed of the heroes.. its a mess

  • dota2ADDICT

    is that yurnero??the one who’s handling a sword???and nevermore is fucking perfect!!!1

  • Uchiha_hud14

    wow aues nah!!!!!

    • Uchiha_hud14


  • WOW IDOL!!!!! LUPET!!!

  • Royal

    digimon heroes! yeah/!

  • Sandk544


  • yo

    oh, God. please don’t tell me that the hero at the far left is PotM? xD

  • Lilzmamen

    wahahahahahahha!!! ang ganda lalo

  • Tadashiyamamoto


  • Joedbelardo

    wow good pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to play it!!!!!

  • Joedbelardo

    wow good pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to play it!!!!!

  • gwapo0618

    even if the look of the heroes differ from the original, gamers would still look on the gameplay. morepower DOTA!

  • Pokeball007

    this is not dota.. Dota 1 is still the best.

  • Charles_killer777

    I don’t like sand king in dota 2.. the face, uhm. i don’t know what happened.. i dont like his face..

  • Illuminati

    I don’t like sand king in dota 2.. the face, uhm. i don’t know what happened.. i dont like his face..

    juggernaut is so nice and Shadow Fiend there is like a skeleton.. sh*t!

    I like Juggernaut and morphling there.

  • Viper

    Puck you all !!!

  • Linthuaung1985

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  • pudgelooksgay

    Anyone else thinks Pudge looks gay with hair?

  • Kenzo_eri

    Faceless Void is really the ‘FaceLESS’ Void…… do you guys realize that??

  • Jesus420

    i personally think that DOTA 2 looks kinda lame in general, i will play it, but i like the aesthetics of HoN much much better, ofc you never know until you play it but just from watching replays looks 2 cartoony for me

  • Blade_phen

    how to DL 6.73?

  • petsky

    like the old one version.. who argee whit me…,??

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  • Arbunny


  • Reggieboy

    Imba sir!!! Dota 2 yan!!!!
    i love this game?

  • Arbunny

    DOTA NA TO !!!


  • Sam


  • Santos_eddo17

    hahaha pudge has a hair hahaha!!!!

  • Cotex_hoc

    please please change the shadow fiend shape it looks like bane elemental in dota 1 it is awful