DOTA 2 Death Prophet Preview

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Dota 2 Death ProphetDeath Prophet (a.k.a Krobelus) is a Dire intelligence hero added in DOTA 2 (12/8/2011) update. Death Prophet is considered a strong int. pick capable of carrying, pushing and nuking throughout the game. Her skills provide massive AOE nukes and battle-winning 6 seconds silence making her most favorite hero in pub games. With proper items, she can also play the role of tanking for team against hostile units. Check out Dota 2 preview of Death Prophet!

Dota 2 Death Prophet In-game Screenshots:

Death Prophet idle at Radiant middle lane
Death Prophet Dota 2

Death Prophet 1st Skill – Locust Swarm
Death Prophet Locust Swarm Dota 2

Death Prophet 2nd Skill – Silence
Death Prophet Silence Dota 2

Death Prophet Ultimate skill – Exorcism
Death Prophet Exorcism Dota 2

Death Prophet Exorcism / Locust Swarm Combo:
Krobelus Death Prophet Dota 2

Death Prophet Attacking Creeps:
Death Prophet Attack Animation

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  • DotA 2 Death Prophet Preview

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