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DotA 2 Diretide Guide [Halloween Event]

Dota 2 Diretide ModeThe Dota 2 is now updated with Halloween Event game-mode, Diretide. It’s a fun mode in which you have to collect candies in your baskets (they are located at each Team’s ancients). Candies can be obtained by killing Roshlings (mini Roshans spawns with normal creepwave, they drop candy upon death) their waves spawn time to time. Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Diretide Guide [Halloween Event]’

DotA 2 Patch Notes (29th October, 2012) – Centaur Remake

Shortly after the weekly update. Valve rolled out a small patch update to keep up with DotA v6.76c which brought some necessary changes to Centaur Warrunner and Drow Ranger. The patch is available on Dota 2 official build, you can update your client now.
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DOTA 2 Patch Notes (25 October 2012)

Dota 2 Centaur Patch NotesValve has released a big update  just now. This week’s update brings some big changes to Dota 2. Centaur Warchief  is now added in Dota, v6.76b parity changes are now implemented which includes item remakes and various balancing tweaks. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Patch Notes (25 October 2012)’

DotA 2 Halloween Theme Map

Valve has decided to change DotA 2 map for this Halloween fever. This week’s update from DotA 2 will bring a new theme with respect to the occasion which is coming in the end of this month. The trees, lanes, shops and creeps will be altered according to the Halloween theme. So have fun checking out this map.
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DotA 2 Movie Stars (Fun Stuff)

Just lurking around the internet and found an interesting image which is indicates that which movie star will be perfect for the particular hero role. The amazing thing is that some of the actors can perform Dota2 heroes roles nearer to the perfection. So Enjoy taking a look for this image and feel free to share your thoughts.
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