How to Swap Hero in DOTA 2

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Now here is the guide from which you can swap your hero in DOTA 2. Valve has added a swap hero feature in the DOTA 2 (9th August 2012) Patch Notes. Swap hero feature allows you to switch your hero in DOTA 2 with your allies within the game. This was the most demanded feature in DOTA 2 by the community and now its the part of DOTA 2. You can check some proper instructions by which you can swap your hero.

Guide How to Swap your Hero in DOTA 2:

1. Choose your hero via Single draft mode.
2. Right Click on heroes in the scoreboard.
3. The option will be clearly visible in the score board.
4. Click on the swap hero option with your allies  you want to swap.
5. Remember you can not swap your hero after creeps spawn.

So guys we hope that this small guide will help you to swap your hero within the game. So have fun playing DOTA 2 and don’t miss to comeback here and check the latest updates of your favorite game.

  • Angelson Castronuevo

    i think a minor mistake here.. swap is not applicable in SD mode.

    this was in the patch details.
    -Added Swap Hero. This cannot be used after creeps spawn or in SD. Accessible via right click on heroes in the scoreboard.

  • Choose your hero via Single draft mode” It says in the change log that it does not work in this mode.

  • panasonnic

    how about in “all pick mode?”. cause not play much single draft

  • panasonnic

    thanks anyway

  • Dota games plyer htdfhdvfg

    When is dota2 f coming out or are you guyss still giving beta keeys ???? Please let me know

    • poop

      you noob don’t know how to dl dota 2.

    • dota 2 is free 2 play no need beta keys

  • david

    how to downlaod dota 2?

  • gud !

  • jaice

    im jaice lagoy member of dota player

  • Uveshkhan

    you have video how to swap dota2 hero?