DotA 2 Axe Screenshots

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Axe, Mogul Khan - DOTA2A couple more screenshots of DOTA 2 are floating around on the internet. This time, it shows the famous DotA strength hero Axe with all his skills preview in high resolution images. It seems like Valve has lifted the NDA and allowing beta testers to reveal the in-game content of DOTA 2. Anyway, check the screens!

Axe DOTA 2

Axe - DOTA 2

Axe DOTA 2

Axe at Mid Lane

Axe - Battle Hunger - DOTA2

Axe - Battle Hunger

Axe in DOTA 2

Axe - Counter Helix

Valve has certainly done a great job adding improving graphics and model details in DOTA 2. More screenshots will be coming soon, keep visitng for more updates!