Monthly Archive for September, 2011

DOTA 2 Maphack

DotA 2 Map hackHacking in online gaming has always been a great problem ever since a game starts gaining popularity, the programmers engage themselves in creating cheats/hacks for games. The Warcraft 3 – DotA is facing the similar problem for the past few years  and even Blizzard’s official servers were vulnerable to various hacks. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Maphack’

Playable DOTA 2 Coming Soon!

Play DOTA 2 BetaIceFrog has made an important announcement regrading DOTA 2 Beta on the development blog. It reveals some valuable information about the upcoming DOTA 2 beta (public). It seems Valve has modified the DOTA 2 release date & model and pushed for early release. Continue reading ‘Playable DOTA 2 Coming Soon!’

DOTA 2 Sound Files Leaked Online

DOTA 2 Sound SettingsThere has been a big DOTA 2 Beta leak lately. The whole database of DOTA 2 sound files has been leaked online by a Vietnamese player. He has made a dedicated YouTube channel and uploaded all the DOTA 2 audio of all the hero voices including game announcer and other miscellaneous sounds. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Sound Files Leaked Online’

DOTA 2 Screenshots [Complete List]

DotA 2 ScreenshotsAfter the intense DOTA 2 event at Gamescom, there had been a lot of community discussion going around about the appearance of DOTA 2 Hero models and graphics that were not looking great as fans expected. Good news, Valve has received your valueable feedback and revamped the DOTA 2 hero design. The whole new set of DOTA 2 screenshot is out showing the recent improvements done in the game. Take a look! Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Screenshots [Complete List]’

DotA 2 Axe Screenshots

Axe, Mogul Khan - DOTA2A couple more screenshots of DOTA 2 are floating around on the internet. This time, it shows the famous DotA strength hero Axe with all his skills preview in high resolution images. It seems like Valve has lifted the NDA and allowing beta testers to reveal the in-game content of DOTA 2. Anyway, check the screens! Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Axe Screenshots’