DotA 2 Kunkka Guide | DotA 2 Kunkka Items, Gameplay, Skill Build

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DotA2 Kunkka Items, Gameplay, Skill Build Guide Kunkka is new sensation in Valve DotA 2. Valve has enabled  Kunkka in recent 6th October Beta patch notes. Addition of this hero shows the admiration of the Admiral Proud-more [Kunkka] from Valve. This model will be having same sort of skills and attributes but some icing on the cake will appear from Valve regarding this hero. Check out the rest of the entry below..
 DotA 2 Kunkka Items, Gameplay Skill Build Guide.
Dota 2 name :-  Kunkka  [Can be change in future]

Available In :- Radiant  [Sentinel]

Primary Attribute :-  Strength

DotA 2 Kunkka Skills Structure and Short Keys :- 
Kunkka Skills Structure and Short Keys Guide by DotA2-Utilities

First Skill of Kunkka :  Torrent (Q)
Kunkka summons a blast of water, followed by a rising torrent that hurls enemies into the sky, dealing damage and slowing movement speed by 30 percent.


 Second Skill of Kunkka : Tidebringer (W)
Kunkka’s legendary sword grants increased damage and greater chance of a large area of effect for a single strike.


Third Skill Of Kunkka : X Marks The Spot (E)
Kunkka targets an enemy hero, marks their position with an X, and returns them to it after several seconds, no matter where they might have fled.


Forth Skill Of Kunkka : Ghost Ship (R)
Kunkka summons a ghostship to cut a swath through battle, causing damage and stuns as it crashes through. Allies are doused in Kunkka’s Rum, receiving bonus movespeed and a delayed reaction to damage.

Dota 2 Kunkka Skill Build Guide:-
Kunkka Complete Skill Build by DotA2-Utilities.

Level 1 – Tidebringer (W)
Level 2 – Torrent (Q)
Level 3 – Tidebringer (W)
Level 4 – Torrent  (Q)
Level 5 – Tidebringer (W)
Level 6 – Ghost Ship (R)
Level 7 – Torrent  (W)
Level 8 – Tidebringer (Q)
Level 10 – X Marks The Spot (E)
Level 11 – Ghost Ship (R)
Level 12 – X Marks The Spot (E)
Level 13 – X Marks The Spot (E)
Level 14 – X Marks The Spot (E)
Level 15 – Stats
Level 16 – Ghost Ship (R)
From Level 17 to Level 25 – Stats

DotA 2 [Hero] Kunkka Items Guide:-
DotA 2 Complete Items Build Guide By DotA2-Utilities

Actually the game is in development phase so we are unable to provide the item guide before the official game release. It’s a fair chance that some items will differ from current DotA items. So be patient.

DotA 2 [Hero] Kunkka Strategy Guide :-
DotA 2 Complete Items Build Guide By DotA2-Utilities

Same as we mentioned above complete strategy guide will be available right after game is release.

Kunkka is somehow reliable hero in DotA and we are hoping that the role will remain the same in DotA2. Kunkka’s complete strategy and items build guide will be available soon. The participation of fans in the development of items and strategy guide will be warmly welcomed from DotA2-Utilities. So folks don’t miss to comeback here for the fresh breeze of DotA2 Updates.