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DOTA 2 Details Leaked by Beta Tester

Dota 2 LeakedAn anonymous poster who claims to be a DOTA 2 Beta Tester has revealed some precious & interesting information related to the DotA 2. According to him, DOTA 2 currently has the highest priority among all Valve’s projects.  These disclosed details are not official but they look promising as some of them are mentioned in DOTA 2 Q&A and Leaked patch notes.  If these features are real, DOTA 2 will become king of Action RTS genre. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Details Leaked by Beta Tester’

DOTA 2 Free To Play Mystery!

Dota 2 Free To Play
DOTA 2 is going to be a leading product in  Action Real Time Strategy games which is in hatching process under Valve’s supervision. There are some competitors For e.g. S2Games’ Heroes of Newerth, Riot’s League of Legends, Bloodline Champions etc. These game developing companies are going to face some serious challenge because Valve is not any other company, they have vast experience in making the most popular FPS series Counter-Strike and most importantly they have collaboration with DotA’s creator IceFrog.
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Valve at GamesCom 2011 – Possible DOTA 2 Unveil?

Gamescom Dota 2GamesCom 2011 has provided the list of exhibitors and luckily Valve is appeared to be attending it. Gamescom is known as “the largest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment in Europe” and it is taking place in Germany from 18th to 21th August. Continue reading ‘Valve at GamesCom 2011 – Possible DOTA 2 Unveil?’

DotA 2 System Requirements for PC & MAC

DotA 2 System RequirementsValve is releasing a sequel to most popular Warcraft 3 Mod: Defense of the Ancients, it’s named DOTA 2 basically it’s a remake of current mod with improved graphics and gameplay coming in November (Q4 of 2011). A lot of DotA fanatics are anxiously waiting for DOTA 2 release and they following every bit of information regarding this game. Continue reading ‘DotA 2 System Requirements for PC & MAC’

DotA 2 Beta Leaked Changelogs

Dota 2 news on steamValve’s game store, Steampowered had a security flaw which allowed DotA 2 updates to viewed publicly without any restrictions. A fellow fan did some deep searches on the website, he found several unlisted patch notes from DotA 2 Beta via Steam search.

Currently, 6 leaked Dota 2 patch notes are leaked, you can read them below:

DotA 2 Leaked Beta Changelogs:

14 Apr 2011 / 20 Apr 2011

– New Hero: Rattletrap.
– New Hero: Furion
– New model for Lich, who is re-enabled!
– Re-enabled Windrunner. Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Beta Leaked Changelogs’