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Dota 2 Brightness Problem [Fix]

Dota 2 Brigthness ProblemThere has been a known brightness issue in Dota 2. You can’t adjust/increase the brightness level in-game, the slider doesn’t work even after you apply the changes, the game gets too dark making it sort of unplayable. Luckily, there’s a fix available for this issue using a small console command. Continue reading ‘Dota 2 Brightness Problem [Fix]’

[How to] Open DOTA 2 Console

DOTA 2 Console CommandsDOTA 2 console is a command line interface by which users can change their settings during the game without configuring the game options. There are many features which only exist and can be triggered through console, For e.g. Right click deny, brightness adjustment, mouse sensitivity etc. So, here is small guide for enabling Dota 2 Console.
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DOTA 2 Single Player Commands [Cheats]

DOTA 2 Cheats and CommandsDOTA 2 single player commands (also called Cheats) are very useful way to get familiar with DOTA 2 environment.  By enabling these commands you can easily have your desired gold, items, heroes and several creeping options like spawning creeps and killing creeps. For instance, you can test new Warding locations, neutral blocking and so on.  The complete list of Dota 2 test commands are available below, have a look!
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DOTA 2 Visage [Preview]

Dota 2 Visage
DOTA 2 Visage is the latest addition in the Dire, hes an intelligence based hero who’s primary role is to support in the team games. There has been some speculations regarding DOTA 2 Visage that it can’t make its way towards to DOTA 2 before ‘The International 2012’ but now this hero is included in the DOTA 2 (26 July, 2012) Patch Notes. Total three heroes are added in the DOTA 2 and frankly speaking Visage is the most recommended of all. So check out the rest of the preview below.
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DOTA 2 Nyx Assassin [Preview]

Dota 2 Nyx AssassinNyx Assassin (Nerubian Assassin in DotA) is a Dire agility hero added in Dota 2 26 July patch update. Nyx Assassin is a pure stealth hero with great powerful nukes for finishing a hero in an instant. He can play carry, ganker and support role for a team. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Nyx Assassin [Preview]’