Troll Warlord – Dota 2 Hero Guide

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Dota 2 Troll Warlord GuideTroll Warlord, Dota 2 Guide and Preview. Troll Warlord (also known as Jah’Rakal in DotA) is a Radiant/Sentinel agility hero that can attack in both ranged and melee mode, made it’s way in Dota 2 in 24th January update. Troll Warlord is a hard carry hero with high DPS and disabling abilities. He has very fast attack rate thanks to passive skill and ultimate that makes him go rampage. His second ability is nuke which deals both slow and damage depending on his attack mode from 1st skill Berserker Rage. Troll Warlord has different playing styles and item builds but usually late game suits him better.

Troll Warlord Screenshots

Troll Warlord Battle Trance Troll Warlord Berserker Rage Troll Warlord Troll Warlord Whirling Axes Trol Warlord Whirling Axes


Troll Warlord Abilities

Troll Warlord Berserker Rage Icon1. Berserker Rage (Hotkey: G)

Allows the Warlord to use his throwing axes as melee weapons, gaining bonus damage, attack speed, movement speed, hitpoints, armor, and a chance to bash targets on attack. Berserker’s Rage also changes the functionality of Whirling Axes.


Allows the Warlord to use his throwing axes as melee weapons, gaining bonus damage, attack speed, movement speed, hitpoints, armor, and a chance to bash targets on attack. Berserker’s Rage also changes the functionality of Whirling Axes.

Whirling Axes Icon2. Whirling AxesRanged  (Hotkey:  E)

Troll hurls a fistful of five axes in a cone shape over 900 range, slowing and damaging enemy units.


Troll unleashes a set of magical axes which whirl around him in a circle. Nearby enemies take damage and have a chance to miss on their attacks.

Fervor Icon3. Fervor (Hotkey: F)

With each continuous blow on the same target, Troll gains increased attack speed. If Troll changes targets, the stacks drop to zero.

4. Battle Trance (Hotkey: R)

Troll’s presence on the battlefield increases the attack speed of himself and all allied heroes.

Troll Warlod Item BuildBattle Trance Icon

Recommended Items:

  1. Power Treads / Boots of Travel
  2. Buriza
  3. Shadow Blade
  4. Black King Bar
  5. Monkey King Bar
  6. Helm of Dominator / Satanic
  7. Butterfly / Heart Of Terrasque
  8. Linkin Sphere / Battlefury

Dota 2 Troll Warlod Video preview by Voice297

Troll Warlord Abilities Build/Guide

  • Level 1 – Berserker Rage/Whirling Axes
  • Level 2 – Whirling Axes/Berserker Rage
  • Level 3 – Whirling Axes
  • Level 4 – Fervor
  • Level 5 – Whirling Axes
  • Level 6 – Battle Trance
  • Level 7 – Whirling Axes
  • Level 8 – Fervor/ Stats
  • Level 9 – Fervor/ Stats
  • Level 10 – Fervor/ Stats
  • Level 11 – Battle Trance
  • Level 12 – Berserker Rage/Stats
  • Level 13 – Berserker Rage/Stats
  • Level 14 – Berserker Rage/Stats
  • Level 15 – Stats/Berserker Rage
  • Level 16 – Battle Trance
  • Level 17+ Stats/Berserker Rage

Troll Warlord Strategy Guide

Starting off:
First before anything, assess the other team. Are there a lot of nukes? Are there a lot of disables? Am I probably going to be in an aggressive lane? Do they have squishy heroes? Who are their carries? Figure out what your item build is going to be. It might change as the game goes on but try to get an idea of what you want for now. You also want to look at your own team. If your team has a lot of invis or you have teammates that can mass disable, you probably want to opt out of Lothar’s.

Grab your starting items, and if there is a disabler on your team, ask him to lane with you. You don’t want to lane with an ally carry because you want all the last hits you can get. Competing for last hits means you will get less money. Remember, bot lane for Sentinel and top lane for Scourge are recommended.[/spoiler]

Laning Phase:
Try to get as many last hits without losing a lot of HP or getting killed. Also, remember to look at the minimap for missing heroes. The last thing you want to do is die, even worse if it’s by the enemy carry.

Buy your Boots and then build them into Phase Boots when you can. If against spammers like Batrider get a Magic Stick. If you are unable to gank or you know that you will farm for the next 15 minutes or so, get yourself a Hands of Midas.

vs. weak lane: If your opponents have low lane presence, feel free to stand next to the creep wave and farm away. When they get far away from their tower, try to get a kill. Use Whirling Axes and then use Whirling Axes. Let your lane mate know when you are going to attack so they are ready to throw their spells at the enemy too.

vs. strong lane: You probably won’t be able to do anything for a while. Try to get as many last hits possible without losing too much HP. Use ranged form to last hit and if they are denying or harassing, change to melee form. You gain more exp from denied creeps and less damage from the harassment in melee form. Call for a gank or switch lanes with a teammate. If your team doesn’t help, just stay alive. If harassment is really bad, just stay in experience range (1000 AoE) when the enemy creeps die.[/spoiler]

Early Mid-game:
If you at least have Boots and are level 5, then you can try to gank (much easier if you already have Phase Boots. Try to go for the squishy heroes or the enemy carry. You combo is:
Whirling Axes and let your allies throw their nukes and disables. Whirling Axes after all the disables are over (enemy will probably be dead by now) and continue to attack. Try to get the last hit.

If your ganks are unsuccessful, go back to farming. Try to get an empty lane that is close to your tower. Then try to keep creep equilibrium. If the other team is playing safe and you cannot gank them, go farm. Remember, you are still a carry and farm is important.

Finish your Phase Boots if you haven’t already and build a Bracer if you need some HP. Also, finish up your Magic Wand and go for a weapon to build up. If the enemy team has a lot of anti-invis or you don’t need Lothar’s, go for Crystalys. If they have an evasion hero or are going for Butterfly, go for MKB. If there are a lot of disables, go for BKB. Get the Ogre Axe first for some HP.[/spoiler]

Mid Game:
Continue to gank when the opportunity arises and free farm when you aren’t ganking. Finish up your Lothar’s or Crystalys or whatever you’re making and your Janggo. After you get Lothar’s, you can even solo gank if you’re confident. Grab a Mask of Death If you got some extra money or want to take on Roshan. As always, try not to die and continue doing what you’re doing.

Roshan: If you want to take down Roshan for whatever reason, you can do it now because the IAS bonus from Battle Trance to the team and yourself makes it a piece of cake to kill him. Many people say that Troll should rush a Dominator, take an Ogre Magi and then solo Roshan but that limits your damage for ganks and it’s a lot faster when you have the help of your team and your Battle Trance.

Pushing: If you want some towers now is also a great time to push because of your Battle Trance and your team’s DPS.

Team Fights: This is the point in the game where team fights will be more common and push the game in either teams favor. Try to stay alive. Don’t be the one to lead your team into a fight, let your initiator do that. After the big disable goes down run in and use everything to get kills. Aim for their carry or most dangerous player. Never aim tanky heroes (unless they are close to death) because they take a lot of time to kill and are most likely not the most important person to kill. Always try to kill as many people as possible. If your team wins the fight, push.

If your farm is decent, you will probably finish your Buriza around this time and your DPS will skyrocket. Upgrade your Mask to Helm of the Dominator and dominate a Centaur Warchief or a Dark Troll for their disables or an Alpha Wolf for his Command Aura. If the game drags on, finish up your build with a Satanic.

Team Fights: These team fights are the most important. They can decide who will win the game. It is very important to stay alive in these fights. Tell your team to stay away from team fights when you aren’t there. When a team fight starts, do the same thing you did in the Mid-Game. Let someone else initiate and follow them after most of the disables are used. If you have an enemy carry that relies on autoattacks and doesn’t have MKB, save your Whirling Axes for them.

Buyback: After your build is complete, stop buying components of items because you probably won’t have inventory space to hold them. Only buy luxuries when you have enough money to complete the entire item. The rest of the money should be saved for buybacks.[/spoiler]

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