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DOTA 2 added in ESWC 2012 – ESWC Officially includes DOTA 2

Electronic Sports World Cup is the one of the world’s biggest gaming event and this time its going to be held in Paris. The ninth edition of the ESWC is going to take place in France. The great news for the DOTA 2 fans is that the DOTA 2 is added in ESWC 2012 edition. This news is definitely going to delight most of the competitive gamers who were desperately waiting for it. But some will say that DOTA 2 was already added in ESWC but the answer is, This time they are taking International Qualifiers for DOTA 2. ESWC organized 8 successful events already and this time they are going to organize the 9th one. The details regarding ESWC 2012 is given below so feel free to check it out…
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DOTA 2 takes League of Legends spot in WCG 2012

DOTA 2 strikes it hard on League of Legends by replacing it in the world’s one of the most renowned gaming event. The World Cyber Games management decides to exclude League of Legends in the WCG 2012 edition. The reasons are unclear yet but definitely it will be a great shock for the League of Legends fans and it will bring great enthusiasm in the DOTA 2 fans. The official statement is not yet here but sources confirmed that the League of Legends is replaced by DOTA 2.
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DOTA 2 Test Client Update (24th February, 2012)

Dota 2 Test Client Update

Valve has finally released the Dota 2 Test client build in the recent patch. From now on, they have made two different builds of game, Dota 2 Test Build and Dota 2 Main Build. Everyone should see them in their Steam Games Library. All the incomplete features will remain in Dota 2 Test Build for a week, after that new changes will be implemented in Dota 2 Main Build. So, if you’re interested to see what’s Valve cooking, You can play in Dota 2 test client anytime. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Test Client Update (24th February, 2012)’

DOTA 2 Patch Update (February 10, 2012)

Dota 2 Feb 10 updateSad news once again, Valve has delayed yet another patch update for DOTA 2. This is due to the worldwide server and network upgrade for DOTA 2 Open Beta. Also, they have notified about the 24 hours downtime coming this Tuesday, 14th February. The next update is confirm on next week which is said to be packed with the content and of course new heroes. Meanwhile, you can read the statement issued by Valve:

Dota 2 blog (It’s not you, It’s us):

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DOTA 2 Update (3rd February 2012)

DOTA23rdFebruary2012DOTA 2 3rd February 2012 update is here with the title with “We got nothing (today)” which refers towards the patch hasn’t been released due to some issues. Those who were eagerly waiting for the 3rd February patch would have to wait for some more time because today’s patch will release within few days. The glimpse of the upcoming DOTA 2 patch is the “Dota 2 Test” in which Valve is going to launch a beta testing sort of thing. The details of the upcoming patch is mentioned below…
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