[DOTA 2 Fix] Your map differs from the server. Update your game.

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Watch Dota 2 Game FixA lot of Dota 2 players are having a issues while spectating/watching live matches. Whenever you try to spectate a  game it gives “Your map differs from the server. Update your game.” error even though your Dota 2 client is fully updated and Steam doesn’t update it after restart. Don’t worry, there’s a small fix for this problem!

How to fix “Your map differs from the server” Dota 2:

Step 1:

• Go to “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\maps” directory. Delete everything in that folder.

• Go to Steam settings, Downloads + Cloud tab, change the download location to US – Seattle.

Step 2:

1. Launch Steam client and login your account.

2. Now go to the games library and right-click Dota 2, select properties.

Dota 2 properties
3. Then, Go to Local Files tab, click “Verify integrity of game-cache”Dota 2 GFC Verify

4. Wait until the verification is done.
Dota 2 Cache
5. Once, it’s done, restart your Steam/Dota 2, it will start updating automatically.

Note: This fix will also work, if you are having graphic problems for e.g. Missing models, video artifacts etc.

  • Paololarin

    Sad to say the solution above does not work for my case with the same problem. Any other solution?

    • Mark

      I’ve updated the main post with a new step, try again to see if it works.

  • Jap

    Tried it, doesn’t work, still the same error

    • zingop

      it worked to me after changing the dowload region to US Seattle.

  • Tirrikface

    The above steps worked for me. Keep in mind that if you are trying to watch someone else’s game, that game may not be updated and so I think you may still get the same error message even though you can play a game yourself.

  • Apo

    I really appreciate you trying to help people with this matter. However, I have some small constructive criticism.

    You should also point out when you are giving instructions about something which only applies to a certain scenario. For example not all readers have steam in the folder c:program files… etc. and not all readers are from the US. You could replace such statements with for example “go to your steam directory (default: c:…)” or select the closest download location (I personally tested Seattle) or something like that. Other than that, I appreciate for providing this guide and hope that it helps many players.

    Thank you

  • Nemesis

    didnt work for me

  • Migfransalas

    it didnt work its still the ghrapics problem

  • aeox

    i have never experienced that error.
    usually mine is disconnected from server.

  • my problem is graphics of dota 2

  • john

    is this working????
    i need to download dota 2 test???