Awesome DotA 2 Fan Art Images

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DOTA 2 Fan Arts

A lot of community based contribution in being done for DOTA 2 as its release comes near.  Lately, a Chinese DOTA player who seems to be a hardcore fan has drawn some stunning DOTA 2 Heroes Fan Art images. These concept artworks are really detailed and astonishing, must have took so much time and dedication.

Update: 4 more DotA 2 Hero Fan arts are added.

Zeus Fan Art – DOTA 2

Zeus - DOTA 2 Fan Art

DOTA 2 – Doombringer Fan Art

Doombringer - DOTA 2 Fan Art

DOTA 2 Earthshaker Art

Earthshaker - DOTA 2 Art

DOTA 2 Crystal Maiden Art

Crystal Maiden - DOTA 2 Art

Antimage – DOTA 2
Dota 2 Antimage Art

Axe – DOTA 2Axe Dota 2 Art

Faceless Void – DOTA 2Faceless Void Dota 2 Art

Shadowfiend – DOTA 2Shadowfiend Dota 2 Art

Storm Spirit – DOTA 2Storm Spirit Dota 2 Art

Vengeful Spirit – DOTA 2Vengeful Spirit Dota 2 Art

Enchantress – DOTA 2Enchantress Dota 2 Art

The exact source of these artworks is still unknown but we hope to see more from this talented guy, Stay tuned for more updates!

  • nice one

    • hemant

      i wana play this game so, how to download this ? 🙁

      • Pedromuch

        wait until the release

  • nice one…..

  • me likey…xD

  • Some Guy

    Very nice. Only thing I don’t really like are enchantress’ really short front legs. 😛 Otherwise, great work, keep it up! 🙂

  • Pinoy

    Guys when it is already released plz share the source. Thanks!

  • wow …………………….

  • Flojochristianpaul123

    sa NOVEMBER 20 pa yan lalabas! ! !

  • great!

  • THE BEST ! ! !

  • Fuchsia09

    IMBA! Cant wait to play DotA 2! xD

  • awesome..cant wait to play dota 2..

  • awesome..cant wait to play dota 2..

  • wow enchantress

  • M Aaron003

    TT_TT can’t remove it to my head why did faceless void turn into a penis thingy.HEY I GUESS ITS GONNA ADD TO THE SCARE FACTOR!!! whahaha
    cant wait for the game now i saw the heroes!!!

  • Jericho070808

    nice drawing hope Valve follow this drawing..for sure more dota fans will be happy…look at ANTI MAGE very nice drawing HOnestly..

  • nice images…. can’t wait to see the other heroes soon. ^^

  • fast out dota2 XDD

  • awesome…. well done

  • Earl_vonne

    i super like your new pictures, reall like it, love you all guys god bless
    . i will continue support you

  • UnknownxD

    why is’t in the dota2 heroes screenshot faceless void have no Mace but a magical ball only?

  • Abagiu_bogdan

    Earthshaker Art is to ugly sucks :((( in dota 1 is beautyful bat this is ugly :-j 😐

  • Sakuragi Zoleta


  • Dreaddreamer

    damn anti-mage is epic…

    • Jono_soriano

      your good artist

    • Seven Theblack

      one-way AM ,,,,LOL

    • Nightstalker

      yeah……your right………..

      • dandie v restauro

        what the nice draw!!!

  • tht breast so real 😉

  • Edwardcampoto

    wow im excited with new nevermore :3

  • john eipe

    Awesome dude…. keep posting more

  • Fongdirty


  • Dam/ask

    Omg,make the storm exatly like on this picture!!!!! plz!!!

  • Naufal_valkrie

    venge and encantess is the best

  • Paul Cabonegro


  • Icefrog

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  • Jakecunca

    i love you>??????

  • Dante_Lok

    Can u do Omniknight next ^^?..plzzzzzzz…or Dragonknight O:)…

  • thon palacios

    nice fan art

  • ranley vicada

    great heroes man

  • artas XXXX

    if someone have invite send me at steam nickname – fmandi92 plx guys

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  • Jasrellasquite

    how to download !!!

  • Kazylwynnmarasigan

    what the….axe face is look’s like a mongkey

  • Anonymous

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  • suraj


  • suraj


  • Rerex Mangubat

    faceless void is fuuunnnnyyyyyy hahaha …thin like a stick 🙂

  • Joseananiassouza

    manda o key ai estou loko para jogar

  • Catacombz08

    i like the way i see their nipples..!! enchantress and vengeful spirit,,..
    faceless void looks like sick!!

  • Jai_twins