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DOTA 2 Bane Preview

DOTA 2 Bane Preview – DOTA 2 Atropos, the Bane Elemental Guide . DOTA 2 24 February Patch Notes brings the most awaited intelligence based [Hero] Atropos, The Bane Elemental. Bane is one of the finest ganking hero who can easily gank enemy  hero with his tremendous abilities. He also has the power to sleep opponent hero for 6 seconds which is enough to win a battle. DOTA 2 Bane guide and preview will be available below so check it out.
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DOTA 2 Test Client Update (24th February, 2012)

Dota 2 Test Client Update

Valve has finally released the Dota 2 Test client build in the recent patch. From now on, they have made two different builds of game, Dota 2 Test Build and Dota 2 Main Build. Everyone should see them in their Steam Games Library. All the incomplete features will remain in Dota 2 Test Build for a week, after that new changes will be implemented in Dota 2 Main Build. So, if you’re interested to see what’s Valve cooking, You can play in Dota 2 test client anytime. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Test Client Update (24th February, 2012)’

DOTA 2 Outworld Destroyer Preview

Outworld Destroyer DOTA 2Outworld Destroyer (Obsidian Destroyer in DotA) is a one of the intelligence hero in DotA who can play a role of hardhitting carry. Destroyer has powerful attack skill Arcane Orb and high damage AoE ultimate which can  kill enemy heroes in matter of seconds. The more intelligence items you get, the higher your spells damage will be. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Outworld Destroyer Preview’

DOTA 2 Patch Notes (16th February 2012)

Dota 2 Patch Notes DestroyerThe new DOTA 2 patch update is finally out on Steam client after 2 weeks delay. Valve has introduced a massive number of features, UI enhancements and a new addition to intelligence heroes, Outworld Destroyer (Obsidian Destroyer). Also, the new game replay system is implemented therefore, old replays are useless now. A lot of things have been changed you might have to read the complete patch notes to keep up with the changes. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Patch Notes (16th February 2012)’

DOTA 2 Update – 3 New Heroes Incoming

DOTA 2 Hero ConceptsAt last! We get a DOTA 2 progress update from Valve. They will be rolling out 3 new heroes, Lycan, Lone Druid and Shadow Demon in the upcoming patch.  The finalized hero concepts are released, showing the actual artwork and effects of new heroes. Aside from that, Valve apologized for the 2 weeks delay due to servers upgrade. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Update – 3 New Heroes Incoming’