Dota 2 Fan Art – Better than ever

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Dota 2 Art by ArtgermA Singapore based art studios Imaginary Friends has came up with something special for us DotA fans. They have created stunning fan-arts of four Dota 2 glorious heroines namely Slayer, Crystal Maiden, Windrunner along with Drow Ranger. In the past  ImaginaryFS co-founder Stanely ‘Artgerm’ Lau work was featured in various WarCraft 3 DotA Loading screens.  Now they’re working with Valve Corporation for current Dota 2 Project.

Here are the High-res artworks (right click -> save image as to download):

Drow Ranger

Slayer a.k.a Lina Inverse


Crystal Maiden

This is surely a treat for folks who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on Dota 2.  You can check Artgerm at DeviantArt to see more of Stanely Lau’s work.

  • Prokotoytoy3

    first blood

  • Carlmelamparo


  • BurNIng

    I just can say WOW!!!


  • Mamad

    HOT DAMN!!!

  • Kit

    Lina’s eyes are so seductive…!

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  • Alex15
  • The sexiest of the sexiest girls i ever seen <3 also so damn beautifull

  • Stranger

    They all have the same face…