DOTA 2 Treasure Chest Key- How to open DOTA 2 International Treasure Chest

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Valve has added a International Treasure Chest in DOTA 2 (21 August, 2012) update. This treasure chest is having 16 unique items which are divided into two categories. One is “Treasure of Champions” and the other is “Treasure of Challenger”. Both categories have equally 8 items in it. We are providing a guide to open this treasure box and items which are available in it.

How to Open DOTA 2 International Treasure Chest:

Step 1:
DOTA 2 International Treasure Chest is a hidden box which will be rewarded to you by playing DOTA 2.

Step 2:
You can open this missing chest by buying a KEY for it.

Step 3:
You can buy DOTA 2 missing chest key on the official DOTA 2 website.

Step 4:
Open the International Treasure chest and it will reward items from ” Treasure of Champions” or “Treasure of Challengers”. The images of these items are given below.

Treasure of Champions:





 Treasure of Challengers: 





Note: You will need an International Treasure key to open this chest. You can pick one up at the DOTA 2 Store. This chest will disappear at the end of September 3rd, 2012 After the International DOTA 2 tournament. The unusual couriers that may from this chest can only be found during the International.

So guys we hope that you will enjoy playing DOTA 2. Keep coming here and check the latest updates of your favorite game online here.

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    hi I really like this game ~ Can you send me a global key? THX ~~ ~~

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    add me on steam ill send u a key.steam id-hypnotized91..dont bother if u are from china cause my keys are not redeemable in china.