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The International 3 Tournament Prize Pools Finalized (sort of)

The International 3 Prize PoolValve has updated the prize pool of The International 3 tournament and it turns out to be the biggest ever Winning prize money for an eSports competition. Total 16 teams from the globe will battle each other to be the crowned champion of TI3. Continue reading ‘The International 3 Tournament Prize Pools Finalized (sort of)’

Dota 2 Patch Update (20 December, 2012) – Greeviling Mode Added!

dota 2 greeviling

Christmas is just few days ahead and Valve brings us a new holiday game mode for Dota 2 players out there. Greeviling is similar to Diretide but its based on winter theme. Greeviling mode lets your transform your hero Greevil and gives you powerful abilities based on essences you have picked during game. Continue reading ‘Dota 2 Patch Update (20 December, 2012) – Greeviling Mode Added!’

DOTA 2 MMORPG is Coming [Video]

DOTA 2 MMORPGValve has been caught developing a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) version of Dota 2. A Russian player Warch1992 has uploaded a Dota 2 MMO gameplay footage of YouTube. The MMO is based on the original Dota custom map. And it’s pretty much complete as per the video. Continue reading ‘DOTA 2 MMORPG is Coming [Video]’

DotA 2 Diretide Guide [Halloween Event]

Dota 2 Diretide ModeThe Dota 2 is now updated with Halloween Event game-mode, Diretide. It’s a fun mode in which you have to collect candies in your baskets (they are located at each Team’s ancients). Candies can be obtained by killing Roshlings (mini Roshans spawns with normal creepwave, they drop candy upon death) their waves spawn time to time. Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Diretide Guide [Halloween Event]’

DotA 2 Halloween Theme Map

Valve has decided to change DotA 2 map for this Halloween fever. This week’s update from DotA 2 will bring a new theme with respect to the occasion which is coming in the end of this month. The trees, lanes, shops and creeps will be altered according to the Halloween theme. So have fun checking out this map.
Continue reading ‘DotA 2 Halloween Theme Map’