DotA 2 Diretide Guide [Halloween Event]

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Dota 2 Diretide ModeThe Dota 2 is now updated with Halloween Event game-mode, Diretide. It’s a fun mode in which you have to collect candies in your baskets (they are located at each Team’s ancients). Candies can be obtained by killing Roshlings (mini Roshans spawns with normal creepwave, they drop candy upon death) their waves spawn time to time.

You can deposit candy by using basket on them. You can go on ganks and steal Enemies’ candy by attacking their baskets. Towers become invulnerable during the gamemode. During all of this Roshan roams the map and hunts down every player who carries the candy (Tip: you can feed him a candy he’ll chase the next hero). Morever, he randomly selects a player for trick or treating, he will attack the player if they don’t have any candy. Your HP and Teleport channeling time increases as you collect candy, so be careful. After 20 minutes, the battle versus Roshan begins, both teams fight against Roshan to get maximum level and gold.

The objective of this game-mode is to collect as much candy as you can. The team with high amount of candy will win the game, player will most will get cosmetic items.

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