DOTA 2 Visage [Preview]

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Dota 2 Visage
DOTA 2 Visage is the latest addition in the Dire, hes an intelligence based hero who’s primary role is to support in the team games. There has been some speculations regarding DOTA 2 Visage that it can’t make its way towards to DOTA 2 before ‘The International 2012’ but now this hero is included in the DOTA 2 (26 July, 2012) Patch Notes. Total three heroes are added in the DOTA 2 and frankly speaking Visage is the most recommended of all. So check out the rest of the preview below.

Dota 2 Visage Screenshots:

1st Skill –  Grave Chill:
Grave Chill Visage

2nd Skill – Soul Assumption:
Visage Soul Assumption

Ultimate – Summon Familiars:
Visage Familiars

Visage has both attack and nuking capabilities which makes him compulsory in the tri lanes. DOTA 2 Visage can slow the target unit and also give the collectable damage to the opponents. Visage ultimate is the most important weapon in the team battles which produces 2 units and they can easily stun enemy units with in the 400 AOE. We hope that you will enjoy playing with DOTA 2. So guys don’t go anywhere and keep coming here to check the latest updates of your favorite game.

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    need reduce sign from farmilar bro and may upgrade moverment from gravechill will make visage