DOTA 2 Items List, Icons

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Dota 2 items

Here’s the DotA 2 Items, Recipe list you have been waiting for, a fellow Dota player gathered DOTA 2 Item icons from official Valve DotA 2 server and put them in sequence. He made a chart showcasing DotA items against DOTA 2 which will allow you to easily differentiate between the items. Valve has included approximately all the items from Warcraft 3 DotA. They have worked a lot to remove the Warcraftish look from the DotA 2 Items and renamed some of them so, they keep themselves away from getting any legal threats from the competitors.

  What does the community really needs? It’s on Valve to decide!Dota 2 Items & Recipes Chart

The DotA 2 Items and Recipes above were revealed during the DOTA 2 ‘The International’ event at Gamescom though they provide so much eyecandy but they still need to be reworked. There’s a clear chance that Valve might change those icons during the DOTA 2 Beta phase or when game releases.

  • Yabagayabagago

    like na like ko nmn 2

  • B0j4nftw

    Nice work, but I think the Void Stone is missing?

  • Raffymendoza47

    if you find sange, then you’ll be the next dota2 champion .

    • LateComer

      Just look at the “Sange & Yasha”, It’s the other sword with the black handle….

    • TEk 15


  • Blue Eagle

    void stone and sange and EOS * Eye Of Skadi* these items are missing !!

    • Han_ming_96

      and dagon

      • Ken234_dkdp

        where’s the dagon ?

        • Jhom_lestat


        • Jhom_lestat


          • Vincentbatac

            platemail is above sacred relic and below mkb

    • Weeahkhiang

      void stone have a

    • Ronnie_oloya

      yes , why the Eye Of Skadi is missing?

    • Shimack06

      You dumbass… Just look closely

    • A129732331

      eye of skadi in dota2 look a bit funny tho, like a drawing of Vangue

    • Ken234_dkdp

      and the dagon is missing ! shit ^^

      • Varun Shewale

        Dagoon is not missing

    • Ejdalevilla

      I think snge is beside the yasha!!

      • Kazylwynnmarasigan

        wher’s the void stone

      • Liakopoulosjohn

        no its not and also desolator is missing

    • Somebody

      Satanic, Clarity Potion, Oblivion Staff, Orchid, Chainmail, Blademail, HoD, Basher… Still a lot missing…

    • Zoloo_Snflmn

      Sange EOS and Where is The Mordiggan aRmlet., ?

      • Zoloo_snflmn

        o than Dust, and Void Stone are missing.,

    • Allstar_dota1216

      parang 3d na

    • Mr. Pogi

      just look in sange yasha

    • Christianianpanaligan

      yah right men eos is gone

  • D.C.

    a lot of items are missing.

  • Jm Duskbin

    when u will release |DOTA2 in Phil..?

  • Jm_duskin

    when u will release the DOTA2 in Phil.?

  • Nemiroff177

    No Dagon?

  • jayson


  • Battousai_190

    Energy booster should be linken’s sphere!

  • Tupoy_christopher

    galing naman nyan :d

  • DW guyz after some days we will get dota 2 soon

  • we r waiting for dota2 when we will get it….

  • Ribar12

    arcane booster look like same then linken …. u can check it here 38:56 min there is potm with linken … its any kind of misstake or ? its look like same?

    • EmTD

      that’s not linker , it’s arcane ring :).

  • Dreaddreamer

    lol no void stone????

  • Lyzfero

    where’s the courier?

  • BlytZ

    how can i build orchid malevolence & refresher orb if oblivion staff is missing?

  • Clive03_04

    wala ng Linken?

  • Its Haloween

    And null talisman,.

  • Boi Dizsaster24

    i really like this…

  • Small89_bings

    if item not there…there are changes for that item..

  • Charlie_belano

    There must be recipes…..for the items…..!!!!!
    Linken Sphere ,Refresher Orb ,Malevolence and etc. must be put. So useful items…..

  • jayvee

    nice,i want to play this one

  • Suhaib Mismar

    there might be different item combinations, but there might also be missing items in the list. so just wait and see

  • Nhot2x015

    panget ng meka parang prehistoric helm tsaka ung blink parang kitchen knife lol

  • Benison_97

    even aghanim’s and dagon

    • rarr

      it’s missing

  • Path_of_dead

    were mealstorm and mjollnir??

  • Haszki2

    desolater is missing to no mithril, hammer, basher, armlet ,blademail, And a lot more but I think this is just because they are still working on it 😛

  • Takumi_Fujiwara

    what do you mean missing void stone skadi and sange EOS

  • Mark_reymar123

    this is new……… but we loved the first version of dota maybe we like it to……

  • dusty-denims.12

    meron kya ng null tallisman xD.

  • alison_astig

    is it true that all this items may not work as it is shown on its descriptions?

  • where’s chain mail? and dagon…

  • joseph

    y da eye of skadi mssing?

  • Bot_kiLL

    wtf!!satanic,void stone,eos,sange,dagon,stygian desolator,armlet and more are can i get godlike if these missing..:p

  • ChRIanN_GeEKoo

    hey..wheres the soulbooster??? EOS void stone and sange??

  • Guru

    you have to admit that blizzard ones are still better

  • Itzmej00

    ang lupit n nyan ha

  • Turakura_kura

    glove of haste olso missing?

  • Wanchenko

    go play dota2, then you can see all item..there’s no missing item…:-)

  • Christopher Ramirez

    demon edge,void stone,orb of venom,energy booster,

    claymore,quarter staff,broad sword,ring of protection,mithril hammer,chain mill,staff of wizardry,boots of elvensin,

    animal courier,clarity potion,

    null talisman,oblivion staff,stygian desolator, maelstrom, sange,eye of skadi, Mjollnir, satanic, armlet of mordiggian, cranium basher, Flying courier

    refresher orb, dagon

    soul booster, blade mill, linken`s sphere

    -That items Wer’e Missing-

  • wow :O

  • but these will take sme tym to get undrstood wit !!

  • jamcano

    ☺{ â

  • how to download DOTA2……?????

  • Ken234_dkdp

    where’s the dagon ?

  • Raizen_perez

    look at this trash itemz do you think with the PT it would work. no color indicating what is your PT. what a stupid version and the graphics makes my eyes bleed. Simplicity is the best. Only showing DOTA is really immovable and Dota2 is just a phony trying to be HoN

  • leftenanalim

    where the cranium basher???

    • leftenanalim

      i think they forgot!

  • Gunlock18

    also linken sphere is missing

  • lupit na ah

  • Ejdalevillla

    @blue eagle….. sange is beside in yasha

  • Ejdalevilla

    @ blue eagle…. i think it is sange!

  • Artazo Marvin


  • Anonymous

    where is void stone.?

  • Jovenbaturiano

    where is the skadi?

  • XXxrayxXx

    pls back all missing item…

  • there is no void stone, how can we regen mana?? LOL

  • There is no void stone, how can we regen mana? LOL

  • Johncarlo

    void stone sange dagon and EOS is missing!!!!!

  • Reginalpanget

    i am REGINALD



    • Wilson Cnbro

      fk u noob shit

  • JELO


    • Reginald


  • Renz


    • Johncarlo

      kayanga IMBA PAMAN DIN YUN!

  • pa rehas lang ba ang name sa item??

  • at ang hero parehas lang ba ng skill?

  • shaun wayne reyes

    san to madadownload

  • Micoglorioso

    how can u play dota2 if there are missing items

  • miczz

    and what’s the new item sphere>???

  • Chibzmargate

    hoy! bakit walang sange!

  • Sssss

    what kind of person is drawn?you a fucking shit noob !!!!!

  • Jetrovillanueva23

    i like dota 2 dapat nagaan si huskarr

  • Sean Paul916

    How to download dota 2……..?

  • NoMoreCommentPlease

    Play DotA 2 first and you’ll see the complete items..
    Person who say Hate DotA2 later on will play the game… LOL

  • Doompk27

    there’s no Eye Of Skadi… fav recipe

  • Mohammad Al-Nshawaty

    bad icons

  • Mohammad Al-Nshawaty

    bad icons

  • i cant see dagon?! item!! where!!!

  • Aq_c-ces

    nice one

  • Aq_c-ces


  • Kimfabz23

    yea the perseverance is disable!

  • Kimfabz23

    the QUarterstaff are not in there WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rovin

    wew .nakaknibago

  • IMBA


  • Guest

    too many swords…create a mega confusion:s. A lot of icons are realy bad.

  • Yasierzpro

    icon dota 1 > icon dota 2 …. icon item dota 2 like cartoon 😀 hard to rmmber..

  • Yasierzpro

    battle fury like a queling blade… wahahah 😀

  • Yasierzpro

    bttle fury dota2 like a queling blade dota 1 😀

  • Scullbreaker86

    and soul booster is missing

  • Scullbreaker86

    Soul booster,veil of discord,sange,blade mail,eye of skadi,satanic,poor man shield,orb of venom,mithril hammer,blades of attack,broadsword,claymore,cranium basher,armlet of mordigan all that items are missing

  • artas XXXX

    if someone have invite send me at steam nickname – fmandi92 plx guys

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  • YahpetS

    la void stone

  • guest

    it is not done … yet i think

  • Kindu4

    where is satanic ?

  • [ HUG ]

    wheres the “sANGE”

    • Gridselix

      beside Yasha. look carefully…
      you can see the shape of Sange when it mixed into sange&yasha

  • Savvas94

    the game isnt out yet so many items wiil be missing

  • JocoRbc

    I like original DotA icons better.

  • Xjjampongx

    sange is missing

  • Ulquiorra

    ;wheres the sange???

  • simone boquiren

    there are 128 total items in dota but the items above are just 92. so 36 items are missing. it’s for you to find out what are those items…

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  • and dagon also are missing

  • and armlet of mordiggian
    are also missing

  • Vange042488

    also d’ armlet, maelstrom, mjolnier are missings..

  • Vange

    and soul booster..

  • nano

    OMG -.- crystal maiden is like a ugly little bitch, traxex’s eyes are not red, windrunner is like Robin Hood, -.- rexxar is HUMAN -.- no comments for void and sven… slardar are like stupid iguana, and earthshaker is like a gorilla -.- …. all heroes are like retarded aliens -.- pls make it better, heroes are like a toys for kids -.- btw, pls make crystal maiden ulti better cos that can’t hit nothing -.-… and make crystal maiden’s cloak bigger, cos this looks like rug… -.- i will never play this stupid game if have no changes in heroes’ look and items’ look… -.- graphics are very nice, i love the graphics but heroes and items are looking disastrous… pls make it better or u will not have players in this game.

    • fucker


  • fatroi

    can use warkey in dota 2 or not?? please tell me

  • Rerex Mangubat

    many item is missing or gone????

  • christan

    wow is that new item?

  • idolzik

    easy guys. its just a picture. not exactly the game. -.-

  • Jason

    there is no Linken stone lol

  • sereño

    mga p0tang ina nyo wla nkyong mama at papa p0tang ina nyo mga ywa mo shit fuck off ang naglalaro ng dota 2

  • gm_3247

    void stone and sange and EOS * Eye Of Skadi* these items are missing and dagon

  • dennise

    the mask of dead is missing how to make domi?

  • Michael

    yes.. that’s right!!