[How To] Play Dota 2 in Windowed Mode

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Dota 2 Window modeValve has added window mode functionality for DOTA 2. It allows players to run the game in windowed mode so they don’t have to switch windows (ALT-TAB) repeatedly to use messengers Skype, YouTube, WLM and other applications. It’s very useful when you’re streaming Dota 2 live games or writing a strategy guide.

How to play Dota 2 in Window Mode –  Guide:

• Launch Steam client and login your account.

• Go the games Library, right-click Dota 2 and open properties.
Dota 2 Properties menu
• Then click, Set game Launch options. And enter “-windowed” command and click ‘OK’
Dota 2 Launch options

• It will run the game in Windowed mode. But you need to set Width and Height to according to your needs.

• Add “-h #” and “-w #” command after “-windowed” to set your specific resolution, replace hash with the number of pixels.

• You may need to remove the borders and start-up video, Enter “-noborder” and “-novid” to remove it!

  • timmoe

    thx 🙂

  • Jay


  • Said

    Thanks man, but You can move the game or only u cant move the game in wmode

  • Timur Viderhorin

    Sorry but why can’t I have minimize/maximize/close commands at right top corner? -window command doesn’t help, is there any way to do it? I just want Dota to stop always trying to be the top window when switching between windows, it is very very annoying.