DOTA 2 Alchemist Preview

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DOTA 2 AlchemistThe Nov.17 patch update adds one of the fastest gold farming strength hero, DOTA 2 Alchemist. He can be used a tank and hard-carry for a team, his high DPS acid spray and 5 second stun is perfect for ganking and team battles. The Goblin greed enhances his farming ability and Chemical Rage provides massive regeneration for survivability. Check out Alchemist screenshots!

 DOTA 2 Alchemist Screenshots:

Alchemist standing at Radiant fountainDOTA 2 Alchemist Radiant

Alchemist 2nd Skill, Acid SprayAlchemist Acid Spray

Alchemist 2nd Skill, Unstable Concoction Dota 2 Alchemist Stun

Alchemist 3rd passive skill, Goblin’s GreedAlchemist Goblins Greed

Alchemist Ultimate, Chemical RageAlchemist Chemical Rage

Let us know if you’d like to see preview of more DOTA 2 heroes 🙂

  • leopard99

    very very bad

    • dontlikedota2thenjustdieidiot

      I think there’s something wrong about your disgusting brain 🙂

  • hahaha


  • whoaw, looks like someone copied Nunu in LoL? 😛

    • you stupid shit. Nunu was copied from original DotA Alchemist…
      Someone is copying DotA Huh? Same for Ashe…

      • LoL players always think they were original.

        • Fakeman_16

          yeah ,, LoL Heroes .. some of it is copied from dota ! remember ! Dota is released before the LoL. don’t think lol is original .

    • Psy Nimbus09

      dumbass check the original model of alchemist in dota before you comment stupid faggot!

  • Srhenueljean

    ahahahahaaha!ang Astig…Nunu sa Punso!

  • WatchaSAy

    looks like dr. mundo when he casts the special skill 😀

  • PGG

    stupid people saying this is Nunu from LoL? are you stupid? This is from the original DOTA. You stupid noobs should just shut up you are so irritating.

  • Guestpo

    si Shrek nasa DOTA 2 na.

  • Ljuba_ljuce

    You fucking basterds jebem vam mater usranu al ste usrali igricu govna jedna sve mcu da vas pobijem mamu vam jebem usrana govna jebem vam seme i pleme usrano govna SRBIJA AAAAAA

  • Mineski

    Paroton ang valve na pota.. dae tatao magibo ki alchemist

  • Viksa_gr8

    Can some1 send me a link to dl or smth. for dota2beta . Plzz:)

  • Joy_ledesmw

    ….its so very weird…that alchemist so na kind of fresh dick!!!:

  • ren

    a rider? at the back of alchemist? wew

    • Czerolomits

      stupid idiot!! check the original model of alchemist before you react dumbass!!

  • Czerolimits

    shrek, wheres fiona?

  • Guest

    not very good looking alchemist is so much better in original dota :S

  • Niki_riper

    its like shrek

  • Woof

    LoL is a spin-off of DotA.

  • psy.nimbus09

    mga bobong pinoy talga may nalalaman pang nunu sa punso mga inutil kung wala kayong sasabihing may kwenta wag nalang kayo mag comment!!!

  • sinaOnang byani xa dota

  • acid spray and unstable concotion pics show spell no.2 .. while theres only one second spell 😀

  • Mamad_18ap

    like an cyclops with 2 eyes & a rider

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