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DotA 2 Movie Stars (Fun Stuff)

Just lurking around the internet and found an interesting image which is indicates that which movie star will be perfect for the particular hero role. The amazing thing is that some of the actors can perform Dota2 heroes roles nearer to the perfection. So Enjoy taking a look for this image and feel free to share your thoughts.
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Meepo coming in Dota 2 – Details Leaked!

Dota 2 Meepo GeomancerAs Dota 2 International 2012 Tournament undergoes the details start appearing. Dpmlicious, a competitive gaming reporter took photos of the event and posted them on her facebook page. Luckily, Meepo Screenshot was one of them. Moreover, the list of upcoming Dota 2 heroes has just got leaked showing sequence of their release. Continue reading ‘Meepo coming in Dota 2 – Details Leaked!’

DOTA 2 Visage [Preview]

Dota 2 Visage
DOTA 2 Visage is the latest addition in the Dire, hes an intelligence based hero who’s primary role is to support in the team games. There has been some speculations regarding DOTA 2 Visage that it can’t make its way towards to DOTA 2 before ‘The International 2012’ but now this hero is included in the DOTA 2 (26 July, 2012) Patch Notes. Total three heroes are added in the DOTA 2 and frankly speaking Visage is the most recommended of all. So check out the rest of the preview below.
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DOTA 2 Nyx Assassin [Preview]

Dota 2 Nyx AssassinNyx Assassin (Nerubian Assassin in DotA) is a Dire agility hero added in Dota 2 26 July patch update. Nyx Assassin is a pure stealth hero with great powerful nukes for finishing a hero in an instant. He can play carry, ganker and support role for a team. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Nyx Assassin [Preview]’

DOTA 2 Keeper of the Light [Preview]

Dota 2 Keeper of the LightKeeper of the Light (or KotL) is a Radiant intelligence hero added in Dota 2 26 July patch update.  Keeper of the Light is a fun to play hero who can adopt different roles for a team. In pub-games he can be used as tank, nuker whereas in competitive games they use him as a support/pusher. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 Keeper of the Light [Preview]’