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Dota 2 Epic Hack – Pudge with 35000 HP, Infinite Strength

Dota 2 Hack

During one of the Ranked Match game, a player (Pudge) from team Radiant managed to hack Dota 2 server and spawned unlimited heroes at Fountain. Continue reading ‘Dota 2 Epic Hack – Pudge with 35000 HP, Infinite Strength’

Dota 2 Update Adds Diretide Mode and 2 New Heroes

Dota 2 Ember/Earth Spirit Valve has listened to the community and unleashed a much needed update for our beloved game. Continue reading ‘Dota 2 Update Adds Diretide Mode and 2 New Heroes’

Dota 2 Australian Servers Coming Soon!

Dota 2 AustraliaGood news for all the Aussie players! Valve’s developer Milton Ngan has confirmed the availability of official Australian based servers for Dota 2. Continue reading ‘Dota 2 Australian Servers Coming Soon!’

DOTA 2 MMORPG is Coming [Video]

DOTA 2 MMORPGValve has been caught developing a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) version of Dota 2. A Russian player Warch1992 has uploaded a Dota 2 MMO gameplay footage of YouTube. The MMO is based on the original Dota custom map. And it’s pretty much complete as per the video. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 MMORPG is Coming [Video]’

Dota 2 ‘Vengeance Cup’ Dreamhack Winter 2012

Dramhack is one of largest LAN (Local Area Network) gaming festival on this planet which is organized  in both Summer and Winter. There has been some news floating around that DotA 2 will be the part of Dreamhack Winter 2012 edition. Now here is the confirmation from Dreamhack organization that DotA 2 is officially added in Dream Hack’s upcoming winter edition. The title of this cup is Vengeance Cup and it will carry some handsome prize pool. The event will be broadcast to all around the internet via streaming. So check the more details below.
Continue reading ‘Dota 2 ‘Vengeance Cup’ Dreamhack Winter 2012′